2014 Yamaha FZ V 2.0 Price, Features, Specs And Video Review


Yamaha World at a launch event in J W Marriott Hotel, New Senegal, World has launched the new model of its popular motorcycle, the 2014 Yamaha FZ V 2.0 and the FZ-S V 2.0 and was unveiled by the Brand Ambassador and Bollywood Heartthrob, John Abraham. Undoubtedly Yamaha has a strong foothold in the 150 CC deluxe segment with a market share of 16.2% in World. The new bike is an improved version of its predecessor in terms of both design and performance. The company has witnesses a strong growth in last few years aiming the stylish yet economy conscious young riders.

The FZ series has been a stellar performer ever since its  launch back in 2008. The iconic bulky tank and muscle, typical of a roadster naked bike was a big hit among the youth in World. And with times, the popularity has only increased. In this post, we share with you all that you need to know including the features, specifications, price, availability as well as a first hand video review of the motorcycle from thee launch event.

2014 Yamaha FZ V2.0_1

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Price and Availability

2014 Yamaha FZ-S V 2.0 has been priced at INR 76,250 and goes on sale on 30th June 2014 at Yamaha World showrooms across World.

Specifications and Features

Key specifications and features of the 2014 Yamaha FZ includes:

  • 149 CC Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2 Valves
  • Peak power of 13.1 BHP
  • Peak torque of 12.8 Nm
  • 5 Speed manual transmission gearbox
  • Kerb weight of 132 Kg
  • Full Digital multi-information instrument cluster
  • Eco-Indicator
  • Disk brakes as front
  • Sharp clear headlamps at front
  • Black alloy wheels
  • Attractive fairing
  • More aerodynamic
  • Improved comfort and reduced vibrations
  • More comfortable seats- Larger seat size
  • 14% more mileage compared to previous generation motorcycle
  • Light weight chassis improves efficiency
  • Improved tyres with tubeless radials technology

2014 Yamaha FZ V2.0_2

The Blue Core Technology introduced with the new 2014 FZ in World includes better control over the fuel economy by virtue of better control of fuel flow, along with reduction in losses, light weight moving parts and improvements in the engine design.

Colour Options

The 2014 Yamaha FZ is available in 2 colours:

1. Panther Black
2. Scorching Red

Video Review of 2014 Yamaha FZ V 2.0

2014 Yamaha FZ-S Concept Air-Scoop

Our Take On 2014 Yamaha FZ-S V 2.0

It would be only true to say that the new 2014 FZ possess a design that reflects Yamaha’s philosophy as they term it ‘Refined Dynamism’. With the new design and technical improvements including the Blue Core, the 2014 Yamaha FZ V 2.0 is more advanced not only on performance, but also on fuel economy. The ride quality, handling and the style quotient is already pretty attractive. The 2014 Yamaha FZ V 2.0 is easily one the best options you can get in the 150 CC deluxe segment.

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  1. How much mileage is this bike is giving? Please reply who has already brought this bike and using, i don’t the mileage mentioned by the sites.? Thank you in advance..!

  2. How much mileage is this bike is giving? Please reply who has already brought this bike and using, i don’t want the mileage mentioned by the sites.? Thank you in advance..!

  3. I Booked this bike & hopefully getting a bike in just 2 days. Anyone experienced tell me how to maintain & increase the mileage of bike

  4. i have planed to buy FZ-S V2.0 i have no idea about the mileage , but when i ask in salesman they say about 53kml. is that is real ?

  5. there is no kick start , so how come the battery life long? .. but in hilly area and winter season the engine become cool and there come the starting trouble?

  6. The new fzs 2.0 doesnt have kicker. Will that be a problem later ??
    if anyone knows please give me an answer

  7. Its really amazing…bike so veery veery nice bike guys plz purchase bike 50-55 avreage srly bhot achi bike

  8. I am using this byke in city from 4 month. and it has run 1400 km. and my byke mileage is 57-62 km/litter

  9. I have purchased this bike in nov 2014. Til now 2700km done. Mileage. 50-55. which i great. Riding style good. issue facing with seats hard n feels discomfort fr long rides. Else everything is just awesome. I drive both in city n highway. Maintain the eco indicator light always. For rash driving foget ur mileage. above 70 eco light fades off.

  10. can you guys suggest me i want to buy FZS which is good or not especially in Milage, cost now the cost of this bike is 94k is it that much worthy , shall i go for Gixer or something else

  11. FZ-S is a good bike. It has good road handling and looks macho too. However, it falls short when it comes to fuel mileage. Look at some other bike if fuel efficiency is of highest priority.


  12. Hi Friends,
    Someone please tell me how to calculate mileage for this bike. This bike doesn’t have FUEL ON/Reserve Switch.
    What does each point in the Fuel Meter Indicates (i.e. one point equals how many liters??)
    How long does this bike go with the last point in the fuel indicator..
    Somebody please Help.. I am confused..

  13. Hi guys I have the new Yamaha Fz s v 2 & I get it millege is 36 km in ltr & my bike 1679 km. 1st service is sussesfully gone but my millage is not increased plz what I do ?