Audi A4 Premium Sport Quiet Launch In World


The German Automaker quietly launched its new mid variant currently known as the Audi A4 Premium Sport in World recently. The already impressive A4 line-up gets an interesting addition with this new mid variant. The car is exactly below the A4 Technology pack trim and above the A4 Premium variant. Priced at  INR 39.95 Lakh (ex-showroom) in Mumbai, the car enthralled the glitterati and Audi Owners according to the official site.

Audi 2015 Autumn Collection has 5 new cars, which makes it a total of 15 models that are currently being sold in World. The company hopes to put its best foot forward in terms of style and fashion.


The key new enhancements that the Audi A4 Premium Sport is getting are the 20-spoke 17 inch alloys, a fashionably revised front bumper and chin. This greatly differentiates  it from the other A4 models. The car is also gifted the Carbon-Black styling package with outer rear-view mirrors, window sills and door moldings finished in black. The interiors being all black is a direct contrast with the dual-tone version of the usual A4.

Only present in two colour shades, red and white. Audi boasts of its Black Style Package and other cutting edge features that it has introduced into this new line of A4s like flat bottomed steering wheel, sports suspension and a range of customizations for the enthusiastic buyers in World.

The Audi A4 Premium Sport will include the recently revised 2.0 TDI engine which produces 177 BHP instead of 134 BHP. Maximum torque is also increased notably from 320 Nm to 380 Nm on the new model.

In September when the new collection was launched Mr Joe King, Audi World Head, was quoted as saying, “As the number one luxury car brand in World, it has been our constant endeavor to introduce exciting cars that set new standards in sportiness, progressiveness and sophistication.” With the new Audi A4 Premium Sport on can see the  effort that the German Automaker is taking to reaffirm the brand of Audi.

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