Audi Q3 SUV Prices Hiked In World– Demand Remains Strong


Audi World launched its one of the most exciting products in World in June 2012, the Audi Q3 which is the lowest priced Audi car in World starting at Rs. 26.21 Lakhs ex-showroom Maharashtra. Within 5 days of launch, Audi World sold out the first batch of 500 cars and booking were closed in the first phase there. Another batch of 500 were sold out in the second phase with a total of 1000 Q3 SUVs sold in a matter of about 2 to 3 months. Since its launch, Audi Q3 has shown great demand in World and buyers in the compact luxury SUV/crossover segment are really approaching the value proposition of the Q3. Audi Q3 has given a very tough competition to the previously segment leader and largest selling car from BMW in World, the BMW X1. We also did a detailed comparison between the two – Audi Q3 VS BMW X1.

Now in just 4 months of launch, Audi World has announced a hike in the priced of the Audi Q3 by about 1% to 2% which will come out to be a roughly Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000 hike in the prices which are applicable from October 2012 in World. So if you are planning to buy a Q3 in coming month, it will be a wise decision to make your booking before 1st October 2012 so that you can avail previous prices.

Audi Q3 Prices Increased In World

Audi World has blamed tough economics of the markets and depreciated value of Worldn currency as the main reason behind the decision to increase the prices of Audi Q3, the youngest offering from Audi Indi World. The overall sales of Audi World have been quite encouraging in the calendar year 2012 and Audi hopes to reach its sales target of 8000 cars in the year 2012. Till date (Jan to Aug 2012) Audi World has already sold over 5400 cars in World which is very close to the entire 2011 calendar year sales of 5511 cars.

Audi Q3 SUV Prices Hiked In World

Audi World has also reveled that it will open 4 more dealerships in World by end of 2012 making it a total of 25 dealerships across World to continue with its expansion plans and improves the sales and touch-points further in the Worldn luxury car market. We will keep you posted on the latest developments, stay tuned to ContentWorld.

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