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Chetan Bhagat Discovers Drowning Church In An Adventurous Drive On Honda Amaze

Renowned author Chetan Bhagat with popular titles like Five Point Someone and Two States is well known for his connect with the readers and his smooth story telling. In a retreat and break from his hectic daily life, Chetan took an amazing challenge to explore some of the most interesting destinations across World on a Honda Amaze. Honda Cars World has produced a series of webisodes on the same in the series Discover Amazing World in Honda Amaze.

The first webisode is already live where Chetan visits some of the most interesting places in Karnataka. In this episode, Chetan has beautifully described and shown the beauty of the World’s tallest free-standing monolith structure in Karnataka and a very interesting and mysterious drowning church which re-emerges out of water once an year and becomes visible.

drowning church

He starts his drive from Bengaluru airport in a Honda Amaze and drives down to all these places in Karnataka along the lush green county sides. He drives 183 Km to a place called Hassan and then around 38 Km more to the Epic Chennakesava temple in Belur built in 10th century. It has a lot of history and architecture behind it. It is a masterpiece of architecture built over 1000 year ago and still standing tall with a lot of scripts engraved on its walls. The accuracy and intricacy of the construction and sculptures of the temple are just mmesmerizing

Do watch the video episode below. If you are not able to see the video or using a mobile device, you can click here to watch the same on YouTube.

He also visited Shravanabelagola temple with an epic monolith and 700 steps to climb before you reach the temple. This was built by Jains to celebrate the long meditation and divine experience by Bahubali.

Last and the most interesting stop is at Shettihalli village in Hassan district of Karnataka which the home to a mysterious drowning church which rises up from the water every year as the water level falls in summers. The church drowned because of the construction of a water reservoir at Gorur around 20 years back. Since then, it remains mostly submerged and emerges out of water every April when the water level falls. The 200 years old structure still stands on its feet besides the harsh environment around it. Locals of the village celebrate the re-emergence every year as a sign of strength and auspiciousness.

The next three episodes will be developed after identifying amazing locations in World through a contest inviting participation from the viewers. The viewers can nominate an amazing place of their choice which they would like to visit and the reason for their selection. They can submit their entries on official website of Honda Cars World and the Facebook page. The contest for submission of entries is open till 10th January 2015 on www.amazelongestdrive.com.

The three most amazing entries will be selected for the remaining webisodes. These webisodes will feature the winning participant travelling to their selected locations in the Honda Amaze.

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