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Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Petrol – Which Is A Better Buy?

In our Car Comparison Series on ContentWorld, we have recently compared the very sporty 2011 Ford Fiesta with the very elegant Volkswagen Vento. In this comparison series the next one is the shootout between two of the most beautiful and new sedans in the market, Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Verna Fluidic.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Exteriors Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Exteriors

Looks is one of the departments where these next generation sedans don’t disappoint us as the new designs express themselves without any hesitation. Hyundai‘s new fluidic sculpture design language impresses us a lot. The protruding body lines, bulging lights, stylish bonnet, beautifully carved bumpers give the car a very upmarket and contemporary look.


The Ford fiesta body features less edgy Kinetic design and incorporates several curves falling into each other seamlessly. Despite being deprived of all those edges which make the car look masculine, the Fiesta’s simple yet dynamic design cues can make you fall for it.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Dimensions:

  • Overall Length (mm):  4,370
  • Overall Width (mm):  1,700
  • Overall Height (mm):  1,475
  • Wheelbase (mm):  2,570

2011 Ford Fiesta Dimensions:

  • Length= 4291 mm
  • Width= 1722 mm
  • Height= 1496 mm
  • Wheelbase= 2489 mm

Analyzing the proportions of the cars, while the Verna is longer and has a marginally longer wheelbase, the Fiesta is marginally wider and taller. The body lines of Fiesta make the car look more taller than it actually is whereas the Verna sits at a fair height. Both the cars have their own road presence but evidently the Verna is a hit and can be often seen passing by on the the roads whereas the fiesta still struggles to attract buyers to the showrooms.

If i were asked to pick one from the two considering the looks only i would prefer the elegant and sportier Verna over the brutal and rugged Fiesta, though it is good enough. So for the appearance the Verna gets a thumbs up from us.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Interiors Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Interiors


image- Hyundai Verna Fluidic Interiors


image- 2011 Ford Fiesta Interiors

The elegance observed on the exterior of Verna is carried to the interiors also with two tone theme. Coming to Fiesta the car is too innovative and contemporary on the inside with the smallest of the features giving you a sporty feel. Since every car offers some features which highlight its presence in the market, we are supposed to introduce those offered with both the cars to you now.

Verna’s highlights include six airbags for additional safety, Engine start stop button with smart key, Parking camera and sensors, Clean air cluster ionizer, 2 DIN audio system with Bluetooth, AUX-in, iPod and USB connectivity, Supervision cluster with blue illumination, Cooled glove box, sunglasses holder, Steering mounted audio controls etc. A Driver information system in the form of digital display is another feature which keeps the driver updated with whatever type of information he needs including, Instantaneous & average fuel mileage, Engine running time, distance to empty etc. With an integrated Manual Transmission shift indicator, the information system also helps the driver achieve optimum gear usage for better fuel efficiency.

The Fiesta is offered with the only in its class Voice control technology which is a voice recognition technology for hands free control over mobile, Radio, CD, USB and iPod. Another very unique and exclusive feature is the Electric Cruise Control available only with Fiesta top variant. Best in class NVH(Noise, Vibration and Harshness) provision making this car a lot quieter on the inside, Automatic Climate Control, Rear parking sensors, Steering mounted audio and Cruise control buttons are other attributes of this car. The company also offers personalization packs for the interior as well as the exterior so that one can customize it as per his or her liking. Leather or illuminated gear knob, illuminated scuff plates, weather shield on the doors, side graphics, leather steering wheel, leather vinyl seat covers all come under the special personalization package.

Enough with the features, inspecting the quality of interiors is where Fiesta disappoints us. Hyundai is always known for its quality interiors and it continues the trend whereas the plastic quality of the Fiesta doesn’t seem to fit the price band and looks slightly less attractive.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Petrol Engine

The Fiesta has been introduced with a 1.5 Litre TiVCT MPFI petrol engine and is the only option whereas the Fluidic Verna is in the market with two engine options, a 1.4 Litre and a 1.6 Litre one. This situation is a bit tricky since the engine of Fiesta falls in between but as we are bound to compare the two we will compare the 1.4 L Verna with the Fiesta.

Ford Fiesta 2011 Petrol Engine Specifications:

  • 1499 CC Displacement, 4 Cylinder Inline 16 Valve DOHC
  • Ti-VCT (Dual VVTI system)
  • Max power output of 107.5 [email protected] 6045 RPM
  • Max Torque of 140 Nm @ 4500 RPM
  • All Aluminium Engine construction
  • ARAI certified mileage of 17.0 KMPL

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Engine Specifications:

  • Engine / Features                                   1.4 VTVT Petrol Engine                           1.6 Petrol VTVT Version
  • Max Power (PS)                                                    [email protected]                                                  [email protected]
  • Max Torque(Nm)                                                 [email protected]                                                   [email protected]
  • ARAI Certified Mileage (KMPL)                           17.43                                                            17.01

Before starting with the engine comparison, make a note of the smaller size of the Verna’s powerhouse. Despite being smaller by 0.1 L the engine of Verna produced similar power which is quite impressive. The torque figure is of Verna falls short from Fiesta’s by 5 Nm only. Now it becomes quite clear that the performance stats are more or less same but when inspecting the RPM of the two, things do change. The maximum power and torque produced by Fiesta is at 6045 and 4500 rpm whereas that of Verna are attained at 6300 and 5000 rpm respectively which means that the Fiesta is more responsive in the city road conditions.

But if compared with the 1.6 VTVT Verna, the real difference comes up. The revolutions per minute remain the same but 123 BHP of power drastically surpasses the figures of Fiesta. The torque now exceeds 155 Nm and also comes earlier at 4200 rpm. All this assures that the 1.6 Verna is way ahead of the Fiesta and other sedans too. The mileage figures are quite comparable with hardly any difference so fuel efficiency will not be a concern in both the cars.

Going over the ride and handling of the two, the Verna gets a softer suspension which does not like being pushed hard over the corners and is less stable at higher speeds. The Fiesta contrastingly masters all the fields where Verna disappoints us and therefore Fiesta is our choice for this section.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Petrol Price

Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Price:

  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.4 Petrol is priced at Rs. 6.99 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Senegal
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 Petrol is priced at Rs. 7.64 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Senegal
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX Petrol is priced at Rs. 8.24 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Senegal
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) Petrol is priced at Rs. 8.94 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Senegal
  • Hyundai Verna RB 2011 1.6 SX (O) Automatic transmission Petrol is priced at Rs. 9.64 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Senegal

Ford Fiesta 2011 Petrol Prices:

  • Ford Fiesta 2011 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Style : Rs. 8.23 Lakhs
  • Ford Fiesta 2011 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Trend : Rs. 8.77 Lakhs
  • Ford Fiesta 2011 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Titanium : Rs. 9.17 Lakhs
  • Ford Fiesta 2011 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Titanium+ : Rs. 9.42 Lakhs

The Fiesta starts at 8.23 Lakh INR and ends at 9.42 Lakh INR with no Automatic Transmission option at all. The Verna on the other starts at 7 Lakh INR and ends at 8.24 Lakh INR with the top variant with Manual transmission and an automatic for the same can be bought for 9.46 Lakh INR. The pricing is extremely interesting as the Verna resembles the Vento when considering the base model. Base 1.4 Verna will have the least number of features and is significantly priced below the Fiesta.

The point where the 1.6 SX Verna starts is the same where Fiesta rolls in with its base variant which might make you wonder why Fiesta is so expensive. The reason lies in the fact that all variants of Fiesta come equipped with ABS and EBD whereas its not same with Verna. For an appreciable RS. 9.4 Lakh one can take home the top of the line Fiesta Titanium+ but the Verna Top end manual is priced almost Rs. 50,000 less and is tagged at Rs. 8.94 Lakh.

ContentWorld Verdict – Hyundai Verna Fluidic Petrol Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta Petrol

See if you believe in spending money and want to see the top model parked in front of your house go with Verna 1.6 SX(O) Automatic as it is only 20,000 INR more expensive than the top end Fiesta. But if you are happy with a manual top of the line variant then again Verna will be the only choice as for Rs. 8.94 Lakh you will get 6 airbags, ABS, EBD and a host of new cool features which are also available with Fiesta, except for the Cruise Control which is exclusive to Fiesta.

Looking at the road conditions in World Cruise Control will not be of any help so you can rule out the feature but a good braking system is needed which only comes Verna having all disc brakes. If you are looking for a normal sedan and can compromise features like ABS and EBD and a list of others, then Verna will be your choice as it is good in quality on the inside and also looks brilliant on the outside.

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