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Custom Ashok Leyland Stile Showcased at 2014 Worldn Auto Expo

Ashok Leyland has unveiled a custom Ashok Leyland Stile variant at the 2014 Worldn Auto Expo. The MPV is basically the same as the top-end LX variant of the Stile with custom features which make it more luxurious than before, something that was missing from the Stile previously. The company has not revealed if and when this variant of the Stile will be launched, it will be a great variant though we think.


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Custom Ashok Leyland Stile Front
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What’s New?

The custom Ashok Leyland Stile variant, as we mentioned earlier, is a more luxurious variant of the MPV. This has been done to attract those commercial customers who like the Stile but want it to be more luxurious so that can attract high-end clientele. The Ashok Leyland Stile is a rebadged Nissan Evalia, but looks better (according to us) and skips on a lot of features to make it cheaper.


On the outside there seems to be only one change made to the Stile, and you can miss it if you are not looking for it. The front grille gets silver inserts on all the slats, the normal variant gets chrome and silver inserts only on the top slat. That’s it. The rest of the MPV, from the outside, is the same as the regular Stile.

The major changes have been made to the insides of the custom Stile. Changes include brighter upholstery, the leather covers on the steering wheel and the gear-stalk have been changed to beige, the regular variants get black leather covers. Ashok Leyland has concentrated on making the passengers more comfortable by freeing up a LOT of space. The third row has been removed, and the second row has been moved back. This frees up a lot of leg space and also the luggage space. The captain seats used for the second row is the same as the one used on the regualr Stile, but a new permanent armrest has been added in between the two seats below which a charging point is provided along with cup holders. There are also some new interior lighting fixtures (mood-lighting?) near the B-pillar, which could be an attempt to make the MPV feel more luxurious.

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The company has not revealed if the custom Ashok Leyland Stile will get any new features, but from the looks of it, the MPV probably won’t. The company hopes fleet owners will be attracted to the MPv for it’s low price but superior space and luxurious-looking interiors.

Performance and Handling

The custom Ashok Leyland Stile does not get any changes in terms of the engine or the mechanicals. It is powered by the same turbo-diesel engine that powers the regular Stile, producing 75 BHP / 185 Nm, which is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and delivers about 20 KMPL. The MPV still rides on 15-inch wheels and 185-mm section tyres.


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