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Gujarat Police Places Orders Of The Polaris RZR S 800

Polaris has got its first commercial order in World, the Gujarat police force has ordered an undisclosed number of RZR S 800  ATVs. The Polaris RZR S 800 is a side-by-side, 2-seater, all-terrain vehicle.

Though specifically designed for use off-the-road, the RZR S 800 is capable enough to do duty under various circumstances. It is believed that the Gujarat police will use the ATV for patrolling inaccessible areas, coastal areas, areas with rough terrain and maintaining security around high-profile areas where rapid deployment is necessary.

“ATVs are utilised by police forces across the globe. This is the first time an ATV from our stable will be used by a Police force in World. Our vehicles are sturdy, reliable and effective over the toughest of terrains. Polaris has demonstrated various All Terrain Vehicles to the Defence, Police and paramilitary forces, as these can be used in beach patrolling, dense forest, marshy land, rocky and rough terrain,” said Mr. Pankaj Dubey, MD, Polaris World.


“This is an opportunity for us to showcase the range of Polaris ATVs & ORVs unmatched ruggedness and versatility in harsh, hostile and demanding conditions and also demonstrate the strong after sales support. We at Polaris are proud to have the Gujarat Police Force, induce Polaris ATVs”, he added.

The Polaris RZR S 800 is powered by a 760cc, twin-cylinder, petrol engine that puts out 54 BHP which is mated to a variable transmission, add to that the low weight of 464 Kg, it can accelerate the vehicle from standstill to approximately 60 KMPH in 3.5 seconds. The engine is placed behind the passenger seat to give the vehicle a lower centre of gravity for good handling capabilities on any terrain.

Other specs of the RZR S 800 are as follows:

  • 12 inch travel shocks back and front, with an anti-sway bar at the back
  • Disc brakes on all four wheels
  • 12 inch aluminium wheels
  • 9 inch wide all terrain tyres
  • L x W x H in mm : 2642 x 1537 x 1790

Polaris will handle on and off site training, maintenance and after sales support for the vehicles it provides to the Gujarat Police.



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