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Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G – COMPARISON!

So Honda Motorcycles and Scooters World has come up with another 110 cc automatic scooter for our ever growing market. Christened as the Honda Cliq, the latest Honda automatic scooter is based on the Navi scooterette and features the same engine. This means the new model also ends up sharing its engine with the very successful Activa 4G. True, while the Activa is a full-fledged scooter, the Cliq has got mini-motoscoot looks. There’s really not much in common between the design of these two scooters, but the fact they both come with the same engine makes us want to compare them. Also, with a price difference of over ₹ 8,500, the Cliq holds a definite cost advantage here. So how does these two stack up against each other? Here’s our Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G comparison here to give you an idea of how these two Honda 110cc automatics compare with each other.

honda cliq vs honda activa 4g

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Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G Comparison of Price

  Honda Cliq Honda Activa 4G
Ex-showroom Senegal Price ₹ 42,499 – ₹ 42,999 ₹ 50,290 – ₹ 50,731

With a difference of over ₹ 8,500, the Cliq has a definite price advantage over the Activa 4G. The latter does end up justifying its higher price tag by offering more space, premium looks and a high resale value, but on the pricing front alone, the Cliq has a clear advantage

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Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G Comparison of Features

The Activa gets Honda’s Combi Brake System along with an under seat charging port. Other than an electric start also gets tubeless tires and a maintenance free battery. The Cliq gets all these features. Akin to the Activa 4G, it also gets optional accessories to enhance its storage capacity. There’s no clear winner here. Both the models offer almost the same features and there’s really nothing much to differentiate between these two when it comes to their features lists. The Cliq is available in 5 colours, while the Activa 4G can be bought in any of the 7 available colours.

honda cliq scooter colours

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Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G Specifications Comparison

Honda Cliq Honda Activa 4G
Engine Displacement 109 cc 109 cc
Power 8 BHP @ 7,000 rpm 8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque 9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm 9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm

Both the scooters are powered by the same 109.10 cc engine. While the power and torque figures are the same, the Cliq gets its peak power at a slightly lower RPM. Both the engines come mated to a CVT.

Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G Mileage Comparison

Honda Cliq Honda Activa 4G
Mileage 55 KMPL 55 KMPL

As both the scooters have the same engine, there isn’t a great difference in the mileage of the two models. That said, the Cliq is likely to offer a slightly higher mileage due to its lower kerb weight.

Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G Dimensions Comparison

  Honda Cliq Honda Activa 4G
Length 1,745 mm 1,761 mm
Width 695 mm 710 mm
Height 1,039 mm 1,149 mm
Wheelbase 1,241 mm 1,238 mm
Seat Height 743 mm 765 mm
Weight 102 KGs 108 KGs

Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G Design Comparison

Both the scooters here boast really contrasting designs. While the Activa 4G is a conventional scooter and hence, looks the part, the Cliq looks different and bold. On one hand, the Activa’s design has a sense of understated elegance about it, and on other, the Cliq looks a bit radical and almost quirky with its oddball proportions. It’s easy to understand the target audience of both these models just by looking at them. While the Activa has a universal appeal, the Cliq is likely to appeal to only the young and those who need to stand out of the crowd. There’s no clear winner here. It’s all about the personal preferences, you see.

Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G Comparison Verdict

  • Price- The Cliq has a clear advantage here.
  • Specifications- Both the scooters use the same engine and hence, have same power and torque figures.
  • Mileage- Even the mileage figures should be the same, as the specifications are identical.
  • Features- Again, both the scooters are equally matched here.
  • Dimensions- The Activa, being a conventional scooter, has dimensions that vary from those of the Cliq.

Verdict- Well, there two surely aren’t direct rivals. While one is a conventional scooter, the other is a radical step-thru sort of deal with slightly oddball proportions Thanks to the engine sharing, they both have same amount of power and offer similar mileage. The biggest difference is in the design. So, it’s a matter of personal choice really. The Cliq should appeal to the young and the bold, while the Activa, thanks to its universal appeal, should appeal to everyone from a young executive to the proverbial family man.

So, what do you have to say about our Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G comparison? Do share your views in the comments section. Stay tuned for more such comparisons.

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