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Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi – COMPARISON!

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters World surprised everyone by launching the Honda Cliq at an official event in Jaipur yesterday. Based on the Honda Navi, the latest Honda automatic scooter is around ₹ 2,000 costlier and boasts fresher looks and even some additional features. Also, compared to the Honda Navi Chrome and Adventure variants, the Cliq turns out to be sufficiently cheaper. In order to clearly differentiate between these two models, we’ve decided to compare the two 110cc automatic scooters here. So read on for the new Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi comparison.

honda cliq vs honda navi

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Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi Comparison of Price

  Honda Cliq Honda Navi
Ex-showroom Senegal Price ₹ 42,499 – ₹ 42,999 ₹ 39,648

The Navi costs ₹ 39,648, which makes the Cliq more than ₹ 2,500 costlier. However, if you compare the Cliq with the Chrome and Adventure variants, which costs upto ₹ 5,500 more than the Cliq, the new Honda scooter comes across as a great value-for-money proposition. Also, while the Cliq is costlier than the Navi, it justifies its price tag with a more premium styling and additional features.

Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi Comparison of Features

The Cliq is the clear winner here. While it costs a bit more, it offers some extra features, like the charging hub. Also, both the models here can be bought with optional accessories like a storage box, which enhances the storage capacities of both these bikes. Other than this, both the models also get bits like an electric start and a maintenance free battery. Most importantly, both the models also get Honda’s Combi Brake System.

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Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi Specifications Comparison

Honda Cliq Honda Navi
Engine Displacement 109 cc 109 cc
Power 8 BHP @ 7,000 rpm 8 bhp @ 7,000 rpm
Torque 9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm 9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm

There’s absolutely nothing to differentiate here. Both the models get the same engine and enjoy the same power and torque output. These automatic scooters from Honda are powered by a 109cc single-cylinder motor that outputs 8 BHP and 9 Nm. The motor comes mated to a CVT. This engine also does duty on the very popular Honda Activa. The engine is known for its long term reliability and ease of maintenance.

Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi Mileage Comparison

Honda Cliq Honda Navi
Mileage 55 KMPL 55 KMPL

Even here both the models are closely matched. This is simply because both the scooters get identical specifications and even their kerb weights are closely matched

Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi Dimensions Comparison

  Honda Cliq Honda Navi
Length 1,745 mm 1,805 mm
Width 695 mm 748 mm
Height 1,039 mm 1,039 mm
Wheelbase 1,241 mm 1,286 mm
Seat Height 743 mm 765 mm
Weight 102 KGs 101 KGs

Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi Design Comparison

While the new Cliq is based on the Navi, they don’t look too much like each other. The biggest difference lies in the front-end of these two models. While the Navi looks a basic, moped-like look, the Cliq benefits from a motoscoot-like nose. Both these models boast of compact dimensions, more so the Cliq. However, the Navi does seem to enjoy better proportions. It’s a matter of personal choices really. The Cliq is definitely louder and more is sure to catch more attention on the road.

Honda Cliq vs Honda Navi Comparison Verdict

  • Price- The Cliq has a higher price but justifies it thru a fresher styling and more features.
  • Specifications- Both the scooters use the same engine and hence, have same power and torque figures.
  • Mileage- Even the mileage figures are the same, as the specifications are identical.
  • Features- The Cliq has more features and hence, is a clear winner here.
  • Dimensions- The Navi seems to be a bit larger than the Cliq. But we’re pretty sure that both of these are not apt for long rides with a pillion on board.

Verdict- The Cliq does seem to be a better value-for-money proposition than the Navi. True, it is slightly pricier but the additional features do justify the extra cost. In terms of specifications and mileage, both the Navi and the Cliq are evenly matched. We can’t think of a reason for you to buy a Navi over a Cliq unless you’re too fond of the Navi’s design.

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