JK Tyre introduces India's first drifting competition

Gajanan Kashikar Published: October 13, 2023, 06:31 PM IST

JK Tyre is set to ignite the excitement of Indian motorsport enthusiasts with the launch of India's first-ever drifting competition. Set to take place at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) on 16 October, the JK Tyre Drift Challenge promises to revolutionise the Indian motor-racing space by introducing a rapidly emerging motorsport discipline that has gained global traction.

Drifting, a motorsport discipline that focuses on skill, precision, and car control over sheer speed and involves drivers expertly sliding their cars using oversteer to navigate corners. The visual spectacle of cars teetering on the edge while producing clouds of smoke has captured the imagination of fans, particularly the younger generation. Drifting stands as one of the fastest-growing sub-disciplines of motorsport worldwide.

The JK Tyre Drift Challenge will showcase a grid of 25 powerful rear-wheel drive cars steered by some of India's most skilled and talented drivers. The competition will unfold across a series of events on specially designed track layouts that will push the limits of both driver and machine. The judging panel will consist of three international drifting experts, including Alistair Woodham from India (formerly of the Drift Commission of FIA), Cristiani Nanami Lazaro from Brazil, and Tanakorn Lertyaovarit from Thailand.

Judging criteria will revolve around four primary aspects: line, angle, style, and speed. Precise adherence to the ideal line through a corner and the angle at which the driver executes the drift will contribute to their score. Style, linked to the precision of the drift, will also factor into the scoring. Speed is another crucial element, as skillful drivers manage to maintain high speeds while executing precise drifts.

In addition to the Drift Challenge, the BIC will host the JK Tyre Formula Imperial and Indian Karting Race, organised by the Imperial Society of Innovation Engineers (ISIEINDIA) with support from JK Tyre. This event serves as an Industry-Academia initiative, allowing engineering students from across India to demonstrate their innovation in areas such as vehicle aerodynamics, battery and powertrain design, brakes, and suspension technologies. The event, which will run from October 12 to 16, involves over 2,000 participating students, culminating in a thrilling 12-lap endurance race at the BIC to determine the winners.

Commenting on the occasion, Sanjay Sharma, Head of Motorsport, JK Tyre, said, "The introduction of the JK Tyre Drift Challenge marks a significant moment in Indian motorsport history. Drifting has been happening in India in silos; however, with this competition with the help of FMSCI, we will formalise norms of drifting in India and try to match it on par with global standards soon. We have always been forerunners in the Indian motorsports arena, and with this competition, we continue to pursue our aim to develop the motorsport scene here with the introduction of diverse disciplines. This challenge will not only provide a platform for the country's talented drivers to shine but also delight motorsport enthusiasts who are hungry for a new thrill."

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