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Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – COMPARISON

Jeep came to World in 2016. Till now, they offered the Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee SRT and Wrangler Unlimited. All these cars are out of the reach of the majority of car buyers in World. Hence, the company has brought the Compass SUV to World. The Compass is the most affordable Jeep product till date. However, it has to indirectly compete against the Hyundai Creta. Why? To know that, we have this Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta comparison for you today. Compare the two cars and find out exactly why Creta needs to be bothered by Compass’ presence in World.

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta

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Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Price Comparison

Jeep Compass Price* ₹ 14.95 lakh – 20.65 lakh
Hyundai Creta Price* ₹ 8.92 lakh – 14.00 lakh

*all prices ex-showroom

Granted, both cars are priced too far apart. However, the top-end Creta is priced quite close to base-trim Compass. While the Compass has been priced quite aggressively, the Creta’s prices are still more than a match for the Jeep. Now, the choice for you is to opt either for the top-end Creta or the base variant Compass.

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Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Specifications Comparison

Specifications Jeep Compass Hyundai Creta
Engine 1.4-litre petrol/2.0-litre turbo diesel 1.6-litre petrol/1.4-litre turbo diesel/1.6-litre turbo diesel
Power 160BHP/170BHP 122BHP/89BHP/126BHP
Torque 250Nm/350Nm 154Nm/224Nm/265Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT or 7-speed AT/6-speed MT 6-speed MT or 6-speed AT/6-speed MT/6-speed MT or 6-speed AT

Both cars come equipped with petrol and diesel engines. While the Compass is limited to one petrol and diesel each, the Creta has one petrol and two diesel engines on offer. Of these, the 1.4-litre turbo diesel can be had with only a 6-speed manual gearbox. The rest of the engines can be had with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The Compass offers the option of a nine-speed automatic with its diesel which should help it in the area of mileage. However, it will come to World at a later date. In essence, if you want an automatic Jeep, you will have to opt for the 1.4-litre turbo petrol Compass as that comes with a 7-speed Dry dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

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Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Mileage Comparison

Car Mileage (petrol) Mileage (diesel)
Jeep Compass 13-14 KMPL (MT)/12-13 KMPL (AT) (estimated) 17.1 KMPL (4×2)/16.3 KMPL (4×4) (ARAI)
Hyundai Creta 15.29 KMPL (ARAI) 21.38 KMPL/19.67 KMPL (ARAI)

The reason why the Compass offers less mileage than Creta, in this comparison, is simple. The Compass’ engines have more power and torque output than the Creta’s. Also, while the nine-speed automatic gearbox equipped diesel Compass is yet to come to World. The only ARAI-certified figures we have here belong to the 6-speed manual gearbox equipped 4×2 and 4×4 Compass. The Creta, with its combination of low-displacement displacement engines (in comparison to the Compass) and coming paired with a manual and auto gearbox offer better mileage than the Jeep.

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Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Dimensions

Dimensions Jeep Compass Hyundai Creta
Length (mm) 4,420 4,270
Width (mm) 1,820 1,780
Height (mm) 1,650 1,630
Wheelbase (mm) 2,640 2,590

Dimensionally (and unsurprisingly), the Compass is a bigger car than Creta. Right from its length to width, wheelbase and even height, it offers more space than Creta. However, the difference between the two isn’t all that big. The Compass is 150mm longer than Creta but offers only 50mm more wheelbase. It is wider than Creta by 40mm. When it comes to height, the Jeep is 20mm taller than the Creta.

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Features

Jeep Compass Hyundai Creta
7-inch touchscreen Infotainment unit 7-inch touchscreen infotainment unit
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
AWD Front Wheel Drive
Dual Tone Interior Auto A/c
Front, Side and Curtain Airbags 17-inch wheels
Dual-zone Auto A/c Rear Parking Camera
Disc brakes at all wheels Speed-sensing auto door lock
Traction Control System Dual-tone interior

Among the two cars, the Jeep Compass is the only one to offer all-wheel drive, which is crucial when we compare two SUVs. Another difference between the two that favours the Compass is its dual-zone Auto A/c. It also comes Selec-Terrain drive mode selector to tweak the car’s responses on various terrains, something Creta lacks. Also, all four wheels on the Compass have disc brakes. However, in comparison, the Creta is quite well-equipped too. Just that it is competing with a car that sits in a higher segment, which is why there are such differences between the two.

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Exterior Design Comparison

The Jeep Compass has a masculine design. It is like looking at a wrestler who looks classy in a suit but is ready to go a few rounds at a moment’s notice in the said suit. The styling elements give a touch of sleekness to the car. The headlamps and the wide, narrow grille give the car a sense of minimalism while giving it a butch feel. The wheel arches have not been rounded off completely, lending this car a butch stance. The wraparound taillamps at the back hint at the sleekness of the design and also the modernity in its design. The whole car comes together rather nicely.

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta - Jeep Compass

The Hyundai Creta is another great design from Hyundai. Its stance gives it a feel of leanness. In comparison to the Compass, it looks like a lean, athletic guy wearing a tailored suit. The car’s stance is quite upright, as you can see by looking at its front end. However, the wheel arches of the car are rounded off, hinting more at this car’s on-road credentials than off-road ones. The rear sports wraparound taillamps which look quite sleek. Overall, this car looks quite good, but in the presence of something like a Compass, it does not look as SUV-like as it should.

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta - Hyundai Creta

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Interior Design Comparison

The interior of the Compass feels special right until you look at the centre console below the 7-inch UConnect system. That area has a number of buttons and feels quite dated. However, the rest of the dashboard is quite good looking. The three-spoke steering wheel looks quite good. It looks like it has a thick rim, which should make it good for use at all times. The star of the car is that Selec-Terrain drive mode selector which occupies a good amount of space ahead of the gear shifter. All in all, it looks quite good but does not feel like a well-rounded package.

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta - Jeep Compass Interior

The Creta’s interior is just a nice place to be in. The dual-tone beige-black dashboard give it a sense of roominess. The A/c vents get brushed aluminium inserts. The three-spoke steering wheel also has a brushed aluminium insert. The centre console is clutter-free with less buttons surrounding the infotainment unit and the A/c unit. All in all, once you step inside the Creta, it is hard to not be pleased by its interior.

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta - Hyundai Creta Interior


Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Image Gallery

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta – Conclusion

Price – The pricing of Compass is quite aggressive. However, it still costs more than the Creta. Unless it is the Jeep-badged car you wish to own, the chances of you going for the Compass over Creta will be quite slim.

Specifications – The Compass’ engines have more power and torque outputs than Creta. Coupled to a manual and automatic transmission (auto gearbox for diesel soon), both engines offer quite a bit of options to both fans of stick shift and self-shifting gearboxes. The Creta offers offers three engines but then offers only two with an automatic gearbox as an option.

Mileage – The big output of the Compass’ engines hurt their fuel efficiency. The added trouble for the Compass is that its 9-speed automatic gearbox-equipped diesel model is yet to come to World. Due to this, the Creta has an edge over the Compass in this respect..

Dimensions – Since the Compass sits a segment above the Creta, it is bigger than the Hyundai SUV in every dimension. However, the difference is not as huge as you may think. In the end, it is a tossup between the two cars and comes down to how you feel when sitting inside either.

Features – Since the Compass sits a segment above Creta, it does some features that Creta does not. However, for its segment, the Creta offers almost every feature you can ask for. If the two are priced closely, the only question you will have to ask is whether to opt for to-trim Creta or low/mid-trim Compass.

Design – The two cars are designed with different purposes in mind. The Compass looks like it is ready for off-road action at a moment’s notice. The Creta does not feel as ready for off-road adventure as its competitor here. Moving to the inside, it is the Creta that feels more pleasant and clutter-free than the Compass. Again, it is a toss-up between the two cars. If you like a sense of premiumness to your car’s cabin, the Creta is what you will like. If you like a sense of purpose to your cabin, you are likely to gravitate towards the Compass.

So, do you like our Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta Comparison? Do tell us how how you feel about this comparison in the comments below. For more such stories, stay tuned to ContentWorld.

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