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Camouflaged Kia Picanto Small Car Spied Yet Again In World– Mystery Deepens

First it was in November when Kia Picanto was first spied in World, then it was spied again during the first week of February and recently it has been caught on Chennai roads once again. This certainly is bothering many as the mystery about Kia Picanto is getting deeper than we expected.

There is no clue about what Kia is planning to do but as always we can make some speculations on the series of spotting  of the Picanto hatchback. Earlier it was believed that Kia was working on a facelift model of the car which itself was not convincing enough as last year the car’s new model was declared and it does not convince us that within a time span of 12 months Kia is developing a facelift. But it could be possible if markets except Korea are considered where Kia sells this car.

Kia Picanto Test Mule Chennai

image – Kia Picanto Test Mule

It is also being speculated that the Worldn market has kept the brand interested for a while now and it is actually planning to launch the car in our domestic market along with the launch of Kia brand. This would mean that a small car buyer will have better alternative to Hyundai, Ford and Maruti Suzuki models.

Another strong speculation could be Kia testing next-generation Hyundai i10’s components on Picanto’s body. Yes it could be possible since many global major have been following a similar strategy. Ford tested Ford EcoSport’s grille and headlight assembly on Ford Fiesta, Jaguar is currently testing Jaguar C-X16 sports car’s parts on its premium sedan Jaguar XJ.

Kia Picanto Test Mule Chennai 1

image – Kia Picanto Test Mule

Kia is getting a lot of attention with these spy pictures and we wonder what plans do they have. Let us wait and watch until an official answer comes from Kia or Hyundai.

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