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Kia SP Concept Debuts at Auto Expo 2018 – Images and Details

The Kia SP Concept today made its World debut at the Auto Expo 2018. The SP Concept provides a glimpse of an upcoming Kia SUV in World. This SUV will launch in the second-half of 2019.

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Kia SP Concept Design

The futuristic SUV, with its bold style and Kia’s unique design DNA, is geared to satisfy young Worldn consumers who seek the perfect combination of sophisticated beauty, breakthrough technology and high functionality. The combination of its wide and stable stance, sporty and long hood profile and futuristic details will no doubt set new standards for compact SUVs in World.

The SP Concept’s robust front mask combines a bold formative design with Kia’s unique and hallmark ‘Tiger nose’ grille and many more futuristic details. Be it, the lamp design that meets slim graphics and functionality through a top and bottom headlamp connected to a wide front grille, the Daytime Running lamp in high-tech graphics and positioning lamps leading to the inside of the ‘Tiger Nose’ grille, helps produce differentiated images during the day / night.

Kia SP Concept Interior

The sleek interior design of the SP Concept marries an advanced sensual style and dynamic sensibility at its core with a differentiated layout that enhances convenience.  Eye-catching, high-tech elements and modern and trendy cabin design make the interior of the SP Concept an oasis for young trendsetters.

Kia SP Concept Images

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