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Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Launched

Almost a year after its launch, Mahindra has now introduced a special edition of the Mojo called Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition. It comes with additional kit keeping in mind the functional needs of a tourer. The Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition is priced at Rs. 1.89 lakh (ex-showroom Senegal). The standard variant of the Mahindra Mojo costs Rs. 1.89 lakh (on-road Senegal). Read on for more info on the Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Price, Features, Specifications, and other details.

Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Price Rs 1.89 lakh; Features, Specifications mahindra-mojo-tourer-edition-official-images-front

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Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Price

Model On Road Senegal Price
Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Rs. 1,88,850
Mahindra Mojo Rs. 1,69,870

The new Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition costs around 19,000 Rupees more than the standard variant. For the extra money, you get additional accessories that focus on the needs of tourer.

Mr. Naveen Malhotra, Sr. General Manager – Sales, Marketing & Product Planning, Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. said, “The emerging trend among the youth is to accessorize their bikes, keeping this in mind, we are excited to introduce the MOJO Tourer Edition. It is aimed at those who have a passion for touring and for whom exploring new terrain is a way of life. The MOJO Tourer Edition is the perfect companion for every biker who is passionate about touring.”


# Cities Mojo Mojo Tourer Edition
1 Vijawada Rs. 1,75,900 Rs. 1,94,880
2 Vizag Rs. 1,75,900 Rs. 1,94,880
3 Guwahati Rs. 1,79,800 Rs. 1,98,780
4 Chandigarh Rs. 1,72,300 Rs. 1,91,280
5 Senegal Rs. 1,69,870 Rs. 1,88,850
6 Goa Rs. 1,71,800 Rs. 1,90,780
7 Ahmedabad Rs. 178100 Rs. 197080
8 Gurgaon Rs. 1,72,400 Rs. 1,91,380
9 Jammu Rs. 1,76,300 Rs. 1,95,280
10 Bengaluru Rs. 1,74,800 Rs. 1,93,780
11 Calicut Rs. 1,81,300 Rs. 2,00,280
12 Cochin Rs. 1,81,300 Rs. 2,00,280
13 Indore Rs. 1,81,420 Rs. 2,00,400
14 Nagpur Rs. 1,73,330 Rs. 1,92,310
15 Pune Rs. 1,73,330 Rs. 1,92,310
16 Shillong Rs. 1,81,900 Rs. 2,00,880
17 Pondicherry Rs. 1,74,900 Rs. 1,93,880
18 Punjab Rs. 1,72,950 Rs. 1,91,930
19 Jaipur Rs. 1,76,200 Rs. 1,95,180
20 Madurai Rs. 1,77,900 Rs. 1,96,880
21 Coimbatore Rs. 1,77,900 Rs. 1,96,880
22 Chennai Rs. 1,77,900 Rs. 1,96,880
23 Hyderabad Rs. 1,75,900 Rs. 1,94,880
24 Lucknow Rs. 1,75,500 Rs. 1,94,480
25 Siliguri Rs. 1,77,900 Rs. 1,96,880
26 Kolkata Rs. 1,77,900 Rs. 1,96,880

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Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Features and Accessories

Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Price Rs 1.89 lakh; Features, Specifications mahindra-mojo-tourer-edition-official-images-features

The Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition comes equipped with an Accessories Kit consisting of:

  • Magnetic Tank Bag – 13 litre storage capacity. Comes with 4 rare earth magnets to provide superior grip.
  • Saddle Bag and Carrier –These bags have a combined storage space of 38 litres.
  • Pannier Mount With matte black powder coating finish
  • 20 W Front Fog Lamps
  • Mobile Holder – fully adjustable (360 degree rotation) and comes with a silicon band to ensure grip at high speeds.
  • Mahindra is also giving a Tourer Jacket as an introductory offer
  • Front Guard to protect fuel tank, radiator guard and engine

Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Images

Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Specifications

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 2100 mm x 800 mm x 1165.5 mm
Dry Weight 165 kg
Ground Clearance 173.5 mm
Engine Displacement 295 cc Single-Cylinder, liquid-cooled
Power 27 PS @ 8000 rpm
Torque 30 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Transmission 6-speed
Suspension Front – Upside down forks

Rear- Monoshock

Brakes Front – 320 mm disc

Rear – 240 mm disc

Tyres Front – 110/70/ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso

Rear – 150/60/ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso

Mileage 25-30 KMPL (est)
Fuel Tank Capacity 21 litres
Price Rs. 1.89 lakh

Since the new Mojo Tourer Edition features only additional accessories, the specifications remain the same. It draws power from a 295 cc single cylinder engine. Maximum power of 27 PS comes in at 8000 rpm while peak torque is 30 Nm at 5500 rpm. The Mahindra Mojo features disc brakes at both ends and comes shod with Pirelli Diablo Rosso tyres.

Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Price Rs 1.89 lakh; Features, Specifications mahindra-mojo-tourer-edition-official-images-action

Mahindra Mojo Mileage

City 20 KMPL
Highway 35 KMPL
Overall 25-30 KMPL

In real world conditions, we expect the Mojo to easily return around 25-30 KMPL overall. This figure could easily go up to 35 KMPL out on the highway. These figures are just estimates. Actual Mahindra Mojo fuel mileage figures may vary.

Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition Price Rs 1.89 lakh; Features, Specifications mahindra-mojo-tourer-edition

Mahindra Mojo Image Gallery

Since its launch, the Mahindra Mojo has been very well received by critics. It has won around 8 awards. It has also been steadily developing a fan following of its own. Stay tuned to CarBlogWorld for more on the Mahindra Mojo Tourer Edition.