Maruti Launched EECO At Auto Expo – ECCO Pictures, Price, Specification And Features


Maruti Suzuki World Limited (MSIL) today launched its attractive and affordable C segment big family car called EECO which is specially designed for Worldn needs. It has seating capacity of 5 or 7 depending on variant. It has a powerful 73 BHP engine. The EECO is based on platform from Maruti Versa, but it has a specially designed 1196 cc petrol engine.

The Engine,transmission, Interiors, exteriors all are entirely different from Versa. Maruti has incorporated the learning from Versa to develop EECO and done their best efforts to make it a more desirable and high-selling car compared to low response it got for its car Versa. One of the major differences between EECO and Versa is the Price. EECO has been priced at very competitive rate starting from Rs. 2.59 Laks (Ex-showroom Senegal) to Rs. 2.89 Lakhs based on the variants and features.

Pictures Of Maruti Suzuki EECO

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Price Of Maruti Suzuki EECO

  • Non A/c – 5 seater – Price Rs.2.59 Lakhs
  • A/c – 5 seater – Price Rs.2.89 Lakhs
  • Non A/c – 7 seater – Rs.2.75 Lakhs

This is a very competitive price for a car considering the power, space and brand value associated with Maruti Suzuki Cars.

Specifications Of Maruti Suzuki ECCO

  • Powerful K-series 1.2 L MPFI Petrol Engine
  • Max Power 73 BHP @ 6000 rpm
  • Max Torque 101 Nm @ 3000 rpm
  • 4 Cylinder,  16 Valves
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Rear Drum Brakes
  • Front McPherson Strut Suspension
  • Rear 3 Link Rigid suspension
  • 13 Inch Diameter Wheels
  • Fuel Capacity – 40 Liters
  • Weight – between 908 Kg to 928 Kg (depending on models)
  • Length – 3675 mm , Width – 1475 mm , Height – 1800 mm
  • Ground Clearance – 160 mm , Min. turning radius – 4.5 m
  • Compliant with BS-IV Emission Norms

Features of Maruti Suzuki EECO

  • Air conditioning (only in 5 Seater AC model)
  • Heater
  • Reclining Front Seats
  • Sliding driver seat
  • Integrated headrest on front seats
  • Multi Tripmeter
  • Digital Fuel Gauge,  Odometer and Tripmeter
  • Both side Sunvisor
  • Assist Grip on co-driver side and rear
  • Molded roof lining
  • Molded Floor Lining
  • Dual Tone Interior color
  • Front and Rear Cabin Lamps
  • Wheel caps
  • Tubeless tyres
  • Front mud-flaps
  • Body Graphics
  • Both side outside rear view mirrors
  • Headlamp leveling
  • Side Impact beams
  • Child lock for sliding doors and windows
  • Seat-belts for all seats
  • High Mount Stop lamp at rear
  • Color options – Metallic Midnight black . Metallic Blue Blaze / Bright Red / Metallic Glistering Grey / Metallic Silky Silver / Superior White

On the occasion, Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director and CEO, Maruti Suzuki said, “Eeco performs the twin objectives of being a spacious family car and a dependable vehicle to run businesses. Maruti Suzuki engineers have especially developed the Eeco, its new powerful engine, and a new transmission system to meet the diverse consumer aspirations that look for a vehicle that fits a large family and at the same time provides flexibility for dual use. Towards this objective, Eeco will be a new powerful attraction.”

The MPFI Control system used in EECO is the latest from Maruti Suzuki. A high-pressure-injection system with optimized injectors has resulted in better atomization resulting in low emissions and fuel consumption. The compression ratio of 9.9 which is a fairly high ratio for a petrol engine helps improve the fuel efficiency. There are knocking sensors to protect engine from damage. The EECO engine features low friction design pistons and rings, low viscous engine oil, that is the reason why a just 1.2 litre engine delivers a maximum power of 73 bhp and a maximum torque of 101 Nm and at the same time which is also complaint to BS-4 Emission norms and delivers a fuel mileage of about 15 KM/liter of petrol.

The EECO transmission uses a DSA (Diagonal Shift Assistance ) system which facilitates diagonal motion and allows for a gear change without any break in continuity. This gives a very smooth gear change feel.

The EECO is ELV (End of Life for Vehicles) compliant which means it uses Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Chromium within permissible limits. This makes EECO more eco-friendly in term of manufacturing processes.

The EECO has been specially designed for World with sturdy suspension, sufficient space, great power, good fuel economy and low price which makes it a very strong contender in its segment. EECO may prove to be a high selling car in the year to come because of its “Value For Money” factor.

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  1. This model if you have just modify it like a Enova a Toyata product it will reach agood sale,the front portion like a SUV it will catch a good market in World,the middle seat is not upto the mark modify it by WagonR seats .Maruti is the heart of india for all grade people.I wish Maruti Suzuki all the best & Happy new year

  2. That nice car would be very welcome on our Polish market, @15.000 – 18.000 PLN would be the cheapest car in Poland and could become the most popular one. I have been driving Suzuki Swift 02′ since 2002 and it has been a very reliable, safe car for all those years. Good job ..

  3. It may not require a Power steering because of its low wieght . Omni & 800 never had one but the steering is very smooth withou PS.


  5. It is a Good car which is going to dominate in this category I think. Of course the price is also very resonable. Thanks for the efforts taken by the R&D of Maruthi Suzuki Team.

  6. This is a good car from maruti…it has a height factor i.e.its quite big in is 1800 mm..i wonder why hasents maruti kept the engine in the front bonnet….the engine is below the driver seat..the back part of the interior floor of car is inches higher than the remaining car…..why??????????
    If u step into the car u have to step in the way u do in innova or scorpiao i.e. Its higher from the ground level….
    Why hasent maruti kept AC vents for the back seats….???
    i have one more question…will the car run better on CNG or LPG in terms of mileage and cost efectiveness…..???????

    But overall its a good family car with nice looks and priced nicely….
    Gud work maruti….keep it up….

  7. My family enjoyed our first car Maruti Omni for many years. I will consider going for 5 seater Eeco, if provided with company fitted gas kit.

  8. its an nice car but can i know that if the non A/C vehical like eeco 7seater standard can put airconditioner facility

  9. Wonderful vehicle with utility factor or weekend outings with family. Loads of space inside. Wish it had power steering and broader tyres. Secondly, i hope it does not start rattling the way Omni does after a year. In mumbai @ Rs.3.40 Lacs on road for the 5 seater AC version is amazing, can’t spot a better deal at this price anywhere else.

  10. its an nice car but can i know that if the non A/C vehical like eeco 7seater standard can put airconditioner facility

    or it is possible to put ac in ecco 7seater after purchaging

  11. ecco should be have power stering for woman and men bout can ride easly

  12. An excellent car for nice family ride, would have been further excellent if Eeco 7 seater has an Aircondition as well.

  13. I wonder Maruti saw how Tata Nono made it as a cheap car, So Maruti made up they mind to launch Versa with a new name, i mean Old wine in a new Jar!!!!!

  14. what is the explanation for ‘dsa’. no dealer of maruti eeco is able to clarify this . what you say in the website is not clear. i am sure you need press clutch before changing gear. please enlighten me. thanks.

  15. First of all thanx to Maruti Suzuki
    It is a very good car launched by M.Suzuki for medium class and big fmly.
    The car become more Excellent if 7 seater has an Aircondition as well.

  16. @satyamurti DSA Stands for Diagonal Shift Assistance, its a mechanical arrangement deiced for smooth gear shifting. The details might be confidential because of the pending patents or intellectual property reasons. I also do not have details of the mechanism. At most what you can do to experience it is to take a a test drive of EECO and observe if you feel that gear changing is smooth enough compared to similar vehicles. This is what i can suggest you at the moment.

  17. Ecco is indeed a good family car priced below 3.00 lakhs. Is it suitable for fitment of CNG? Why the rear seats are copy of Omni when much better options are available. Plz allow the customers to have wagon-r type rear seat option, which is more comfortable and stylish? Does it have 5th front drive gear (i.e. 5+1)? Only hitch is the rear seat, rest every thing is good.

  18. Maruti should include power steering,tachometer on dashboard better 3 spoke steering wheel and front power windows,also middle row seating should have neck restraints,seat look like the inferior quality of the earlier omni van.Apart from this engine should have been placed in the front bay like versa,not like earlier omni van as it generates heat in cabin on long drives as well as driver seat. Ground clearence should also been raised since anybody loading the rear to maximum would decrease clearence due to body weignt.If all these points are taken into account this car would be a hot seller by maruti. thanks regards.

  19. This is the first car i am going to buy. i hope it has a wonderful features for having fun during picnic. i like the price and the model. but one is missing, the power steering.

  20. DSA means Diagonal Shift Assistance. This is a five gear car . When you are in fourth gear and shift forward to go to the fifth gear if the speed of the car is high enough , it assists you to move to the fifth gear . You can feel the assistance on the gear stick . If the speed is slowing down you will go to the third gear . Also when you are shifting down from the fifth gear , the assistance helps you to go to the neutral position between the third and fourth gear . Thus shifting to and from fifth gear is considerably easy and you do not have to lean on the gear stick.

  21. Hi maruti suzuki team,
    wish you are congratulations for the ECCO.
    Please provide power stearing & front power window. The good interior also require with comfortable seats including head rest. Provision of A.C into 7 seaters ECCO is also good concept in the segment.

  22. What about k-series Diesal Engine, is maruti is going to launch with this variant or not , and how this is useful as a commerical vehicle .
    is any body is using Then tell me

  23. itS a Very BeautIfuL car…….wid gr8 features……wid really affordable price……….i luv it….bt………bt………
    my dad said that seats of ecco r nt comfortable nd of cheaP quality…..

  24. I will buy this car if there modificaion may provide by maruti.
    1. engine should be shifted on front as in wagon R.
    2. power stearing & front power window should be inclded.
    3.Rear seats should be more comfortable with head rest & required immediate change.
    4.provide A/C model with 7 seater.

  25. (1) Can anybody provide the difference between Eeco, Versa & Wagon R – feature by feature?
    (2) If it is between Wagon R & Versa (& supposedly built on Versa platform), why the price is so low?

  26. All r good, but something below are missing.

    1. power stearing
    2. Rear seats should be more comfortable
    3. provide A/C model with 7 seater.

    if in future, if maruti suzuki plan for launch new model of EECO with all above features, then let me know.

  27. I hope the eeco 7 seater should be given more fetchers in this model also technically suspension should be strong and top roof should be introduce in same 7 seater price with a/c model, engine matter but vehicle get jumps on the rough & bumpy roads it makes un- comfortable to ride, engine 1300cc more power is not a matter, the body design should be little bulgy so it may have more spacious & give 7 seater more space that it should not required carrier & CNG tank should occupied. rear window glass must be sliding glass for third row seats. If diesel eeco in plan it is good for suzuki.