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New Maruti Wagon R Duo LPG and Petrol– Specifications Features Details And Price

Maruti Suzuki has been delaying the launch of the New Maruti Wagon R Duo LPG + Petrol model for quite some time. Maruti had launched the new Maruti Wagon R 2010 model last in 2010. In August 2010, it launched New Wagon R CNG Model as well, but the LGP+Petrol Duo (duel fuel model with LPG) was not launched then as it was still under development phase as Maruti Suzuki R&D centers. In this article, we bring you detailed features, specifications, colour options, details and price of Maruti Wagon R Duo 2011.


Maruti Wagon R 2011 Duo Features

Special features of Maruti Wagon R Duo 2011 include :

  • Hi-Technology Sequential Injection System : Maruti Wagon R Duo has a high tech Sequential Injection system which works by injecting LPG directly into the ports of the engine giving it high performance, power and acceleration.
  • Dual ECU : ECU or engine control unit is a microprocessor controlled unit, more like a small computer which control MPFI Petrol Engines, Wagon R Duo has two ECU units, one for Petrol and one for LPG, these two units work in coordination to provide the best possible mileage and performance.
  • CAN Technology : Control Area Network Protocol is a technology which helps the two ECUs to communicate and help run the engine intelligently and conduct self-diagnostic tests on the engine making it more reliable.
  • Smart Efficient Technology (SET) : Maruti has put up a lot of high end technologies like dual ECUs which can communicate with each other, high efficiency K-Series engine and other safety features which make Maruti Wagon R Duo a high efficiency and hi performance car.
  • High LPG Mileage : Use of the intelligent technologies provides mileage of about 14.4 KMPL on LPG fuel and 18.7 KMPL on Petrol.
  • Safety and Low Maintenance : Special materials have been used in Wagon R LPG which are safer and require less maintenance and running cost.
  • Electrical harness of LPG is integrated with main harness for higher safety.
  • LPG Systems are certified for safety by DOE and ARAI.
  • In case of any LPG diagnostic problem, LPG is automatically cut off and car will run on petrol.
  • Impact resistant LPG tank for higher safety in case of a collision.
  • Complete Standard Warranty for 2 years.
  • Lowest emissions in its class and BS4 compatible.
  • Completely made on assembly line with high manufacturing and quality standards.
  • Specially tunes suspension to take care of load changes because of LPG system.
  • Easy filling Nozzle : It has its LPG Nozzle placed in the same zone as in the Petrol tank cap, so it feels more natural and is more convenient.
  • Easy Changeover Switch from Petrol to LPG and vice-e-versa.
  • Space Saving Toroidal LPG tank does not consume much of the boot space
  • 60:40 Rear split seat for more storage space in case of more luggage space requirements.
  • Electrical Power Steering
  • 14 Inch Tubeless radial tyres







Maruti Wagon R 2011 Duo Specifications

Detailed technical specifications of Maruti Wagon R Duo 2011 are :

  • Dimensions : Length=3595mm; Width=1475mm; Height=1700mm;
  • Wheelbase=2400mm;Front Tread=1295mm; Rear Tread=1290mm;
  • Ground Clearance=165mm; Min. Turning Radius=4.6m;
  • All Aluminum K10B engine BS4 Compliant Engine
  • Engine Displacement 998 CC
  • 3 Cylinder, 12 Valve Engine
  • Max Power on LPG Mode = 61.7 [email protected] RPM
  • Max Torque on LPG Mode = 85 Nm @ 3500 RPM
  • Max Power on Petrol Mode = 67 [email protected] RPM
  • Max Torque on LPG Mode = 90 Nm @ 3500 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission with cable-shift technology
  • Front Suspension – McPherson Strut with coil spring
  • Rear Suspension – Isolated Trailing Link with coil spring
  • Kerb Weight = 925 Kg
  • Seating Capacity 5 Persons
  • Petrol Tank Capacity = 35 Litres
  • LPG Tank Capacity = 22.5 Litres
  • Power Brakes – Front Ventilated Disk Brakes; Rear Drum Brakes



Maruti Wagon R 2011 Duo Variants And Colour Options

Wagon R Duo 2011 is available only in the Lxi variant and will be available in 7 colours :

  1. Superior White
  2. Midnight Black
  3. Silky Silver
  4. Glistering Grey
  5. Bakers Chocolate
  6. Breeze Blue
  7. Firebrick Red


Maruti Wagon R 2011 Duo On-Road Price In World

The Ex-showroom Senegal Price of Maruti Wagon R Duo is Rs. 3.97 Lakhs for non-metallic and Rs. 4.01 Lakhs for Metallic Colours. So approximate on road price close to Rs. 4.3 Lakhs in Senegal.