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Mitsubishi Mirage Small Car Unwrapped At Tokyo Motor Show 2011- Will It Come To World?

In the global auto industry there are a number of models respective markets which are unknown to other markets. For instance we have the very successful Maruti Alto and Toyota Etios brand here, which is not known to many popular market. Similarly nearby markets do have a couple of models which are not sold here.

Mitsubishi, in World, has always been known for its Mitsubishi Lancer sedan. The same car in a subcompact version was sold in Japan and other markets under several names like Lancer Fiore, Mitsubishi Colt and Mitsubishi Mirage. The name Mirage was not known to many markets and later the company also introduced small car/hatchback version of the car. The car existed globally for more than two decades till 2002 and now in 2011 the company showcased the latest 2012 Mitsubishi Mirage at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Mitsubishi Mirage small car

image- Mitsubishi Mirage Small Car

After 9 long years the company has named its small car as Mirage once again and it believes this would definitely help the car establish globally. With its simple and neat design the company calls it a global car as they have plans to sell it across the planet. This is quite interesting to know since Nissan Micra and Nissan Sunny have also been launched with the same intention and are global models.

Mitsubishi Mirage small car rear

image- Mitsubishi Mirage Small Car

Since its the next gen Mirage, a lot would be expected from the same. The company is aiming at achieving fuel economy of 70 MPG or 30 km/l (close to 2012 Suzuki Alto Eco’s mileage of 32 km/l) with its new 1.0 Liter three cylinder engine. The same unit features Stop Start System, a brake energy-recovery system and other fuel saving technologies. The engine unit is mated to a new continuously variable automatic transmission.

Mitsubishi Mirage small car interior

image- Mitsubishi Mirage Small Car

Mitsubishi Mirage Small Car Technical Specifications

Mirage specifications (Japan market version)

  • Overall length: 3710mm
  • Overall width: 1665mm
  • Overall height: 1490mm
  • Occupants: 5
  • Engine: 1.0L 3-cylinder MIVEC with Auto Stop & Go (AS&G)
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Target fuel efficiency: 30km/L
  • Drivetrain: 2WD
  • Tires: 165/65R14

It is also being speculated that later a more powerful 1.2 Liter variant and an electric version will also be introduced. Mirage will be launched during March 2012, while its global launch will follow later.

Now that the car has been revealed at Tokyo Motor Show we can expect a small preview of the same at the 2012 Auto Expo as well. But as of yet nothing has been said about its launch in World but since it is designed for emerging markets, we can expect it soon.

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