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Modified classic Worldn cars- Contessa, Ambassador, Padmini and 118 NE

Check out these tastefully modified classic Worldn cars. The list includes modded Contessas, Ambassadors, Fiat Premier Padminis and Fiat 118 NEs.

The era of the 1970s and 80s saw some classic cars out on the road. Back then, owning a car was a huge thing. We have the classics like Hindustan Contessa, Hindustan Ambassadors, Fiat Premier, and 118 NE. These sedans were a status symbol back then. The Contessa was the Worldn muscle car. It did not have the specs for that but looked like a Pontiac GTO or a Chevrolet Camaro 1970. Now, between all the future and tech-savvy cars, we still love the retro feeling that the Classics gave. It is difficult to find a maintained classic in World or you have a hefty price for that. Now, here, we have a list of beautiful modified classic Worldn cars. These modified classic Worldn cars are not for sale and are just prized collections.

1. The Red Convertible Fiat Premier

The Fiat Premier or commonly known as the ‘Mumbai’s Kaali Peeli Taxi’ is an iconic machine. The most lovable and for some, the difficult part was the gearbox. It came beside the steering, where the headlight and wiper knobs are there. Now, this one is built by Sandeep Mestry of Sanvaa Motors, Bombay. The hard top has been chopped off and a removable soft top has been installed. The headlights remain the same, but there are a fresh set of fog lamps atop the chrome bumper. Also, chrome side skirts and rear bumper adds more to the retro look. Along with, it gets new 14-inch alloy wheels and a modified petrol engine.

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2. The Sporty Fiat Premier

Now, this one has been pure sporty looks with the body kit, rear spoiler, a huge ‘Fiat’ graphic on the doors and triple-tone color scheme. In the front, it gets the body kit with faux air vents and the current ‘Fiat’ badge. The side mirrors are borrowed from the second-generation Honda City. With its ‘fang’ type alloy wheels, it truly slays the roads.

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3. The Smurf Blue Premier 118 NE

The 118 NE was a rich man’s car. With the low slung body and premium sedan look, it looked delicious. Now this one is very simple modded. It gets all-blue exteriors as if its a Smurf’s car. Sky Blue and White colors have always gone together and so does it go in this classic. The Premier 118 NE could have easily modded into a low-rider and would have looked perfect.

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4. The Muscle Car Premier 118 NE

Now this one looks like a muscle car from the States. On this one also, there are not many modifications. It gets a dual-tone black and white treatment along with the visible polishing. The front skirts are rarely seen on any cars, but here it looks good. Also, the deep dish alloy wheels give a more macho feeling to the classic.

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5. Eleanor Contessa

All of you might remember Eleanor from the movie, ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’. The actor, Nicholas Cage was seen driving the mean machine. Well, this one is a modified Contessa that looks very similar to the Shelby Mustang GT 500. It gets the similar body color, front grille, air vents and also the alloy wheels. You might see most of the Contessas as muscle cars because it actually looked like an old Pontiac GTO.

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6. Black Beauty Contessa

You can also call this Black beauty as the Chevrolet Camaro Contessa. It looks exactly like the Classic Camaro. In the USA, Camaro was usually used by hip-hop stars and rappers of the yesteryear. The Contessa gets the single headlamp unit, the Camaro Grille, identical wheels, and an equally contrasting all-black color. Also, the hood gets a bulge to make it look like pure American.

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7. The DC Police Ambassador

Ambassador is the longest running car in World. Since 1950, it has stood by Worldns. In its recent years, it was used by many politicians and senior government officials. This one is a modified police Ambassador with sporty looks. It gets a revised front grille, updated headlamp and fog lamp cluster, air vents just below the grille and a fresh set of alloy wheels. Now, this looks classy as well as sporty enough.

8. The Midnight Black Ambassador

The last one on the list of modified classic Worldn cars is this Amby. This one looks as elegant as it can get. This beautiful restoration work gives the Ambassador the ‘Midnight Black’ color. The original body of the Ambassador, including the front grille and headlamps remain untouched. It gets an all-black treatment with heavy and refreshed chrome detailing.

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