Modified Mahindra XUV500 from Bangalore

There are many examples of modified cars out there on our roads, some tastefully done, some not so much and some which might make you question the owner’s sanity. Every once in a while you stumble upon something that catches your eye, in a good way of course. Last month we wrote about one such example of a modified Honda Civic from Kerala and now, we’ve come across a heavily modified Mahindra XUV500 from Bangalore. This XUV500, or as the owner calls it, the Intrepid, belongs to Zubair Abdulla of “Hot Zone Racing Technology” and took the top honours at the MOC Custom Car Show in Bangalore. Its got all the off-roading kit you’ll ever need and LED lights hiding in every possible part of the car. We take a good look at this modified Mahindra XUV500.

XUV500 INtrepid front angle

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The first thing you will notice are the humongous tires for which the wheel arches had to modified to make more space. It also gets contrasting red rims, a theme which is applied all around the INtrepid which is covered in matte black paint with red highlights. The front bumper has been modified to accomodate a winch and a couple of hooks along with extra headlamps. The original grille has been ditched in favour of a new one with horizontal slats, which so much better than the original. Maybe Mahindra could use it for the facelift. The grille also hides rows of red LED lights and there are more LEDs sitting right below the grille and even more LEDs in the grille below the “INtrepid” logo and a huge bar of LEDs at the top of the windshield and then there a few more roof mounted lights and more lights in the bumper and lets not forget the original projector units from the standard car. The bonnet gets multiple scoops lined with, surprise surprise, more LEDs. Frankly this car has enough lights and colour variations to light up an entire concert. Move on to the side and you’ll find a snorkel to help the car wade through deep water. There’s also some red metal tubing running along the upper window line possibly to protect the body, specifically the glass area from damage. At the back there is a huge bolt on jack, a ladder mounted with an extra fuel tank and more LED lights on the rear bumper. There is also an ill-fitting roof mounted spoiler, in case you suddenly come out of the mud trail on to a racetrack. And yes, even the spoiler gets LED lights.

XUV500 INtrepid rear

There aren’t many images available of the interiors, but based on what we see here there are probably extra readouts for the camber angle, direction, etc. The black-brown theme has been left untouched adding more equipment along with a new new odd-looking gear knob. We don’t have any information regarding the mechanical changes, but we sure hope they have gone all the way and made enough changes to give the INtrepid some serious off-road cred.

XUV500 INtrepid lights

The big tires, the black-red paint job and all that off-road paraphernalia make this modified Mahindra XUV500 very cool and certainly eye-catching. Sure, the ridiculous amount of LED lights is a bit of an overkill and the spoiler is as pointless as a car without tires, but it is a great effort nonetheless and we really hope they have paid as much attention to the mechanicals as they have to the exteriors.

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