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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo

World’s largest selling sedan has been given a comprehensive makeover complete with new looks, new features and more space. The new model will aim to carry forward the popular Dzire brand name, which has, over the years, cemented its position at the top of the compact sedan pile. Volkswagen, on the other hand, is the newest player in the segment with the Ameo. How do these two compact sedans compare with each other? Find out here in our New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo comparison. Also See- New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo Price Comparison

2017 Maruti Dzire Volkswagen Ameo
Ex-showroom Price Rs 5.45 Lakh to Rs 9.41 Lakh Rs. 5.53-9.88 lakh

Prices of the Dzire haven’t gone up by much apart from a Rs. 25,000 increment in the price of the base model. Top end diesel automatic trim costs 9.41 lakhs! In comparison, the Ameo is competitively priced with prices starting Rs. 5.53 lakh onwards. However, its top end diesel variants with the 7-speed DSG are quite pricey.

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo Specifications Comparison

New 2017 Maruti Dzire Volkswagen Ameo
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2 L Petrol, 1.3 L Diesel 1.2 L Petrol, 1.5 L Diesel
Power 83 bhp, 74 bhp 74 bhp, 108 bhp
Torque 115 Nm, 190 Nm 110 Nm, 250 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual/5-speed AMT, 5-speed manual/5-speed AMT 5-speed manual, 5-speed manual/7-speed AT
Mileage(claimed) 22 KMPL/28.4 KMPL 17.83 KMPL, 21.66 KMPL/ 21.73 KMPL

The petrol variant of the Ameo is down on power and torque. However, the 1.5 diesel engine powering the Ameo is way ahead of the Dzire’s 1.3 L unit. It also comes with VW’s slick 7-speed DSG automatic transmission. The Dzire, on the other hand, lets buyers chose between a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT. Volkswagen Ameo petrol does not get an automatic transmission option.

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo Mileage Comparison

New 2017 Maruti Dzire Volkswagen Ameo
Diesel 28.4 KMPL 21.73 KMPL/21.66 KMPL
Petrol 22 KMPL 17.83 KMPL

Since the new Dzire has lost some weight, it is even more fuel efficient than the model it replaces. Claimed figures for the diesel variant stand at 28.4 KMPL. When it comes to ARAI certified mileage figures, the Ameo is at a clear disadvantage. in fact, according to ARAI figures, Dzire petrol is more fuel efficient than Ameo Diesel. However, real world figures depend a lot on an individual’s driving style so, they might be closer.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo Features Comparison

Both cars get dual front airbags and ABS as standard fitment. They’re equally matched when it comes to the list of equipment on offer. There are certain features the new Dzire gets, which the Ameo misses out on like keyless entry and go, projector headlamps and LED DRLs. However, the Volkswagen Ameo comes with cruise control and rain sensing wipers, which are missing from the Dzire’s equipment list.

Dzire Ameo
Air Conditioner Type Automatic Climate Control Automatic Climate Control
Power Windows Yes (4) Yes (4)
Central Locking Keyless entry and go Remote Key
Steering Audio Controls Yes Yes
Audio System 7 inch Touchscreen Touchscreen
Airbags 2 2
ABS Yes Yes

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo Design Comparison

Both compact sedans display very contrasting design traits. While the new Dzire features curvy lines, the Ameo is all about straight sharp cuts. While the front end resembles the upcoming Swift, Maruti has done enough to set the Dzire apart. Since the development of the new Dzire happened alongside the new Swift, the designers were able to better integrate the boot into the hatchback’s design. Volkswagen too has done a decent job of fusing the boot into the Polo hatchback, but it doesn’t look as seamless as the Dzire, or the Vento for that matter.

Like the exterior, the interior of the Dzire is quite different from that of the Swift. It features a sport flat-bottom steering wheel. The centre console is every so slightly tilted towards the driver, making the cabin very driver-centric. The Ameo too gets a flat bottom steering wheel, which, without the faux wood insert, looks much more sporty. Volkswagen Ameo boasts very high levels of quality and fit and finish.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo Comparison- Dimensions

Dzire Ameo
Length 3995 mm 3995 mm
Width 1735 mm 1695 mm
Height 1515 mm 1525 mm
Wheelbase 2450 mm 2491 mm
Ground Clearance 163 mm 174 mm
Boot Space 378 litres 359 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity 37 litres 42 litres

The new Dzire is wider than the Ameo and also has more luggage space. VW Ameo offers higher ground clearance and a bigger fuel tank.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo Comparison – Verdict

The Ameo does well in many aspects. It is fun to drive, especially the 1.5 L Diesel. Dzire’s AMT gearbox is no match for VW’s dual clutch DSG transmission. However, VW can’t quite compete with the kind of faith Worldn car buyers have in Maruti Suzuki. Not yet, at least.

  • Price – The entry level trims of the Dzire and Ameo cost the same. Top end automatic diesel variant of the Ameo expensive.
  • Specifications – While the Ameo scores higher in terms of performance from the diesel motor, it the is Dzire’s 1.2 L petrol that makes for better reading in terms of specifications.
  • Features – Both cars get certain features the other doesn’t. So, they seem to be equally matched in this aspect. Both cars get dual front airbags and ABS as standard.
  • Design – The new Dzire certainly looks better than before and looks more upmarket too. Ameo is one of the better looking compact sedans out there.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire Video

Volkswagen Ameo Video Review

What do you think of our new 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Volkswagen Ameo comparison? Do let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to ContentWorld as we compare the new model Maruti Dzire 2017 with even more cars.

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