New Maruti Swift Brakes Problem Solved By ECU Software Upgrade


Maruti Suzuki World launched its new Maruti Swift 2011 in World in August 2011 and since then it is selling like hot cakes. The new Maruti Swift is one of the most popular hatchbacks in World with the diesel variants even more popular because of its high performance and torque along with high real-world fuel mileage of close to 20 KMPL. But lately, a lot of users of new Maruti Swift started facing a very peculiar and serious problems related to the brakes. As per our previous report– New Maruti Swift Brakes Don’t Work at Low Speeds and Half-Clutch driving. This problem has been there because of low vacuum in brake boosters at low engine RPM which is caused by half-clutch driving. Previously, Maruti Suzuki has denied to accept that this was a problem with the car, rather it mentioned on its official FB page that it was the problem related to half-clutch driving habits and it recommended the owners to not drive in half-clutch in bumper to bumper traffic. But there was lot of dissatisfaction in many owners because of the same as one can not change their driving habits for a car. As per the latest update, new Maruti Swift brake problem has been solved – fixed by ECU software upgrade.

New Maruti Swift Brakes Problem Solved

Solution To New Maruti Swift Brakes Not Working At Low Speed

Finally, after months of the problem being reported, Maruti Suzuki has finally come out with a solution. Although Maruti Suzuki has not officially announced anything on this to the media, but they car now ing the new Swift customers who have complained about the brakes in the past. They are updating the software of ECU which is a computer which controls the engine of modern MPFI and CRDI cars.

This news has been confirmed by our fellow blog CarToq’s member Toms Mathew whose car was called for the repair by Maruti dealership in Bangalore where they updated the ECU software which took roughly 15 minutes. After the software of the ECU was updated on the Swift car, the car was tested again with the half-clutch low speed driving and the problem disappeared.

Maruti seems to have re-programmed the ECU to keep the engine RPM from falling below Idle levels and this ensures that there is always enough vacuum with the brake boosters to allow power brakes to be effective all the times, even at the half-clutch driving time in bumper-to-bumper traffic. These problems have been fixed on Maruti Swifts in Bangalore and Kerela and we expect that these corrections will be done to all the cars with problems across World.

If you own a new Maruti Swift and are facing the same problem, you can call up the authorized service center of your area and ask them if they are fixing the problem as per the latest procedure? If so, you can get rid of the problem easily.

Interestingly, Maruti Suzuki is not officially recalling any cars in World. Since there is no mandatory recall procedures in World and there is only voluntary recall policy which gives manufacturers the choice to recall a car or not, there can be no legal binding for Maruti Suzuki to make a recall. Also since the ECU is being re-programed (as per the owners of fixed cars), it may require certification with ARAI again as this is a major change, so probably this is a reason why Maruti will avoid making an official recall on this. We will keep you posted on the details, stay tuned to ContentWorld.

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  1. I am resident of Bangalore got the New RITZ VXi(Petrol) got delivered on Jan 14, 2013. Later I am facing the same issue of break becoming in effective while driving on slow speed with half clutch. I have reported to Maruti and they have comeback stating that there is no ready software available for re-programming ECU. I am waiting for Maruti solution since 5 months (purchase of my vehicle), I am looking for any inputs if anyone found this problem with RITZ. Maruti tried replacing booster, but didn’t help us.

  2. I got my car in June 2012 and I experienced this problem too, after a year of owning the car the problem is increasing. Even after the services station worked on the issue it still persists. I feel very nervous driving my car in Chennai with my family.

  3. Hello Lokesh,

    Have you tried ing anyone other than personnel at the Maruti authorised service centres? They might be able to help.

  4. swift dzire has brake problem specially with lxi and vxi model. I have files a case against maruti Suzuki in consumer court regarding this problem. pl me and share your views that can help us in justice.

  5. Hi Kamal,

    I also have a swift dzire vxi model of the year 2013, & i am facing the same problem. Kindly advise if there has any solution come to this problem.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Hello group memenbers

    I am facing similar issues in swift ..

    Idle rpm in swift vxi is 650 after heating up..

    I am having issue that during half clutch in hilly areas the accelerator does not sensing and rpm not raising..

    Is anybody faced similar issues?

    Let me know ..

  7. I have a Dzire ZXi, and I am facing both issues discussed in this thread
    A. I have faced issues with the power delivery on hilly terrains, the car fails to rev up on half clutch on an incline
    B. I have experienced serious breaking issues in slow speed, especially in bumper to bumper traffic and sometime when backing up in reverse

    I think both these issues are related to the ECU, reinstalling the ECU software should resolve this. I am yet to take my car to the service center for getting this done.


  8. I am facing similar problem, brakes not effective on half clutch, when there is bumper to bumper traffic or while parking my car.

    Service centre has told me that they will re-program ECU.

  9. Im from Bengaluru and faced serious problem while coming back from OOTY , when i was on Hair pin curve suddenly breaks didnt worked , i controlled some how by reducing to 2nd gear.
    Breaks were only working when i used to do peddling break twice or thrice.
    After driving slowly for half an hour , breaks are normal and worked fine till Bengaluru.

    Please let me know who else faced same problem.

  10. Hi
    I’m also facing the same problem with the brakes getting hard..
    I went to the Service center told the same thing but they said it is not creating any problems we have checked.. But the same thing again..

    If anyone has any solution help me out..

    John Anthony

  11. Hi – I own a Dzire automatic transmission vxi (petrol) 2012 model. I also experience the same issue in low speed and suspect it could be related to ECU. In the past service centre changed the brake pads (even though it wasn’t needed), cleaned it, bleeded it etc. But the low speed brake problem persists. Looking at above thread, this seems like the same problem. Dealer acknowledged this to be an issue with Swift and Dzire, but says he confirmed with maruti local service manager in Bangalore it does not affect the auto transmission which I now doubt. Anybody else with AT facing similar problem or has any insights?

  12. Today, i givenmy vehicle for servicing zxi Swift maruti. The maruti offcials went round and round and finally agreed to look. They are looking to check the problem and upgrade the software. I always trusted MAruti brand and suggested to all my friends and relatives. MARUTI SERVICE ENGINEERS should be honest and treat the customers well.

  13. same here.. dzire vxi 2013 model. service center is not available with software and m waiting from last many months.

    If anyne comes up with solution please me or share with me

  14. Hi All,

    I also faced this break problem on sunday. Somehow escaped the physical damage as I was on slow speed. but really scared to drive again. is there any further news from Maruthi on this.


  15. I recently bought new swift LXI from delhi and I faced the same problem while I was parking my car.
    I managed to stop car using hand brakes. But its a very concerning point from all customers as safety is the major concern. I have a ABS in my car but I cant say why the problem is there. please keep me posted on this issue.


  16. Our company has 15 Maruti Ritz LXI (CNG) which we Bought in July 2015.
    These vehicles have been deployed as tourist vehicles. For the past one year I have been changing booster after booster and nothing seems to work. I am speaking with my legal team to serve Maruti with legal papers. There seems to be a major flaw in their design whereby during slow or traffic movement the brake pedal become hard and basically the vehicle does not stop moving even after deploying the brakes.
    The brakes do not work in traffic!!!!!
    I am hereby trying to ensure that there are no fatalities as a result of this issue. Be rest assured that if Maruti does not solve this issue immediately they will have a major class action law suit on hand.
    I am gathering as much information as possible. So please drop me a note with your issues.
    Maruti has a moral obligation to fix this issue!
    Please me for any additional information!

  17. Dear All,
    Thnaks for the inputs.I have a Maruti Ritz LXI(2010) model,wherein same braking problem is faced recently.
    At low speed ,the brake pedal becomes so hard that it cant be pressed.I had visited Maruti Service station in Gurgaon,but they advised me,that it is not a problem,as being encountered frequently.
    I am not satisfied with their response.You cant drive the vehicle confidentally.
    Then for second opinion,I got it checked up with a private service station,who told me that I need to change the booster,as it is not working properly and hence due to lack of vaccum,the brakes are jammed at low speed.
    I am not sure what should I do,pls. suggest.

  18. Friends…
    Nw here is the resolution..

    Pls go in to Maruti and have a software upgrade for the ECU..

    The issue is because engine at lower RPM is not creating sufficient vaccum for breaks,and this happens when AC is ON at lower RPMs. The solution is ,please upgrade to the latest version software in ECU,which can be done at Maruti…

  19. Facing brake failure problem on my swift dzire vxi model. Now i feel very much nervous taking out my car. Last week i was driving my car on hills and suddenly the brakes stopped working but somehow i managed to stop the car using handbrakes and downshifting gears. Very disappointing thing on such a reputed maruti car like swift.

  20. very same issue with my car………. mine swift vxi in 2013. While in Chandigarh i had never faced this issue because there are no such traffic jams as in Gurgaon. I am facing the break problem since 6 months from the day i have shifted to gurgaon. Shown to Maruti service centers many times. They told that there is no problem in brakes. Advised me to give gap between pressing break pedal.
    But in practice it is not possible to give the gap while car is moving in bumper to bumper situation. Very Unsafe with Swift VXi.. I will not recommend to go with Swift.

  21. Hii,

    I am also facing the same issue with my swift vxi , I feel very uncomfortable while driving my car in city area and that too with family it may lead to physical damage also. Once I have visited to the maruti service centre also but didn’t got any solution. Please suggest the needful.

    Bilaspur C.G

  22. Dear all,
    Please your nearest Maruti dealership for solving this issues for Swift,Dzire and Ritz.They will do the ECM reprogramming for this brake issues. Other than there is no any other options.In 2 years back first it was noticed for few cars and Maruti implemented solution to solve this issues.I know this cases very well because I am also working in Suzuki.