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Piaggio NT3 Cheap 3-Seater Car Against Tata Nano – Specifications Features & Price

Tata being the only manufacturer to come up with the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano has evoked the competitive instincts of some of the most potent manufacturers across the globe. Whether its Nissan, Mitsubishi or any other brand, everyone is working against the Tatas to develop the ultimate low cost vehicle perfect for the Common Man.

Piaggio is one of the leading two wheeler manufacturer but recently at the 2010 EICMA Motorcycle Show it went out of the box and revealed a 4 wheeler named Piaggio NT3 which is ready for a head-on collision with the Nano.


The NT3 is claimed to be the ultimate city car as it spacious and attractive enough to magnetize people around it. But if the Worldn market scenario is considered the car may not do much since it can accept 3 passengers at once and this type of seating arrangement is not existing in our market.

Specifications Of Piaggio NT3

Size: 2.4 meters length
Number of occupants: 3, driver seat at the middle (Auto-rickshaw seating arrangement)
Innovative Door Opening System

Safety: Space frame structure with crash box
Luggage Space: Passenger Seats are removable for cargo space

Engine options :
200 cc – Aimed for reduced ownership cost and fuel efficiency
300 cc – Technology is based on Piaggio Mp3 technology and provides brilliant performance
300 cc Hybrid – Internal Combustion Engine (80 kmph) + ZEV Electric motor (30 kmph)

Suspension Front: McPherson
Suspension Rear: ‘Omega’

Features Of Piaggio NT3

The cabin is wide enough to accommodate three passengers at a time alike the arrangement seen in Mclaren F1.

Despite its small size, the Piaggio NT3 is quite safe thanks to the cell for the protection of a tubular structure and the standard equipment which includes the airbag.

Price Of Piaggio NT3

The car is speculated to be priced between Rs.1.5 Lakh to Rs. 2 Lakh when brought to World.



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