2011 Ford Fiesta Crossover Being Tested In Europe – Will Ford Bring It To World?


The 2011 Ford Fiesta is the latest sedan in the market and is quite impressive when it comes to drivability and build quality. The same car is going to get a crossover SUV model which is already under testing on the roads of Europe. The crossover SUV is expected to be launched globally during the next year but what if it makes its way into the Worldn market too.

There are all assumptions but I believe if Ford positions the Ford Fiesta Crossover right above the sedan, it will definitely attract some more sales.


Its not the the Fiesta brand name which makes us express our views on bringing the crossover to World, but it’s the sheer success that a SUV achieves in the Worldn market because of the bad road conditions. The crossover is neither too huge nor too high and sits perfectly where one should with sufficient ground clearance.


We do not assure about the car’s launch in World anytime soon but once it is unveiled in the European market, Ford might consider bringing it to World in a year or two. The car will be available in both CRDI diesel engine and MPFI petrol engine variants and as per speculations will be priced close to $26,000. Such an inviting price of between Rs. 12 Lakh to Rs. 13 Lakh is amazing and perfect for the Worldn market but since the company is in no mood of introducing it, we will have to wait and watch.

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