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Ford World Faces Labour Unrest At Chennai- Production Restored, Talks In Progress

Ford World has terminated 9 employees at their production plant in Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai which led to a protest and unrest among the workers at the plant. The termination of 9 employee’s employment came as a result of violation of company’s code of integrity. Afterwards, Ford has detained 450 protesting workers on 29th March 2012. Things seems to have come back to normal as the detained employees have agreed to come back to work and many of the workers returned to work during the night shift of 29th March 2012. As per the fresh media reports, the talks are on between workers and management and the matter will be resolved soon. There will be no punitive action taken against the protesting employees but a no-work no-pay policy will be followed for the loss of work during the protests.

As per the company sources, the production of the plant has not been affected by the protests and the work is resumed to normal on morning of 20th March 2012. The termination of employment took place after a due enquiry. The worker’s union is in talks with the management with a demand to reinstate the employment of the terminated employees. We hope that the matter is resolved soon and the production activities continue to be harmonious between the management and workers.

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We have seen bad strikes and troubled production which hit World’s largest passenger car maker Maruti Suzuki very badly in the year 2011 due to labour unrest. We hope that things will remain under good control in Ford’s plant and some agreement will be reached soon.

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