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Renault Captur vs Renault Duster – COMPARISON!

Renault World, the Worldn subsidiary of the popular French car company, will soon launch the highly awaited Captur SUV. In all probability, the new 2017 Renault Captur World launch date will fall in October this year, just in time for Diwali! Of course, the new Renault SUV in World will cost more than the Duster. It will rival two really well-established models in its price bracket- the Hyundai Creta and the Mahindra XUV500. Of the two, the Creta will become a more direct rival to the new European SUV. However, there will be even a slight price overlap between the Duster and the new Capture SUV. While the starting price of the Duster is much lower than that of the Captur, its top-end models will cost close to the entry-level models of the new Renault SUV. Hence, due to this price overlap, we have decided to compare the two SUVs in this post here to give all of you a good idea of how these two hugely capable models stack up against each other. So check out our Renault Captur Vs Renault Duster price, specs, mileage, features, and dimensions comparison.

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Like we just said, these two won’t become direct rivals. While both these SUVs are five-seaters, the new Renault SUV will cost much more than the Duster. Of course, it has larger dimensions, too. However, the entire point of our comparison here is to check out if the new Kaptur SUV is really all that better than the already well-sorted Duster.

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Renault Captur Vs Renault Duster Price

Models Minimum Price (ex-showroom) Maximum Price (ex-showroom)
Renault Captur 12 Lakh 15 Lakh
Renault Duster 8.92 Lakh 13.45 Lakh

Like you can see in the comparison table above, the Captur will be significantly costlier than the Duster. We are expecting a starting price of roughly Rs 12 lakh. The fully-loaded model could have a sticker price of somewhere around Rs 15 lakh. The Renault Duster, on the other hand, has a starting price of Rs 8.92 lakh and its top-end model costs Rs 13.45 lakh. Hence, these two won’t directly rival each other. But there is a definite price lap between the mid- and low-level trims of the Captur and the high-level trims of the Duster.

We are pretty sure that there will be many prospective buyers of the Captur who would want to instead go for the fully-loaded Duster models. In this case, however, there will be even many high-end Duster buyers who would want to instead opt for entry-level Kaptur due to its modern European looks, more premium interior, and re-tuned engines.

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Renault Captur Vs Renault Duster Specifications

Specs Renault Captur Renault Duster
Engine 1.5-litre H4K Petrol; 1.5-litre K9K Diesel 1.5-litre H4K Petrol; 1.5-litre K9K Diesel
Power 105 BHP; 108 BHP 105 BHP; 84 BHP, 108 BHP
Torque 142 Nm; 240 Nm 142 Nm; 200 Nm, 245 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT, 6-speed MT 5-speed MT, CVT; 6-speed, 6-speed AMT

In terms of specifications, there is no clear winner in this comparison. Both the Duster and the Captur will come with the same set of engines. However, we expect the Captur’s engines to be re-tuned to offer better drivability and probably marginally more mileage. A point to note here, however, is that for the Duster, the 1.5 K9K motor can be bought in two states of tune – 84 BHP and 108 BHP. Hence, in a lower state of tune, the engine returns a higher average mileage at the cost of performance. Let’s have a look at the mileage comparison in the next section of this story.

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Even the transmission options for both the Renault models are the same. These include a 5-speed MT for the petrol, and a 6-speed MT for the Diesel.

Renault Captur Vs Renault Duster Mileage

Model Renault Captur Renault Duster
Petrol Mileage 15 KMPL 15 KMPL
Diesel Mileage 20 KMPL 22 KMPL

As the motors for the new Renault SUV here come from the Duster, we expect the two to offer similar mileage figures. The petrol models of both the SUVs here will return an average mileage of around 15 KMPL. The Diesel models, on the other hand, will offer roughly 20 KMPL. A point to note here is that the Duster’s Diesel engine comes in two states of tune – 108 BHP and 84 BHP. The less powerful motor offers around 22 KMPL. Hence, if you compare this Diesel version with the Captur, it will offer slightly more mileage.

Renault Captur Vs Renault Duster Dimensions

Dimensions Renault Captur Renault Duster
Length 4,333 mm 4,315 mm
Width 1,813 mm 1,822 mm
Height 1,613 mm 1,695 mm
Wheelbase 2,674 mm 2,673 mm
Seating Capacity 5 5
Boot Space 392-litres 475-litres

If you compare the dimensions, it is very easy to see that the Captur isn’t a much larger vehicle than the Duster. On the contrary, it falls slightly short in some areas. However, we are sure that it will offer a much better interior packing, which will lead to more space for the passengers. No wonder then, that, the company plans to position it half a segment above its existing small SUV. The Captur might not offer much larger dimensions, but it will definitely have more passenger space inside the cabin. Also, unlike the Duster, the Captur will offer generous leg space for the passengers at the rear. All this will come at the cost of boot space. With the rear bench in place, the Captur will have a boot space of just 387-litres. The Duster offers 475-litres of luggage space.

Renault Captur VS Renault Duster Features

Features Renault Captur Renault Duster
Auto Projector Headlamps Yes No
Touchscreen Infotainment Yes Yes
Multi-function Steering Wheel Yes Yes
Electric Folding ORVMs Yes Yes
Sunroof No No
Apple CarPlay No No
Android Auto No No
Satellite Navigation Yes Yes
Rear Wash/Wipe Yes No
Rear AC Vents Yes No
Leather Upholstery Yes Yes
Keyless Entry Yes No
Push Button Start Yes No
Foldable Rear Seat Yes Yes

While the Captur offers a long list of features, the Duster fall short in some aspects. Both the models offer bits like a touchscreen infotainment unit that has satellite navigation and Bluetooth. However, neither the Duster nor the new Renault SUV get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The Duster also misses out on a push button start and keyless entry. Even other features like rear wash/wipe are conspicuous by their absence on the Duster. None of the models here offer a sunroof. While not a deal breaker, Worldn car buyers seem to have warmed up to the idea of having this feature. While of questionable practicality in a hot country like others, sunroofs do enhance the aesthetics a fair bit. The Captur is the clear winner of our comparison here.

Renault Captur VS Renault Duster Safety Features

Safety Features Renault Duster Hyundai Creta
Dual Front Airbags Yes Yes
ABS with EBD Yes Yes
Disc Brakes on All 4 Wheels No No
ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors Yes No
Central Locking Yes Yes
Reverse Parking Camera Yes Yes
Day/Night IRVM Yes Yes
Rear Defogger Yes Yes
Reverse Parking Sensors Yes Yes

Well, both the SUVs here offer safety features like ABS with EBD, it’s the Captur which offers a bit more. Other than offering dual front airbags, rear defogger and reverse parking sensors, the new Renault SUV even offers reverse parking sensors and ISOFIX child seat. . None of the two SUVs offer disc brakes on all four wheels or a full quota of at least six airbags.

Renault Captur VS Renault Duster Exterior & Interior Comparison

Well, in terms of design, the two SUVs here are poles apart from each other. While both the SUVs come from the same French car manufacturer, it’s worth a mention here that the two are generations apart. While the Duster is all about straight lines and a slightly boxy silhouette, the Captur looks far sleeker and much more modern. The Duster, thanks to its in-your-face front facade, has a bold design. The Captur, on the other hand, gets a slightly MPV-ish look. The Captur is all about sleekness and European flair. While both these models have an aggressive stance, it is the Duster, with its old school SUV looks, that looks more rugged.

The same can be said for the interior. While the Captur offers cleaner surfaces and a flowy design, the Duster’s interior design is all about straight lines and a slightly rugged look. The Captur’s cabin has more features and will offer more space, especially at the rear. The Duster enjoys a larger boot though.

You can go for the Captur if you’re looking for something sleek and easy on the eye. The Renault Duster looks more SUV-ish and a tad bolder. Overall, it looks like it will better to opt for a low- or mid-level trim of the Captur over the Duster. So, what do you think of our Renault Captur Vs Renault Duster comparison? Do you want us to compare any other parameter? Let us know by penning your thoughts in the comments section below.

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