Tata Pixel Concept Car At Auto Expo 2012


Tata Motors has showcased many concept cars at the Auto Expo 2012 including the Tata Nano CNG, Tata Manza Hybrid, Vista Sports concept etc. We have already covered a detailed news on Tata Nano CNG here, in this article we will talk of another big stunner and head-turner at Tata Motors Stall – Tata Pixel. Tata Pixel is based on a Tata Nano platform and is a very futuristic car. Tata Motors has exhibited this concept for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011. The Tata Pixel (Tata Nano Pixel) concept is powered by a powerful 1.2 Litre 3 cylinder turbocharged engine with high fuel economy and low exhaust emission.


image – Tata Nano Pixel at Auto Expo 2012

Tata Motors has displaced this concept to gather people’s reaction towards this car and also to exhibit it technical competency as a global player in the automobile space. Nano Pixel is a spacious 4 seater car with modern technologies, smart interface and a very unique Zero Turn toroidal traction-drive Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT).


image – Tata Nano Pixel at Auto Expo 2012


image – Tata Nano Pixel at Auto Expo 2012


image – Tata Nano Pixel at Auto Expo 2012


image – Tata Nano Pixel at Auto Expo 2012


image – Tata Nano Pixel Interiors at Auto Expo 2012

Tata Nano Pixel Small Car (3)Tata Nano Pixel Small Car (1)

Tata-Nano-Pixel-Small-Car-2Tata Nano Pixel Small Car (4)

Tata Nano Zero Turn Drive Pixel Video Demo

Tata Motors may launch Tata Pixel in World in coming years as a strip down variant or like an aspirational iconic car just for branding purposes. So far there is no information on if or when the Tata Nano Pixel will be launches in World. We hope to see such smart cars on Worldn roads as they make lot of sense for Worldn driving conditions.

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