Buying Pre-Owned – Tata Nano Vs Maruti 800


Spec Sheet Comparison – Used Tata Nano vs Maruti 800

Tata Nano, unveiled at Auto Expo 2008, came with a lot of promise. It had the potential to become the next Maruti 800, but somehow failed to click with the masses and was unable to match the likes of the Alto 800 and  other rivals despite being cheaper and more affordable to run. Since the Maruti 800 is no longer on sale the only option with a budget of 2 lacs is the Tata Nano if you’re looking to buy new.  However, if you decide to buy used, then there are plenty of examples of both the 800 and the Nano in the 60,000-80,000 range. So how do the two compare with each other in terms of price, looks, features, etc? Find out here in our Used Tata Nano vs Maruti 800 Comparison.

used tata nano vs maruti 800


In terms of design, the Tata Nano looks more modern than the 800. It’s overly round exterior may not appeal to everyone, but it is certainly better than the very 80s exterior of the Maruti 800. Alos, the curvy exterior helps maximise interior space, which is one of the USPs of the Tata Nano.

Even on the inside, the 800 feels generations older than the Nano, which it actually is. The Nano’s cabin has more space and uses a more pleasing colour scheme. However, the 800 does have a certain old world charm to its designs and well-maintained examples still look very pretty.



Tata Nano’s 624 cc engine churns out a Maximum power of 33 BHP as compared to Maruti 800’s 37 BHP. But the catch is Tata Nano weighs only 580 Kg compared to Maruti 800’s weight which is 660 Kg. So if we compare the power to weight ratio Tata Nano is at 0.057 BHP / Kg and Maruti 800 at 0.056 BHP / Kg. It means, the feel of power of Tata Nano will be almost equal to Maruti 800’s feel. In terms of  noise and harshness, the Maruti 800 beats Tata Nano. Tata Nano becomes quite Noisy at speeds above 60 Km/hr. Reason being, that the engine is rear mounted and noise insulation is not that great. Second reason being the low capacity engine in Tata Nano (624 CC) compared to Maruti 800 (800 CC), the engine of Nano has to put in more effort for extracting out more power in lesser engine displacement.

Tata Nano Maruti 800
Displacement 624 cc 796 cc
Power 33 BHP 37 BHP
Torque 48 Nm 59 Nm
Efficiency 20 kmpl 15-16 kmpl
Transmission 4-speed MT 4-speed MT
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3099 x 1495 x 1620 mm 3335 x 1440 x 1405 mm
Tata Nano Automatic AMT Version (5)
Nano’s 624 cc Engine


Tata Nano beats Maruti 800 in Fuel efficiency. Two reasons for this – it has less capacity engine, which means that it runs at close to its higher engine speeds mostly ( which improves fuel efficiency) and second that it has been designed taking into consideration of Euro 5 norms, which means a really fuel efficient engine.

In comparison, Maruti 800 delivers a mileage of approx. 15 to 18 KM / litre and Tata Nano delivers approx. 20 Km/Litre.


When launched, the base variants of Tata Nano were priced at about  Rs. 1.3 Lakh (on-road). Maruti 800, when new, was priced at INR 1.95 lacs. Which means that when we compare used models of both cars that are the same age, the Nano turns out to be cheaper. Well maintained 5-6-year-old examples of both cars can be bought for around INR 60-80,000. From a long-term perspective, the Nano, since it is still in production and will continue being in production for years, makes more sense as the availability of spares and after sales will not be an issue.

Tata Nano Vs Maruti 800 – Verdict

Design – It’s the Tata Nano’s Modern curvy shape vs the boxy, old world charm of the Maruti 800. The Nano offers more space and has better interiors.

Features – Basic necessities such as AC, power steering are available in both the Nano and the 800.

Specifications – Although the Nano has a smaller engine, its light weight nature ensures it is at par with the Maruti 800 in terms of performance. Nano’s mileage better than the 800’s.

Price – Well maintained 5-6-year-old examples of the Tata Nano and Maruti 800 can be had for INR 60,000-80,000.


What do you say about our Used Tata Nano vs Maruti 800 comparison? Do let us know by commenting below. Stay tuned to ContentWorld for more posts like the Tata Nano vs Maruti 800 comparison post that we have here.

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  1. Nice work dude!!!
    good comparison specially the BHP & mileage one.

    To add to this….rear engine make the expelling of smoke & other pollutants much easier & efficient.

  2. A fantastic piece of information to whet the appetites of NANO enthusiasts.Realllllly well done!!!!!!!!

  3. to add to all this, NANO HAS lot of first to its credit-

    1) First car to file for 34 patents

    2) First passenger car to have all aluminium body engine

    3)first passenger car to have 2 cylinder engine mounting

    @Rohit , dont u feel rear mounted engine will pose problems durinf sharp turns as I have heard these r most common incidents of sports cars which have rear mounted engines

  4. @Shankar

    I feel the rear mounted engine will not cause stability problems. For racing cars, the speeds are way too high.

  5. Any Way Waiting for Nano Car to come on the road and let us see what happen.

    As a good businessman wait for 6 months to save the more money.

    after all it is a indian car. we cant say much more.

  6. Two and a half months back I purchased Maruti 800 Uniq. It is a wonderfull car. People working for Maruti is also good. Well about Nano – people reading this mail should keep one thing in mind and that is buying any car is as good as buying a elegphant and to maintain it is difficult. If the servicing etc. has to be done in three months it should be three months and not more than that. More than that means you will spoil your cars life. So before buying, please think whether you can afford it or not in future then only go for it otherwise….. What exactly I want to convey is if you can afford to buy a car then please remember that there are many more expenses you will have to bear after that and be prepared for that too….. Nothing more – bye and have a happy buying… Rani

  7. Rightly Said,

    A point to add, there is differnce between the front wheel and rear wheel size, and stepny is provided only for one.
    Moreover one needs to open his front bonnet to get the petrol in.

    Rest assured Tata Nano is cool, very asthetic.

  8. how i wish tata nano car would be available here in philippines in near future.. is it posible? I was hoping that someday this car would be here and im sure that i’m ONE of the MILLION filipinos would purchase that car.

  9. In Tata Nano how much long drive can be in one attempt.
    Is Tata Nano is suitable for hill journey with 300 kg weight
    Please reply and mail immediately

  10. I bought a maruti 800 two years ago and i ‘ ve done over 75000km.except basic maintainces,
    I haven’t spend a single rupee for engine or other materials.Still it goes smoothly and it gives me the pleasure of riding just like the first day i bought it.So i’m just asking you to think twice before you buy a car and choose what best for you rather than reading anyone’s comments

  11. i agree to rani buying is easy at once but maintainence and other things like spare parts and other things should be cost friendly

  12. I have my maruti 800, its really maintenance free vehicle.
    This model is having 25 years history, still it is selling like hot cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nano can’t Beat Maruti 800 even in cost effectiveness. Ultimately it’s all value for your money you are paying. You can buy a metal at very low cost but you cannot by gold below a specific prise.

    I woned Maruti 800 for past 4 years. Recently I exchanged the same at M true value. Got a good prise. Till the last day I was happly driving. I expect the second woner would also be very happy with the same.

  14. I think nano is a good car but, is it equal in power with maruti800? Is this car suitable for long journey? what is the millage?

  15. Whatever could be the technical reasons, Maruti 800 is an icon while Nano has never reached its potential whatever it was assumed

  16. See first of all we we talk about the engines, Janapise engines are famous for zero maintenance. You can take example of Honda, you can blindly buy japanise car. Similarly Maruti Suzuki (Suzuki) is also a Japanise company, so zero or less maintenance is obvious.
    At the same time you can not ignore about Tata as they are thinking to launch in country like US. It means they need to be very concious related to all securities majors.
    As per the new norms Maruti 800 is not more to be in production but obviously remained as king of World roads.

    We also need to take think on the re-sale of Nano, which would be of very less or no re-sale value by looking the condition of other Tata models.


    The Nano has been crash tested and exceeds Worldn crash test standards. The slightly modified European Nano has been crash tested to the latest European standards and passed with flying colours. It is likely to get a 4 star EuroNCAP rating better than most cars in Europe out of a maximum possible 5 stars.

    Maruti 800 has not been crash tested, and will not comply with the new Worldn crash tests requirements being brought out in 2011, which is why it will be phased out soon in World.

  18. whatever TATA Nano definitely have a better design and great shape in to drive……Even the price tag of around 1 lac attracting car buyers…….Maruti must think of bringing new one in cheaper price category……

  19. I’ll give it a 5/10 for drive comfort.

    I own one for 10 months now. Door noise and dashboard noise are horrible.
    It irritates while driving.
    The service guys have tried to fix this 9 times and they could not.

    Too much feedback from the road. I can feel every small pebble that the tyre goes on to on my steering wheel.

  20. Btw, 1.3L is the ex showroom price of base model.
    On-road is 1.59L

    I bought the Lx which costed 2.13L onroad + got some custom leather seats + door/bumper protectors + dark windows…….. totalling 2.3 L ( I don’t have a music system yet).

    Can you imagine? It is actually not a cheap car.

  21. I want to buy a car. My budge is 2 lakh. Should I got for Nano, maruti 800 or any other second hand car? I feel if i go for second hand car, I need to spend money every month for the mantainance.

  22. @roshan
    Both Maruti 800 and Nano are good, don’t buy a second hand car. For your budget, Nano will be a better option.

  23. Hi its good comment and it would lead me to buy a nano car………………….
    i hope your service alway……

  24. At first, congratulations for writing a non biased feedback about Nano and at second thank you for drawing a fact based comparison of Nano vs 800. Applaudable piece of


    I am driving the super mini, Nano since Feb 2011; bought a Nano LX, BS4 version on Champagne Gold in Kochi for 2.22 Lakhs on road. The primary reason I have cornered a

    Nano as my office commute car is the fuel efficiency of 23.6 km/litre as quoted by Automotive Research Association of World (ARAI). The secondary reason is the

    compactness and turning radius.

    I was planning on a diesel car [Fabia/Polo/Swift] when my previous car which was a 1.1L middle segment peppy petrol hatchback from the stable of Maruti put on sale was

    sold for a reasonable price before I have booked the diesel machine.

    Since the search and decision on cornering a diesel hatchback was not yet laid down; I thought of going in for a second car [considering the diesel as first] for my

    family and my office commutes and considered only the basic cars such as Nano, Alto and Spark. 800 never came into my mind since Maruti has started discontinuing it

    from metros and would eventually be phased out. I am a fan of Alto K10 but not the non-K series, but the K10 VXi I was looking for comes @ 3.40 onroad. I was looking at

    the 3 years free maintenance of the Spark but the real time mileage Spark delivers is on an average of 10 to 14 [in my friends car] and since I have driven the Spark

    for quite a lot of kms, Spark did not come into my list and also it was beyond my budget for the second car into the family.

    When my ex-beauty returned an average mileage of 15 to 17 km/litre with AC ON all the time, the new Nano delivered 18 to 20 kmpl in the city with AC on all the time and

    24 to 25 on highways when we went on a 400 kms round trip on the second day of delivery. Though the car has cheap plastics and everything including the seat fabrics are

    basic, my family liked the space inside the car. My dad liked the mileage it returned. But the issues with Nano are: comfort [bumby head shaking rides on uneven

    surfaces], filling in fuel by opening the bonnet is an overhead for daily usage, doors closes only when force thugged, power steering [migrating from a power steered

    vehicle to a non powered steer wheel was a pain for my style of driving with cornering and drifting. seriously a thing they should introduce!]. But the things I like

    about Nano are never ending:- 1) Compactness which eases parking and driving in approach roads and kochi city traffic. 2) 4M turning radius [the least and best in

    class] is a real good thing. Trust me. 3) The HVAC is powerful. Cools pretty fast even though the car has a bigger comapartment. When HVAC of Suzukhi Wagon R takes a

    little longer to coolen its compartment due to the size Nano which has relatively equivalent inner space cools down the compartment pretty faster. 4) I liked the fog

    lamps. Headlamps are powerfull. 5) The stability when driving @ 100 is also a good thing. 5) We all know that Central locking is no more a luxury, but a basic feature.

    CAUTION: The drum power brakes + the smaller footprint of the front tyres makes it hard to stop the vehicle when at speeds higher than 80 kmph.

    Suggestions to Tata to make Nano a better product:-
    1) LHS rear view mirror
    2) Front OR Rear disk brakes
    3) Power steering
    4) A glove box
    5) Outer petrol filler. Currently it’s inside the bonnet.
    6) A tool box which can carry the jackey can be provided in the bonnet itself. It is right now beneath the co-driver seat.
    7) The battery has to be safely placed inside the bonnet to make it out of view of kids in the passenger compartment.
    8) A bigger mobile holder on all 4 doors.

    Tata can very well come up with a higher version (VX) which can be fully loaded. I am sure there will be lot of customers for that if pricing is done with caution. Say

    2.4 on road for the extra features would be fine.

  25. I own a Maruthi 800 nd itz jst osum XD !
    REaches 110 Km/Hr with Less effort ! Trust me ! STill it gives abt 16 km\ltr!
    Tata Nano’s engine is Inferior wen compared to M 800 !
    Less Price Means Compromising ON QUALITY !
    😉 !

  26. I drove nano from Jodhpur to Jaipur (340 KM). A comfortable ride at a cruising speed of 70 Km/Hr! AC worked very well.

  27. Nano aint for speed runs. But is a great car. For city runs. A car enthusiasts second car. Nevertheless it can be a first car too. Nano project was all about bringing dignity to the middle class of World. To bring mobility. A dream of Ratan Tata and an innovation from World and a breakthrough in automobile industry. Base version of Nano is priced at almost half the price of 800. It’s an inexpensive car. And all the people I know who owns Nano have bought it because of various fancy factors than its spec.

  28. @Yuvaraj, you cannot compare the peppiness of a Suzukhi engine with the harshness of a 2 cylinder indigenously developed Tata engine still equipped with the international standar Bosch ECU. Test drive a Nano. Nano aint to trade with a 800. Maruthi Cervio is on the leageu. Bajaj, Renault and few other major players are also in this line of business – the basic car with 600 s cubic capacity engines. Nano was just the start of the game and a winner time being. The first of the Alto’s had 600+ cc engines. Nano Pixel is a great thing to look forward to as well. All praise for Nano which has done what Ford could not do with Model-T or Volkswagen could not do with Beatle; i.e., A car for just 1.5 Lakhs

  29. when you go for long drives in nano its very uncomfortable and noisy on highways…you cannot compare maruti800 and nano in terms of power and stability…maruti800 is very comfortable for long drives and gives yo really noise free condtn inside…nano gives out lots of noise when yo go above the speed of 50…dat make u really un comfortable during long drives…

  30. Do u believe Nano to be a car??Its just a four wheeled auto with features of a car.Apart from emission norms it has no comparison with maruti 800

  31. Tata nano is more better than 800. I have used 800 earlier and now purchased nano 2 years ago. I m happy to drive it. Its more comfortable than 800 and also giving 23 kmpl on AC. I have driven it on hill area and continues driven for 800km. Best car for a middle man. More space and average than 800. Go for it.mechanic wll not say you to purchase it coz they have little problem while repairing due to back side engine while 800 have front side open engine . So dont ask machanic about it. Just go for it.