Toyota Corolla Altis 2011 New Model With 7 Speed Super CVT-I Automatic Transmissions


Toyota Corolla Altis 2011 new model which is due for its launch in May 2011 comes with minor cosmetic changes and a major change in the automatic transmission technology. The minor cosmetic changes in the Corolla Altis 2011 will be the new front grille design, new front bumper and headlamp cluster. The tail lamps will also be refreshed on the new model. Overall the cosmetic makeover is going to be minor.

The major makeover happens in the drive-train of the new Altis 2011. The new Altis gets the Toyota Super CVT-I (intelligent CVT automatic transmission). The engine will be the same as the present 1.4 Litre CRDI Diesel engine of the Toyota Corolla Altis Diesel and 1.8 Litre VVTI MPFI Petrol engine of the Altis Petrol.


What Is New In Altis 7 Speed Super CVT-i Transmission?

The Super CVT-I 7 speed automatic transmission of the Corolla Altis 2011 varies in functionality from the conventional 4-speed torque converter based automatic transmission gearbox you find in the conventional corolla automatic.

The ideal CVT system works on infinite gear ratios which vary continuously over wide range and give a low loss transmission performance. The conventional automatic with fluid based torque converter transmission causes some losses, so its not very fuel efficient. However the CVT may also cause some practical problems and slip in due to the nature of the transmission mechanism. To overcome the disadvantages of these two system, Toyota has developed a 7-Speed CVT-I transmission which is not the ideal implementation of the CVT, but it makes use of 7 gears controlled on which the gear shift is intelligently controlled by a control system to keep the engine RPM of the car in the optimum range for superior fuel efficiency and power response of the car.

Below is a small video which shows the comparison of the new Super CVT-I with the conventional 4-gear automatic transmission of Corolla:

We hope to get our hands on the new Corolla soon, we will bring you detailed feedback and review as we get to drive the new car. Till then stay tuned by signing up for our and liking out .

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