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Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour [COMPARED!]

Toyota Fortuner Vs Ford Endeavour compares two of World’s largest selling premium, full-sized off-road SUVs against each other in this spec based report. We pitch these cars against each other on a variety of different parameters.

The Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour are two of the leading premium off-roader in World. Throughout their generations, these luxury 4×4 have ruled the segment and our hearts wide their versatility and capabilities. While at the same time providing a premium travelling experience. These blue-blooded SUVs are currently running it’s their latest generation updates and is available with even more features than before. Not only this, but they also feature some pretty impressive off-road technology which can help you scale almost any difficult terrain. In this report, we compare The SUVs against each other on the basis of a number of different parameters.

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Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour – Price Comparison

Toyota Fortuner Ford Endeavour
Minimum Price Rs 25.92 Lakh Rs 23.78 Lakh
Maximum Price Rs 31.12 Lakh Rs 30.89 Lakh

The Endeavour is available with two engines – 2.2-litre and 3.2-litre. The 2.2-litre model has a starting price of less than Rs 24 lakh, which enables the Endeavour range to start much lower than the Fortuner models. Hence, this goes a long way in wooing the budget conscious. In comparison, the Fortuner gets a petrol and a Diesel engine option. The Diesel range starts only at Rs 27.52 lakh. Now, SUV buyers prefer a Diesel engine and hence, what happens is that the Fortuner Diesel commands a significant price premium over the Endeavour. Those looking for a Petrol SUV have no choice but to opt for the Fortuner as the Endy doesn’t offer a petrol mill. new toyota fortuner vs ford endeavour images 1

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour – Specifications Comparison

Toyota Fortuner Specifications Ford Endeavour Specifications
Engine Type 2.7 L Petrol/2.8 L Diesel Engine 2.2 L Diesel/3.2 L Diesel
Maximum Power 164 BHP/175 BHP Max. Power 158 BHP/197 BHP
Peak Torque 250 Nm/450 Nm Peak Torque 385 Nm/470 Nm
Transmission 5 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic/6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic Transmission 6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic
4×4 No/Yes 4×4 Yes/Yes

On comparing the specifications of the two SUVs here, it’s clearly evident that the Endeavour outclasses the Fortuner on many counts. While the entry-level Endeavour holds the advantage of a Diesel’s heart, the top-end Endy, when compared to the Fortuner Diesel, holds a power and displacement advantage.

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New Fortuner likely to share its engines with the Innova Crysta

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour – Dimensions

New Toyota Fortuner New Ford Endeavour
Length  4,795 mm Length  4,893 mm
Width  1,855 mm Width  1,862 mm
Height  1,835 mm Height  1,836 mm
Wheelbase  2,750 mm Wheelbase  2,850 mm
Ground Clearance  193 mm Ground Clearance  225 mm

Once again, the Endeavour outclasses the Fortuner. The latest Endeavour is not only longer, wider and taller, but also enjoys a higher ground clearance. The new Endeavour is definitely brawnier among the two.

new toyota fortuner vsford endeavour

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour – Features

Both the SUVs are fairly kitted out. However, we are sad about Endeavour missing out on features like a push-button start.

The new Endeavour offers features like

  • Bi-Xenon Automatic Projector Headlamps
  • LED DRLs
  • Projector Headlamps
  • 20-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • 8-way Power Adjustable Front Seats
  • Driver’s Knee Airbag
  • Electric Tailgate
  • Front Parking Sensors
  • Rear View Camera
  • Rear Differential Lock
  • 6 Airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Cruise Control
  • Hill descent control

The Fortuner offers features like –

  • Bi beam Projector units with LED daytime running lights
  • LED tail lamps
  • Touchscreen with navigation
  • Downhill Assist Control
  • Hill Assist Control
  • Active Traction Control
  • Power and Eco driving modes
  • 7 Airbags
  • ABS with EBD,
  • Brake Assist
  • Push Button Start

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour – Design Review

The new Ford Endeavour is marginally bigger than the new Toyota Fortuner. Not only this, the Endeavour has also looks more daunting. Another important factor behind the more imposing stance is the higher ground clearance. While the latest Ford Endeavour looks like a typical American SUV, the new Toytoa Fortuner is all about sleek, sharp lines and a typically Asian design. Looks are subjective to personal tastes, but honestly, we prefer the Endeavour over the Fortuner here. Due to its modern yet butch looks, the Ford Endeavour enjoys more street presence. Also, the Endeavour looks more rugged by virtue of its design.

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That said, we do like the new Fortuner for some of its design details. For instance, the sleek headlamps, the floating roof are quick to grab eyeballs. However, it is just that the new Fortuner lacks the rugged, in-your-face appeal of the Endeavour.

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour – Interior Comparison

Again, the interiors of the two models are in sync with their exterior. While the Endeavour’s interior boasts a clean design and has a premium yet a slightly rugged feel to it, the Fortuner’s interior is all about sharp creases and curves. Both the SUVs offer quality materials and a long list of features, but the Endeavour surprisingly misses out on Push Button Start/Stop. We do like the new Fortuner’s interior, but we would still prefer the cabin of the Endeavour for its cleaner design and a slightly more upmarket feel. Both the SUVs here come with three rows of seats. However, the last row is fairly cramped in both the Endeavour and the Fortuner.

new toyota fortuner vs ford endeavour images 1

Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour Comparison – Verdict

Price- The new Ford Endeavour holds a definite price advantage over the Fortuner.

Specifications- The Endy offers two diesel engines, while the Fortuner offers a petrol and a Diesel engine. With the majority of SUV buyers opting for a Diesel’s heart, the Endeavour ends up offering a wider range of options to prospective customers.

Dimensions- The Endeavour is slightly bigger than the Fortuner. However, what’s important to note here is that the Ford offering also enjoys a higher ground clearance than its Toyota counterpart.

Design- While the design is a matter of personal taste, we choose the Endeavour over the Fortuner for its more rugged appearance and a more upmarket feel.

Okay, it gets really hard to point out flaws with either of the SUVs here. The new Fortuner is a vast improvement over the earlier model. It looks much more upmarket and modern, and even offers a longer features list. In comparison, the Endeavour offers all that the Fortuner does, but impresses with its clear design and a slightly more upmarket feel. What further tilts the decision in the Endeavour’s favour is the fact that it is priced significantly lower. True, the Fortuner enjoys Toyota’s bulletproof reliability and low maintenance costs, but with Ford pulling up its act in World, the maintenance costs of the new Endeavour won’t really burn a hole in your pocket.

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Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour Comparison – Prices

New Toyota Fortuner Price New Ford Endeavour Price
2.7 Manual Transmission 4×2 (Petrol) Rs. 25.92 lakh 2.2 Diesel Trend Manual 4×2 DISCONTINUED
2.7 Automatic Transmission 4×2 (Petrol) Rs. 27.61 lakh 2.2 Diesel Trend Manual 4×4 Rs. 23.78 lakh
2.8 Manual Transmission 4×2 Rs. 27.52 lakh 2.2 Diesel Trend Automatic 4×2 Rs. 23.78 lakh
2.8 Automatic Transmission 4×2 Rs. 29.14 lakh 3.2 Diesel Trend Automatic 4×4 Rs. 27.68 lakh
2.8 Manual Transmission 4×4 Rs. 30.05 lakh 2.2 Diesel Titanium Automatic 4×2 Rs. 27.93 lakh
2.8 Automatic Transmission 4×4 Rs. 31.12 lakh 3.2 Diesel Titanium Automatic 4×4 Rs. 30.89 lakh

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