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TVS Apache RR 310 Review – Born on the Race Track!

TVS launched the all-new Apache RR 310 yesterday at a starting price of INR 2.05 lakh ex-showroom. We laid our hands on one today and rode it across the MMRC race track in Chennai. Usually, this is quite a painful process as the city gets quite hot during the day but the clouds provided us with enough shade to keep the temperatures in check. Riding gear – check, cool weather – check, racetrack – check, sports bike? Read our TVS Apache RR 310 review to find out about our rendezvous with one of the most highly awaited motorcycles of 2017.


TVS Apache RR 310 Review – Design

The new TVS Apache RR 310 doesn’t have the carbon fibre body that the Akula concept did. However, the upcoming TVS Apache 310 model still looks a lot like the concept motorcycle. Akin to the Akula, it looks very racy and very attractive. The Apache RR 310 gets a huge front-fairing, a huge windshield and a split headlamp setup. The headlamps hold HID projector setups, which further enhance the premiumness quotient of this bike. The LED DRLs further lend that touch of stylishness. Both the headlamps will be ON even on low beam.This motorcycle gets a cast alloy swingarm to improve handling. At the same time, we’re hoping the suspension to offer decent ride quality over most surfaces. The USD forks come painted in golden, which further make the bike look sportier. The bike’s ‘devil’s horn’ taillamp catches attention at the rear.

TVS Apache RR 310 Review Images

The LED taillamp, along with the LED indicators, give a very premium look to the bike. The end can for the  TVS Apache RR 310 comes from the BMW G310R. The raised clip-ons, along with the rear-set footpegs and split seats, make the bike more performance-focused. The bike will get sticky tyres from Michelin. Other highlights of the bike include split seats, a sculpted fuel tank, a digital speedo console and disc brakes at both the ends. The riding position is sporty yet ergonomically well-sorted. Also, the large bubble-type windshield will offer sufficient protection from the windblast. Finally, the projector headlamps should offer decent illumination in the dark. The motorcycle comes in 2 colours – Racing Red and Sinister Black.

TVS Apache RR 310 Review – Riding ergonomics

The new Apache RR 310 is built on the track, for the track. Wearing a full riding suit, I was worried about the restricted movement but as I swing my leg over and settled in the saddle, the bike feels acquainted. There is absolutely no warm-up required and the bike feels like it is designed around you. The seat height is low enough for even shorter the riders  to be able to keep both feet planted flat on the ground. Really tall riders might feel a little out of place as they might find it hard to get traction on their knees. The clip-on handlebar is adjustable and even in its stock settings, riders of all shapes and sizes felt comfortable and no one complained about its size. While the Apache RR 310 looks quite huge, it feels exactly the opposite once you get on the saddle. As soon as you start riding, you feel the bike is actually quite compact, which is actually the first sign of the bike being a nimble handler. The windscreen up front is perfect for track riding when you are leaning behind it. The buttons are well layout on both sides and are easy to use. The brake and clutch levers are positioned slightly closer to the handlebar grips, but you are quick to get used to it.

Now, let us shift to some negatives. Starting with the seat which is leaning towards the front and you slide towards the tank each time you brake hard. Secondly, the pillion gets to hold only the rider as grab handles on the rear are missing. In daily use, the handlebars will feel too low and your wrists are going to complain if you ride the Apache RR 310 in an upright position.


TVS Apache RR 310 Review – Quality

The latest offering from TVS was developed in coordination with the German giant BMW Motorrad and the positive shift in quality is easily evident. The paint finish is definitely better and all the plastic parts and even the switchgear feel of much better quality. The tachometer looks like it belongs to a much more expensive machine. The vertical tachometer features an rpm meter on the right but the rpm numbers are a tad bit small and will require getting used to. Otherwise, the readout is clear and accurate in all conditions.


TVS Apache RR 310 Review Riding Dynamics

At the heart of the Apache RR 310 is a brand new 312cc engine that churns out 34 PS of power and 27.3 Nm of torque. The power delivery is extremely linear and smooth. No matter how up you are in the rpm range, the engine is never overly punchy and delivers smooth power all through the rev range. The gear change indicator is a nice touch. The gearbox feels smooth and finding neutral is quite easy. New riders will require little to no time to get acquainted with the Apache RR 310’s motor. The gear indicator is super accurate and has zero lag in displaying the cog position.

This sportsbike is so light, nimble and well-balanced that it is almost unbelievable, especially if you look at the price point at which it has gone on sale. The Apache RR 310 can be flicked from one side to the other without any effort. The feel of riding this bike is unmatchable to any other bike in its segment. The Michelins, which have been developed especially for this motorcycle, offer enough grip while the ABS keeps things in check under really aggressive riding. The Apache RR 310 features the best brakes in its segment. The initial bite is strong and stopping it is effortless. The ABS doesn’t permit the rear to lift even under hard braking. The rear tyre does lock up slightly if you are braking hard while cornering but in daily running, this will be rare to come by.

The negatives on the Apache RR 310 are low in number but evident as soon as you crank up the engine. The vibrations can be felt at the handlebar, seat and footpegs as soon as you start riding and increase proportionally with the rpm. Well, the vibers are nowhere as bad as those on the smaller Apaches, but they are definitely there on this one, too. The bike did not have any heating issues while we rode but the fan does get loud. Lastly, the clutch heats up a fair bit under aggressive riding.


TVS Apache RR 310 Review – Verdict

TVS’s latest offering seems almost perfect as an individual product but when you factor in the price, things get even better. The Apache RR 310 excels in multiple fields and pleases adequately in others. Without a doubt, the value for money quotient is really high and you won’t complain about it post-purchase. The Apache fairs well with the current competition and provides a great balance between daily commute and track riding. For eg. The RC 390 is too stiff for road use and its naked sibling is a tad bit soft for the track. The Apache fills this void well and delivers exactly what’s promised in the brochure. If you are looking to upgrade from bikes like Yamaha R15 and want similar characteristics without shelling out the money for R3, the Apache RR 310 is perfect for you. Lastly, hearty congratulations to the company TVS for delivering yet another breathtaking product and we’ll be looking forward to the upcoming semi-faired street bike desperately.

TVS Apache RR 310 Review – Images

TVS Apache RR 310 Price

The new TVS Apache RR 310 price range starts at Rs 2.05 lakh. There will be multiple variants and a full price list should be out soon. ABS, EFI, USD front forks, Trellis Frame and Digital Speedo are standard features, thereby making the new model pretty good value for money.

TVS Apache RR 310 Specifications

Specs TVS Apache RR310
Engine Single-cylinder, DOHC, Fuel-Injected 313cc
Maximum Power 34 PS @ 9700 rpm
Peak Torque 27.3 Nm @ 7700 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed Manual

TVS Apache RR 310 S Mileage

Highway 30 KMPL
City 25 KMPL

TVS Apache RR 310 Review – Top Speed and 0-60 kmph

Top Speed 160 kmph
0-60 kmph 2.9 Seconds

TVS Apache RR 310 Features

  • First-ever Reverse-inclined engine in any Worldn motorcycle
  • Built around a lightweight Trellis Frame
  • Liquid Cooling with Oil Water Heat Exchanger
  • 0-60 kmph in just 2.63sec
  • Kayaba Shock absorbers at Front and Rear
  • Lap timer
  • Top speed Recorder
  • Rear time fuel mileage display
  • Average fuel mileage display
  • Fuel range display
  • Temperature display
  • Thermal Management System
  • Gear shift indicator
  • Side stand alarm
  • Hazard lights
  • 72-points Fuel Indicator
  • Top Speed of 165 kmph
  • Dual LED projector lamps even in low beam
  • Two Colour Options – Red and Blue Black
  • Fuel Injection
  • ABS

So, what do you think of our TVS Apache RR 310 Review? Share your views with us by commenting below.