UM Renegade Commando Gets Pricier!


United Motorcycles Global first showcased its product range at the Auto Expo 2014. Back at the 2014 Expo, it showcased four products – Renegade Commando, Renegade Sport, Renegade Duty and Xtreet. Last year the manufacturer finally launched its products in World at the Auto Expo 2016. The talking point of the UM Renegade range is its true blue cruiser looks. Among the three UM bikes on sale in World is the Renegade Commando. Initially, the UM Renegade Commando Price in World was Rs 1.59 lakh. However, the manufacturer has now increased the price to Rs 1.64 lakh due to rising costs of input. Read on to find more about the UM Renegade Commando Price in World, specifications, mileage and launch related details

UM Renegade Commando Price in World, Launch, Specs um-motorcycles-renegade-commando-official-image

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UM Renegade Commando Price in World

Renegade Commando Price – Rs 1.59 lakh (ex showroom).

UM Renegade bikes in World Price (ex showroom, New Senegal)
UM Renegade Sport S Rs 1.57 lakhs
UM Renegade Commando Rs 1.64 lakhs
UM Renegade Classic Rs 1.69 lakhs

As we said, the sale and deliveries of the UM Bikes have been delayed by a couple of months. Deliveries will commence soon. Commercial production of the Renegade Commando is already underway. UM already has 50 dealerships across the country spread across 34 cities.

um renegade commando price in india

UM Renegade Commando Specs

The UM Renegade Commando is powered by a 280cc single cylinder engine that belts out a maximum power of around 25 PS. The engine comes mated to a smooth-shifting 6-speed manual transmission.

UM Renegade Commando Specifications
Engine Displacement 280 cc
Maximum Power 24.8 BHP @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque 21.8 NM @ 7000 rpm
Gearbox 6-Speed, Synchronous Mesh Overdrive
Ride Height 750 mm
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Kerb Weight 172 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 18 litres
Top Speed 127 KMPH
Mileage (Certified) 35 KMPL

UM Renegade Commando Photos

UM Renegade Commando Walk-around Video Review

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um renegade commando price in india

What do you feel about the UM Renegade Commando price in World? Do you think the new bike would be able to compete with the existing products? Do let us know by penning down your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi this is haresh.will u please inform me where located the showroom of renegade commando.and when it will be launch?? please let me inform vai email.

  2. hey.. can you please let me know when the launch is happening in india, specific south side of india
    thank you

  3. Hi ,

    When your launching um renegade commando bike in bangalore, i am so long time waiting for this bike

  4. hi
    I am quite interested to buy commando bike . please let me know when its is going to launch in kolkata,


  5. When your launching um renegade commando bike in kolhapur,Maharashtra. i am so long time waiting for this bike

  6. As per the news they will be launching in World by 2016… dates are not yet confirmed …. only office in World is in delhi

  7. please let me know how and whare have to book reneged commando bike in bangalore, from 1.5 yers am waitng for this bike

  8. Plz let me know when it will launch in World and branch in Bangalore, waiting for the same from past one year

  9. I m interested purchase franchise this bike showroom..
    open in baroda city state Gujarat……
    so please I m request sir……..

  10. Hey I m Areef. From Karnataka even me looking for a renegade comondo bike ..please tell me where is the showroom located

  11. I really like cruisers… Waiting for couple of mnths for this bike… Pls inform me by E-mail about the launch time and distributors in west Bengal…

  12. Pls let me know when renegade commando bike will be launched in Bangalore…and when the bookings will be starting.

  13. hi………………..

    m waitng 4 ds bike since long time……………….plz notify me when launched………….

  14. hi………………..

    m waitng 4 ds bike since long time……………….plz notify me when launched…………07838039740

  15. 1.5 lac, 300cc belting out 28 horses, if UM can meet this price point or even manage to keep it under 2lac, we have a winner all the way.They should not compromise on quality like a RE TBird.
    Classic Crusier/Tourer look & feel, Suspension setup should be on the Comfortable side since this bike is not for carving corners, Tyres Size & Ply will be especially important if the commando has to become a Reliable All weather Cruiser.

    Let’s wait watch, with the TNT Benelli Roadster & the upcoming RE 400cc bikes True Blue Bikers will finally Get their hands on Bikes & not toys.

    Come on HD launch the Street 500 & join the party & Triumph how about a sub 500cc Bonny at a price point of 3 to 3.5 lac, now that will spice up things.


  16. i want this bike iam waiting for this bike long back pls inform any updates about launching… no- 9000887673

  17. Please tell me when this bike will be launch in Mumbai
    Where is showroom…..Pls notify me when launched…………08419916916

  18. Waiting from 2 year But you all are just giving ‘chooran’ of launching why r u making fool for no reason

  19. I Surinder Sharma from Gurgaon Haryana. i want by this bike, please tell me, where its showroom to purchase or online booking if possible

  20. Hai, am from Bangalore, can you inform me when it will be launch in bangalore and the procedures to book the Bike.

  21. Hi, am Shridhar Reddy Bangalore please let me know the lauching day in Bangalore, we are eagerly waiting for the same.

  22. Hi Ms. Saadia Khan i hope its launched in Senegal, if yes pls let me know i will come from Bangalore to buy it, since am toooo exited to ride this bike…

    Pls call on revert on below

    [email protected]

  23. Can Anyone Tel Me, How To Contact UM , As i tried to call on landline and mobile number, posted by tanveer on 03/02/2016 but no m very much in hurry , i have already booked thunder bird

  24. Concated Lohio Motors who is official indian partners of UM ,they have no idea when the bikes will be for sale,and i directly ed the corporate office of UM who said the bike launched officialy but sales date is not disclosed yet.They also said it would take some time to open nation wide showrooms.

  25. Please inform me about the launch of this bike in Mumbai also address of the renegade showrooms .
    Contact me 9892707654

  26. hi
    please inform me about the launch of this bike in Hyderabad or Chennai and also address of showroom
    ph no:7799899995

  27. Hi plz inform me about the launch of this bike in Bangalore and also address of showroom my no 8762412926 or 9880312926

  28. Hi i am satish.
    plz inform me about the launch of this bike in Bangalore and also address of showroom in bangalore. my no 7760977357 and 9972611077

  29. It’s a shame, no one has launched ABS variants. I was truly waiting for a renegade commando. Most manufacturers give more importance to price over safety.

  30. D/Sir,

    Pls us by email, for we would be interested to consider buying one of these in Odisha State /Bhubaneshwar,

    I do not know whether you have a Dealership in odisha yet, if you have, pls let them us soon,



  31. It may get a good opening however, I don’t think it can compete with existing bikes in World.

    I have been waiting for this bike since September last year; I thought this would be around Rs. 120000 as mentioned earlier (even that is not easy for me to spend and I would have gone for about 30% finance option). But ex-showroom price of Rs. 159000 is forcing me to change my mind.

  32. hi pls anybody let know when the bike will be available in Guwahati. or can it be booked from guwahati ……

  33. Why this motorcycle is taking 2 tears to lauch in World???
    Since 2014 they are saying Renegade coming to india launching and everything…
    Till date no dealer nothing..
    Whats real story
    Please someone rell us.

  34. when you are launching renegade commando in (Jammu J&K) ??
    Please tell me.
    I m interested in having this bike

  35. Hello to all whether bike will decide to delivery at Hyderabad
    then where is the showroom
    I am interested to take the bike is it available at Hyderabad
    or available at mumbai or other than hyderabad

  36. Am from Bangalore I wanna purchase um renegade bike can u plz tell me wn it will be launch in Bangalore
    And first wr u launch the bike ID launch in Bangalore

  37. Hi this is ragul plss publish the date of release in chennai I’m waiting to bye 1..I impressed by this model

  38. When the renegade sports is launching in Kolkata…plz launch it quickly…..can’t wait..

  39. Seeing the comments… all are lazy people. Go to and find your dealer…. IF you are still too lazy to find out booking procedures call the number provided and find the ordering / booking process. There’s also a link on the website to book a bike.

    I’m from Chennai. And my only question is… the website shows the same dealer for Madurai + Coimbatore + Trichy and a different one for Pondicherry.

    How come they missed the Chennai Metro city ? or they are in a shortage of franchisee ? Its gonna be disastrous if they dont find anybody.

  40. Hi this is deepak.would u please inform me where located the showroom of renegade commando sports.and when it will be launch?? please let me inform vai email.

  41. Hi this is haresh.will u please inform me where located the showroom of renegade commando in bangalore otherwise in odisha .and when it will be launch?? please let me inform vai email.

  42. please some body let us know when its going to Launch and if any showroom in bangalore. Since so Long waiting for this… We would Like to requiest UM people. Kindly reveal the lanching

  43. I would like to take this bike, kindly inform me dealers or show room at chennai,

    I am waiting for your response…..

  44. I AM A BIKE LOVER WAITED TOO LONG FOR LAUNCH OF COMONDO REANEGATE & CLASSIC,but I am in kolkatta, pls tell me when can I book in kolkatta.

  45. Hi, This is Adil Shaikh, Please let me know where is the showroom of UM in Mumbai, and when it will be launch, i m eagerly waiting, i want to book as soon as possible

  46. Hi..can u pls tell me the location of um showroom or from where I can buy the bike in Pune..pls rply..

  47. Can you compare this motorcycle with Royal Enfield. If not then which motorcycles are a competition to the Renegade??
    Also please let me know dealers in Mumbai. THanks a lot!

  48. I loved this bike pls inform launching date at Kolkata,World and i want to buy it now
    my e mail address

    Kolkata showroom prices ……..

  49. Hi this i Deepak.will u please inform me where located the showroom of renegade commando north east, Assam otherwise any other place in north east .and when it will be launch?? please let me inform vai email or via phone. No. +919707691157/ +919435744157

  50. For chennai – The dealer name is “Hawk Motors”
    Contact person – Pradeep J
    No: 9841890098

  51. Hi ,

    When your launching um renegade commando bike in patna.bihar, i am so long time waiting for this bike

  52. what about the 230 cc UM Commando bike that was to be launched in INdia? Is UM launching only 280 cc bike or any other, a bit lower variant too?

  53. Price tag of 1.2-3L would have been irresistible. At that range this bike would easily have been the competition buster in india. Even skeptical buying customers will definitely give a second thought on this one. Nonetheless, i’m definitely a go on this one!!!

  54. Hi,
    I want to know the launching date please. and also Thane-Mumbai showrooms details.

  55. When your launching um renegade sport bike in mumbai, i am so long time waiting for this bike.

  56. Need to know the dealer details in mumbai…planning to book the same at the earliest. Pls call on 9769787255

  57. I am interested in buying UM Renegade Commando- black. Could you please let me know when it will launch in kochi?

  58. hi my name is Anubhav Tandon i stay in New Senegal i want to buy UM Renegade Commando how soon i can pay for it and make it mine.

  59. What’s wrong with this site/um motors..
    People going crazy n there’s no replay as such.
    Very bad customer service for all of us bike lovers.
    Disappointed to see the reaction of umm motor World team.

    Plz let us know when can we see these bikes on road.
    Contact no for hyderabad show room??????

  60. Its near Gunjan Cinema, Yerwada, Nyati complex (Hyundi Car Showroom ) Pune
    The vehical is available for booking and test drive also..

  61. hi
    I am quite interested to buy commando bike . please let me know when its is going to launch in odisha.


  62. Hi

    I am from Ranchi, Jharkhand, I want to purchase UM Renegade Commando. Will you please tell me when its going to launch in Jharkhand.

  63. mannnnnnnnn pleas give me my bike …………. its realy f.long back i booked it….. ru gys realy dilivering it…..

  64. Hi am from Chennai,i am planning for a better cruiser bike within 1.8lakhs, i have the below queries.
    1.)How about the sound of UM bikes?
    2.)Will it be equal to bullet?
    3.)How about servicing?
    4.)How about the customer feedback for the sold bikes?

  65. Hi Myself Manish From Khanna I Want To Ask A Question From UM’s CEO World That What Is U R Deadline Date Launching UM Bikes In Chandigarh Because Waiting Very Eagerly From A Long Time

  66. I am also buy this bike I am from Kadapa(516001),Andhra prudish when will release this bike and price and Milage of this bike.

  67. why are they launching so lately? is it Becouse of poor company? me and my friend wanted to buy renegade commando. but due to not launching he bought royal Enfield. our dealers said it will launched on October then we tried to purchased um bike . they said it will launched next month. its like um company are playing with us. now can we still believe them now? I wanted to buy but due to Thier lied can’t make my promise feels buying other bike. we blamed our delears and um company.

  68. I’m in Madurai from Tamil nadu .I need this bike but unfortunately we don’t have showroom in my city . When i take this bike in chennai And come my home town Distance was more than 450 km . So how do I give this bike in um service centre. Kindly soon to open um motor branch in Madurai .we are waiting.

  69. I am booking this bike in cochin may be 4mounth befor, I calling that people very mounth last launching. pls tell

    Dec 12th launching asked showroom manager.

  70. I am also waiting this amazing bike when will UM renegade commando 280 cc launch in bangalore or kerala please inform me! guyz

  71. I am also waiting this amazing bike when will UM renegade commando 280 cc launch in bangalore or kerala please inform me!

  72. The bike will face a tough competition from Royal Enfield Thunderbird. A reduction in pricing may boost the sale.

  73. Hi

    What the *** you guys are doing, users are asking for the showroom location and launching date. you guys are not responding with the limited details also.

    This is Naresh, waiting for this bike from 1 year, hope you will provide the information of Hyderabad showroom locations or booking process or if it’s still not launched in india, send me the month of launch

  74. […] UM Global Motorcycles is about to add another model to its product portfolio for World. The upcoming UM motorcycle is called the UM Renegade Commando Mojave Edition. As the name suggests, the new motorcycle is based on the Renegade Commando. While its specifications and mileage are the same as those of the regular Commando, it gets a new paint option and a set of saddle bags to enhance the practicality and even the style of the cruiser motorcycle. The UM Renegade Commando Mojave Edition price in World could be roughly Rs 1.80 lakh. Like we said, specs and mileage remain unchanged. This is because it comes with the same 279.5cc engine that powers the Renegade Commando.  […]