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Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo

Volkswagen World entered the lucrative compact sedan segment with the Ameo Compact Sedan this year. Unveiled just before the Auto Expo in February2016, the Ameo is a derivative of the Polo‘s platform. It has been specifically designed and engineered for the Worldn market where compact sedans are immensely popular. While its major rivals will be fellow compact sedans such as the Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze, Ford Figo Aspire and the Tata Zest, comparisons can be drawn with its siblings, the Polo and Vento. Especially since VW has priced the Ameo lower than the Polo! Read our Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Comparison of specifications and prices to find out how the three compare.


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Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Price Comparison

Petrol Variants

Ameo (ex-Senegal) Vento (ex-Senegal) Polo (ex-Senegal)
Trendline Rs. 5.24 lakh Rs. 8.16 lakh Rs. 5.46 lakh
Comfortline Rs. 6.00 lakh Rs. 9.14 lakh Rs. 6.00 lakh
Highline Rs. 7.06 lakh Rs. 10.00 lakh Rs. 7.01 lakh
Comfortline AT  – Rs. 10.38 lakh
Highline AT  – Rs. 11.30 lakh

Diesel Variants

Ameo (ex-Senegal) Vento (ex-Senegal) Polo (ex-Senegal)
Trendline Rs. 6.34 lakh Rs. 9.46 lakh Rs. 6.90 lakh
Comfortline Rs. 7.35 lakh Rs. 10.39 lakh Rs. 7.83 lakh
Highline Rs. 8.17 lakh Rs. 11.36 lakh Rs. 8.50 lakh
Comfortline AT Rs. 8.50 lakh Rs. 11.67 lakh
Highline AT Rs. 9.32 lakh Rs. 12.59 lakh

Initially, we predicted that there will be a difference of around 50-60,000 rupees between the variants of the Polo and Ameo. However, in a surprising move, VW has priced the Ameo lower than the Polo! The Ameo is sure to eat into the sales of its sibling. Much like Ameo petrol, diesel variants of the compact sedan are cheaper than those of the Polo. There isn’t any overlap in the prices of the Vento and Ameo. Apart from the variants mentioned in the tables above, the Polo is also available in the GT TSI and GT TDI guise priced at Rs. 9.05 lakh and Rs. 9.16 lakh respectively.

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Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Features Comparison

Volkswagen has ensured all of its models are very well equipped in terms of features and the Ameo will be no different. Common features include, rain sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, touchscreen infotainment system, cooled glove box, auto aircon and more. Driver side airbag is a standard fitment across all variants of the Polo, Vento and the Ameo. The compact sedan also gets ABS as standard. Volkswagen is offering quite a bit of extra equipment, which makes the Ameo very good value for money.

volkswagen ameo vs vento vs polo volkswagen ameo packed with features
Volkswagen Ameo Packed with features

  Ameo Vento  Polo
Air Conditioner Type Automatic Climate Control Automatic Climate Control Automatic Climate Control
Power Windows Yes (4) Yes (4) Yes (4)
Central Locking Yes Yes Yes
Steering Audio Controls Yes Yes Yes
Audio System Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen
Airbags 2 (Standard) 2 (standard) 2 (standard)
ABS Yes (standard) Yes Yes

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Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Specifications Comparison


Ameo Vento Polo
Type 1.5 L Diesel 1.5 L Diesel 1.5 L Diesel
Displacement 1498 cc 1498 cc 1498 cc
Power 108 bhp 103 bhp 89 bhp/103 bhp
Torque 250 Nm 250 Nm 230 Nm/250 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT/7-speed AT 5-speed MT/7-speed AT 5-speed MT
Mileage -NA- 20.64 kpl/21.5 kpl 20.14 kpl/19.91 kpl


Ameo Vento Polo
Type 1.2 L Petrol 1.6 L/1.2 L Petrol 1.2 L Petrol
Displacement 1198 cc 1598 cc/1197 cc 1198 cc
Power 74 bhp 103 bhp/103 bhp 74 bhp/103 bhp
Torque 110 Nm 153 Nm/175 Nm 110 Nm/175 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT 5-speed MT/7-speed AT 5-speed MT/7-speed AT
Mileage -NA- 16.09 kpl/18.19 kpl 16.47 kpl

The Volkswagen Ameo shares its powertrains with the Polo. Both these cars are powered by a 1.5 L TDI diesel and a 1.2 L petrol engine. However, the 1.5 L TDI diesel is an updated unit and the power and torque outputs are more. This updated engine will eventually find its way into the Polo and Vento as well. Quite obviously, the Vento is the most powerful of the three thanks to a retuned 1.5 L diesel and a turbocharged 1.2 L petrol. GT variants of the Polo churn out exactly the same amount of power and torque as the diesel Vento and 1.2 L Petrol variants of the Vento. Volkswagen offers the Ameo diesel and Vento diesel with an optional 7-speed DSG.

volkswagen ameo vs vento vs polo Vento 1.2 L Petrol comes with a 7-speed DSG
Vento 1.2 L Petrol comes with a 7-speed DSG

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Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Mileage Comparison

Here’s a comparison table of the ARAI-tested fuel mileage figures of the Volkswagen Ameo and the ARAI certified mileage figures of the Vento and Polo. The updated 1.5-litre Diesel powering the Ameo is more fuel efficient and returns close to 22 kmpl overall. The DSG-equipped automatic variants are more fuel efficient than the ones that come with the 5-speed manual unit.

Petrol Diesel
Ameo 17.83 kpl 21.73 kpl
Vento 16.09 kpl (MT)/18.19 kpl (AT) 20.64 kpl (MT)/21.5 kpl (AT)
Polo 16.47 kpl 20.4 kpl

Polo GT TSI and TDI return a claimed mileage of 16.47 kpl and 19.91 kpl respectively.

Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Dimensions

  Ameo Vento Polo
Length 3995 mm 4390 mm 3970 mm
Width 1682 mm 1699 mm 1682 mm
Height 1483 mm 1467 mm 1469 mm
Wheelbase 2470 mm 2553 mm 2456 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 163 mm 168 mm

Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Comparison of Design

In terms of exterior design, all three cars are nearly identical till the B-pillar at least, since they are all based on the same car. The Vento’s nose is slightly different than the Polo’s and Ameo’s thanks to a different grille and bumper design. The Ameo’s nose is almost exactly like the Polo’s. The tail section of the Ameo is a bit too squarish, but VW has done a decent enough job of integrating a stubby little boot to the back of the Polo. However, Polo’s conversion to the Vento fares much better in terms of overall design.

The Volkswagen Ameo borrows its interiors from the Polo/Vento. So, the cabin of all three models is exactly the same. Space inside the Vento, especially at the back, is much better thanks to the increased length. The rear of the Ameo and the Polo feels a bit cramped.

Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo – Verdict

The compact sedan segment is immensely popular in World as evident from the monthly sales figures and every manufacturer’s eagerness to climb on to the sub-4 metre bandwagon. However, we’ll have to wait and see how the Worldn public reacts to the Polo-derived Ameo.


  • Design – Volkswagen has done a tidy job of integrating the boot into the Polo, but it is still not as pretty as its siblings. The Polo might be a bit old now, but it is still one of the smartest looking hatchbacks around.
  • Features – All three cars boast a nearly identical set of features. Ameo gets dual front airbags and ABS as standard while the Vento and Polo only get dual front airbags as standard fitment.
  • Specifications – Polo and Ameo are powered by the same set of engines. However, the Ameo Diesel makes more power and torque. The Vento gets a more powerful set of petrol and diesel motors with automatic and manual transmission options.
  • Price – Volkswagen has priced the Ameo very aggressively, which means the compact sedan is now cheaper than its hatchback sibling!

So stay tuned to CarBlogWorld for updates on the Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Comparison. What do you have to say about our Volkswagen Ameo vs Vento vs Polo Comparison? Do share your views in the comments section below.

volkswagen ameo vs vento vs polo comparison

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