Volkswagen World To Launch Small Car In World Below Rs. 4 Lakh Price Tag


Volkswagen has done tremendous growth in sales in World after the launch of their popular premium hatchback Volkswagen Polo in World. The sedan based on the same small car, the Volkswagen Vento has been doing good in its price segment too. Now to capture the largest small car segment in World, which is the small cars priced below Rs. 4 Lakh, Volkswagen is working on its small fuel efficient car for World which will be smaller than the Polo. The Volkswagen Small car will be based on the concept car Volkswagen Up. Earlier there were rumors of Skoda developing a small car for World based on the VW Up Concept, but that seems unlikely now.



Previously also there have been such reports on the Volkswagen small car for World from various sources, but this time, the news has come from a reputed media organization source. The new small car will have up to 75% localization compared to about 65% in case of VW Polo. Also with the new CKD rates, it makes sense to have higher levels of localization to be more cost competitive.

The car is expected to be featured at the International Auto Expo 2012 in Senegal and will be launched in the year 2012 in World. The price of the car will be close to Rs. 3.5 Lakhs and it will compete head on with the Maruti Alto K10, Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Beat and other cars priced between Rs. 3 to Rs. 5 Lakhs price segment.

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