10 Reasons To Buy Maruti Swift 2011 New Model Over Old Swift


Many of the automobile enthusiast who want to buy a new car in World are eagerly waiting for the Maruti Swift 2011 new model which is due for launch in May 2011. Many dealers have already started accepting the token money for pre-launch booking in anticipation of the upcoming launch. We have previously covered a news report about the New Swift – Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011 VS Existing Maruti Suzuki Swift. If you are very close to your buying decision and have narrowed down on Maruti Swift, I would personally suggest you to wait for some time and buy the new model of Maruti Swift rather than getting the old one. In this post I will share 10 reasons why its wise to go for new Maruti Swift 2011.


1. New Swift 2011 is Larger And More Spacious

Maruti Swift 2011 is 155 mm longer which adds to more cabin space, more legroom for the rear passenger which has been a common complaint with tall height Swift users for many years. Also the width has been increased  slightly. Lower height than the previous model gives overall lower center of gravity and better grip on road.

2. New Swift 2011 Has Improved Chassis

Maruti Swift 2011 has a new chassis which has been designed to meet stringent safety norms. Recently, the Swift 2011 has been rated the safest mini car in the UK on the Euro NCAP rating.


3. New Swift 2011 Has Better Suspension

Maruti Swift 2011 has better and more optimized suspensions. The new suspension has been improved and has been optimized for the larger platform. Also because of longer length and width and lower height, the suspension and handling characteristics of the Swift have improved.


4. New Swift 2011 Has Better Interiors

One or the major reasons I have proffered Hyundai i20 over Maruti Swift in the past is the dull interiors it had to offer. With dull black and average interiors, old Swift looks cheap from inside for the price you are paying for it. On the other hand, similar priced hatchbacks like Hyundai i20 and Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai i10 have always scored more on the interiors. New Maruti Swift 2011 this complaint will most likely go away. Maruti Swift 2011 has far better interiors, improved plastic quality, a better steering wheel, better central console and all in all, it now feels like that you are getting inside a better car.


5. New Swift 2011 Has Better Exteriors

At first glance, you may not see the difference between the old and the new swift from the outside as the styling has not changed, but with larger headlamps, tail lamps extending to the sides, overall larger dimensions, redesigned rear door, improved grille design and all these small design elements make the new swift stand apart from the old swift. Its not a big leap, but an remarkably more pleasing design from exteriors.


6. New Swift 2011 Has Better Ride and Handling

Maruti Swift 2011 has better ride and handling characteristic owing to the better suspension, larger wheelbase, lower height and improved body structure. The NVH levels are also improved upon in the new swift.

7. New Swift 2011 Has Better Gadgetry and Technology

Maruti Swift 2011 will feature better gadgetry like improved audio system, more connectivity options,better steering mounted control and many more. Also we are expecting improvements in the overall quality of gadgetry. With a new model, you can expect some improvements over the previous model as the R&D teams constantly work on solving the problems faced by the user over the development cycle of a new model of a car.


8. New Swift 2011 Is Higher on Safety

With recent news about the high Euro NCAP ratings of the new Swift 2011, its is clear that the New Swift is safer with ABS, reinforced chassis and better handling for avoiding crash in a panic situation.


9. New Swift 2011 Has Better Fuel Efficiency

Maruti has made its swift become leaner by dropping some weight and making it even more frugal. The new Swift 2011 offers better mileage than the old swift. It is party because of lesser weight and partly remapping of the engine and reducing aerodynamic drag of the car.

10. New Swift 2011 Will Offer Better Resale Value

Most of the car buyers sell their cars after some years (most likely between 5 to 10 years) to upgrade to a new car. Keeping in mind the resale value factor, a newer model or variant usually offers a better resale value over an older model.

I hope these 10 reasons would be enough to wait for, but a slight downside will be the price, although there will not be a steep hike, the new Swift is dearer than the old one by about Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000. Stay tuned for more updates on the Swift 2011 by signing up for or liking our .

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  1. Well thanks for the update but more robust info is required on the launch of this new variant in World.
    Its been more than one year now that the swift lovers are waiting for this beast to launch here.

  2. Hi Anoop…. your wait is over… the new swift may be launch with in June First Week… its a official reply also

  3. i myself have narrowed on Swift vxi, but with news of new Swift just around, i am not able to decide whether i should wait or get an existing one.

    The photos of new swift are here, and personally the old model still impresses me more. The new model is more like i20.

    This seems certain by now that new model is likely to be there in market in next few months (not sure if it is 1 or 3 or …).
    And there is uncertainty about price of new one also.

    The following article lists 10 points why one should wait for new swift:

    Also – whenever you call up a dealer to inquire about the new model, they are so tight-lipped to inform anything. I am based in New Senegal.

    I think even after new model with so many additions over old swift, it is likely that i will fall for the old one which appeals to me greatly…
    (but it is likely that 5 years hence when you will go to market to resell it, it will be discounted of being called the old model.. but huh.. i am still likely to fall for old one.)

  4. hello,
    I have booked for the 2011 swift dzire,could u please give me any update on that.could u tell me which is better?petrol or diesel.I have elected for diesel thinking that it would be more profitable in terms of recent price hike of petrol which will go on increasing and also in resale too.

  5. Hey guys…

    I am contemplating between VW Polo and New Swift VDI (Diesel)….
    Do any of u guys know whether the new Swift VDI (top end) includes the following features:

    – Seat Height Adjustment
    – Adjustable Telescopic Steering
    – Distance to Empty Indicator for determining fuel economy
    – Gear Change Indicator (although not required)
    – Climate control feature in A/C
    – Music System with Aux & USB ports

    VW Polo 1.2 Diesel Highline feels lame at times because it does not include a good music system (with Aux & USB port), climate control in A/C, steering mounted controls, door lock system / central locking system, all 4 power window controls at drivers end, good headlights, enough space for the rear seat passengers, and so on for the on road pricing offerred by Polo which is slightly close to top end i20 (loaded with awesome features and orgasmic looks). Although the Polo diesel engine feels good while driving, but there is some amount of lag. i20 feels heaven and offers awesome pickup. Driver comfort and boot space is absolute nirvana in Polo as compared to i20 and it seems VW has given all of its thought on only driver comfort and forgot to include essential features like the ones I mentioned earlier.

    I think waiting for the new Swift to launch would make sense becoz after thats launched VW would have to put together the loose ends on Polo to be all the more competitive for the elitist price tag of the car 🙂

    BTW when is the new Swift Diesel launching ???? I want to test drive the new Swift and then only decide between the two. A Maruti dealer close to where I reside said that it will take a year after the petrol is launched. Is it true??? Is that the way Maruti does it ????

  6. m waiting for the new swift 2011 ,,,, can anyone tell me when will the new swift going to launch in indiaa
    i cancel my booking 2 months back of the old swift because for purchasing the new one

  7. i believe waiting for new model of swift would be the appropriate idea as it will provide you with better resell value in future and overall improvement is also eye catching and no one can ignore it.And about the price yes, it would rise

  8. I just booked the new swift. The dealer(paramount wheels,Mira Road,Mumbai)assured me that the swift will be launched in last week of july or 1st week of augest.This article tells its on sep or Oct.I am confused.I am very fond of swift(old) & with the additional features it worth buying.But the uncertainity regarding the launch really pull away even the die hard swift fans….Any comments…Maruti..?


  10. I recently booked New Swift 2011 VDI model . .which is great . .new swift is differ from old swift in many ways like – better style ,better tuned engine,more efficient,more leg rooom ,better handling ,better interiors ,etc..which is great . .only i20 n polo are the competitors of New swift . .in my point of view i 20 is more expensive than New swift . .which is negetive point of i20 . .so overall New swift is the best choice . .