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RUMOUR of the Year- World’s Cheapest Car from Bajaj for Rs 60000!

It seems like a lot many of us have received a similar Whatsapp message on the World’s cheapest car from Bajaj (see image below). While most of us have probably laughed it off, dismissing rumour of an upcoming Bajaj small car of Rs 60000 price as just that, a rumour, it seems like there’s a sizable chunk who’ve actually believed all this to be true. We’ve been getting many queries regarding this Bajaj small car with a price of just Rs 60000 and from the looks of it, the rumour that started last weekend won’t die down anytime soon. So, here, in this post, we’ve decided to give you a complete clarification on the so called World’s Cheapest Car from Bajaj. Read on.

world's cheapest car from bajaj

Unlike what we initially thought, this rumour doesn’t revolve around the Qute quadricycle. The Bajaj Qute, or the RE60, is not a car but a new public transport vehicle that will target three-wheeled auto-rickshaws. No, you can’t buy a Qute for personal use. It’s strictly for the commercial vehicle market. Anyway, coming back to the rumour, the car you see in the image above isn’t even the Qute, but the Bajaj-Renault-Nissan Ultra Low Cost (ULC) car project that was scrapped long ago. Yes, you heard it right, Bajaj isn’t working on any such project anymore, leave aside launching it at an unbelievable price of Rs 60000. Here are the complete details. Oh, by the way, the exterior pics belong to the Bajaj-Renault-Nissan ULC while the interior pics being circulated are of the Bajaj RE60!

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Is World’s Cheapest Car from Bajaj for Real? 

No, not at all. Bajaj isn’t getting into the car business anytime soon. While it did have plans to launch an ultra low cost (ULC) car in partnership with Renault and Nissan, the project was later scraped. So, basically, right now the manufacturer has no intentions of getting into the budget-end car market.

world's cheapest car from bajaj

The Bajaj ULC was meant to become a Tata Nano challenger. However, things didn’t exactly work for the trio and the project was scrapped. So, basically, a low cost car from Bajaj isn’t coming anytime soon.

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Is a Price of Just Rs 60000 Possible for Such a Car?

Regarding the price of the car, there’s no way even an entry-level car like this will cost just Rs 60,000. The Tata Nano, for example, has a starting price of Rs 2.06 Lakh. Even at the time of the launch, it had an introductory price of Rs 1.30 lakh, which was still way above the initially promised price of Rs 1 Lakh. And a price of Rs 60000 for another ULC car is simply not possible even if you take Nano’s 1 Lakh figure into account. So, basically, there are two things. First, there is no low cost Bajaj small car launch in pipeline and secondly, a Nano-like car for just Rs 60000 is simply not possible.

Will Bajaj launch the Qute? 

Yes, good chances it will. However, the launch is still some time away from taking place. At present, there’s a huge delay in the launch of the Qute owing to several PILs filed against it in many courts across the country. Mr Rajiv Bajaj, in a recent address to his company’s stakeholders, assured that the Qute will launch this year itself. Mr. Bajaj said,“Based on my interaction with the people in power (sic) I have reason to believe that within the next few months we may get permission to introduce this vehicle in this market.”

Will Bajaj Qute have a Price of Just Rs 60000? 

No, the Qute won’t cost merely Rs 60000. There are good chances that it will have a starting price of Rs 1,40,000. The CNG model is likely to cost roughly Rs 1,60,000. Again, two things need to be pointed out here. There’s simply no way that the Qute will have a price of Rs 60000. Secondly, it will be available for commercial use only. So, even if you decide to use the Qute as your personal car, it won’t be possible.

With this, we hope that we have clarified all your doubts regarding World’s Cheapest Car fro Bajaj.

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