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Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 250 Duke [Compared!]

While the KTM 200 Duke (D200) brought world-class performance biking to the masses, it’s actually the new KTM 250 Duke (D250) that looks promising enough to enable enthusiasts have an access to high performance motorcycling without spending big bucks. However, there’s another new 250cc offering that could act as a hurdle in D250’s path to glory. Yes, we are talking about the new Yamaha FZ25. The new FZ25 is priced even lower than the D200, but, like the D250, possesses a 250cc heart. So, can the FZ25 become a cheaper yet an equally competent alternative to the D250? We try to find out in our Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 250 Duke comparison here-

yamaha fz25 vs ktm 250 duke comparison

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Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison of Price

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 250 Duke
Price Rs 1,19,500 Rs 1,43,000

The Yamaha FZ25 has a clear advantage over here. Price of the FZ25 undercuts that of the KTM 250 Duke by a significant margin. But in terms of pricing alone, there FZ25 is has a huge advantage.

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Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 250 Duke Comparison of Specifications

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 250 Duke
Engine 249cc 248.8cc
No. of Cylinders One One
Max. Power 20.6 BHP 31 BHP
Peak Torque 20 Nm 24 Nm
Fuel Injection Yes Yes

The KTM 250 Duke offers a considerably higher power output. Even its torque rating is higher by a good 4 Nm. However, let’s not forget that the FZ25 is a lot cheaper. But yes, here the 250 Duke justifies its higher price tag by offering higher performance.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 250 Duke Comparison of Mileage

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 250 Duke
City 32 KMPL 27 KMPL
Highway 38 KMPL 30 KMPL

The FZ25 offers lesser power and torque. However, that does help it offer a better average fuel mileage than the 250 Duke.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 250 Duke Comparison of Top Speed

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 250 Duke
Top Speed 141 KMPH 155 KMPH

The higher output of the KTM 250 Duke helps it register a higher top speed.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison – 0-100 KMPH Time

Yamaha FZ25 KTM 200 Duke
0-100 KMPH 9.8 Seconds 8.6 Seconds

The FZ is more of a relaxed performer, which helps it become a good choice for sports touring. The Duke 250, on the other hand, is one sprightly machine and very adept at quickly gaining high speeds.

Yamaha FZ25 vs KTM 200 Duke Comparison – Verdict

As you can see here, the two bikes are poles apart. True, both of them have a 250cc heart, but that’s as close as these two get to each other. On one hand, there’s the Yamaha FZ25, which has a much lower price and offers considerably lower performance. However, out on the highway, the FZ25 makes for a very competent mile-muncher. It’s very surefooted and can be good fun in ghats. The KTM 250 Duke, on the other hand, costs a lot more, but justifies by the premium by being quicker, faster, and of course, more powerful, too. It has the sense of urgency that conspicuous by its absence on the FZ25. However, it”s definitely not as relaxing on the highway. Lest we forget, even the 250 Duke is a very sharp tool around the corners and loves to go apex hunting.

Basically, it’s very easy to pick between these two. Pick the Yamaha FZ25 if you want a comfortable tourer that has an attractive price and comes with Yamaha’s high standards of quality. Pick the Duke 250 if being really quick and fast is your thing, but you don’t want to spend on a 390 Duke. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with either of these.

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