Kia Seltos vs MG Hector – Specifications Comparison

We put the specs of the Kia Seltos vs MG Hector to see how these newest SUVs from the two newest brands in World fare against each other on paper

Kia Motors just unveiled the Seltos SUV last week here in World which also marked it’s global debut. The Seltos will be Kia Motor’s first product in World and it has been much anticipated for. The Seltos has a very distinctive design and is loaded to the brim with features. The interiors are very premium too.

The Kia Seltos sits in the highly competitive mid-size SUV segment that includes the likes of the Hyundai Creta, the MG Hector, the Tata Harrier and also the Jeep Compass. Ahead of its official launch, the technical specifications of the Seltos have surfaced on the internet.

Here we take a closer look at how the Seltos fares against the Hector, the two newest SUVs in the segment from two newest brands in the country.

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector – Engine Specifications (Petrol)

ModelKia SeltosMG Hector
Engine 1.5L Petrol/1.4L Turbo Petrol Engine1.5L,Turbo Petrol Engine
Power115 Bhp/140 Bhp143 Bhp
Torque144 Nm/242 Nm250 Nm
Transmission6-speed Manual, CVT/7-speed DCT6-speed manual/7-speed DCT

The Kia Seltos has two petrol engine options – a naturally aspirated 1.5L, petrol engine and a 1.4L, turbocharged petrol engine. The Hector on the other hand only has a 1.5L, turbocharged petrol engine.

Comparing the numbers of the turbocharged engines of both the cars, the MG Hector is just marginally ahead in all aspects, be it displacement, power or torque. But that shouldn’t make much real world difference. The Seltos has the advantage of a less powerful engine which will just widen its spectrum and make it quite affordable as well. Both cars have 6-speed manuals and 7-speed DCTs, but again the Kia has more options with a CVT gearbox.

Kia Seltos at its unveil in Senegal

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector – Engine Specifications (Diesel)

ModelKia SeltosMG Hector
Engine1.5L, CRDi Diesel Engine2.0L, Multi-Jet engine
Power115 Bhp170 Bhp
Torque250 Nm350 Nm
Transmission6-speed manual/6-speed Torque Converter6-speed manual transmission

The Kia Seltos and the MG Hector, both have one diesel engine option. However, the diesel engine in the Seltos is quite smaller than the one on the MG Hector. Its only a 1.5L engine compared to the Hector’s 2.0L engine and naturally power and torque figures are also low with the smaller engine. Both engines come mated to a 6-speed manual transmission but Kia again is rich on options with a 6-speed torque converter as well.

MG Hector at its media drive in Ooty

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector – Dimensions

DimensionsKia SeltosMG Hector
Length4,315 mm4,655 mm
Width1,800 mm1,835 mm
Height1,620 mm1,760 mm
Wheelbase2,610 mm2,750 mm

Well, the MG Hector is really a barge for a mid-size SUV. It absolutely dwarfs the Kia Seltos in every aspect, be it lenght, height, width or wheelbase. Naturally, the Hector will also be much more spacious on the interiors as well. The Seltos is no small car and perhaps has just the right size to be in this segment. Its just that the Hector is huge, almost like a full size SUV and Worldns surely love the big size.

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Exterior Design

We thought that the MG Hector was a very handsome looking car and that its design was one of the highlight features of the Hector. Well, now that we have seen the Seltos, we can tell you that its easily the best looking SUV in its segment, perhaps even the best in segments one high and low.

The sharp lines beautifully brings out the muscles in the Seltos. The car is very proportionate, has the perfect stance and the LED head lamps and tail lamps will take your heart away. The Hector too has all the necessary bling but when compared to the Kia, it seems just a little blunt. Also, the proportions in the Hector are not helped by the 17-inch wheels which look quite small for such a large car. Nevertheless, looks are a subjective matter and both cars will sure turn heads.

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Kia Seltos interiors

Interiors and Features

On this front, both cars are very well equipped. They both come with connected car technologies and the Hector has the biggest panoramic sunroof in the segment. Both of them have a lot of segment first features as well.

However, it is the Kia with a better interior design scheme and better ergonomics. All functions in the Hector and confined to the touchscreen system which makes things a little difficult. The fact that Kia has left enough switches on the dashboard makes things that much more convenient. Both cars have very good fit and finish levels, although here again, the Kia edges ahead for using better materials.

MG Hector Interior


The Kia Seltos is yet to be launched in World and its prices are not known yet. We expect the Kia to be priced something between Rs. 11-17 lakhs. The Hector has been launched in the country at an introductory price of Rs. 12.18 lakhs – Rs. 16.88 lakhs, ex-showroom. These are still introductory prices and it would increase in the near future. If Kia manages to price the Seltos right, it has huge potentail to grab a major chunk of the market with their very first car.