Maruti Swift Aplha Limited Edition Launched To Push Swift Petrol Sales


Maruti Suzuki World is facing lot of challenges in meeting the high demand for diesel cars in World especially in past one year or so. Maruti has signed an agreement to source 1 Lakh diesel engines directly from Fiat World while it manufactures the rest of it at its own Diesel engine assembly plants. Maruti Swift 2011, the new version of Maruti Swift launched in August 2011 has been in high demand since its launch and 80% of the demand is for diesel versions. This is creating lot of imbalance in production between the Petrol and Diesel cars for Maruti Suzuki. To promote the sales of Maruti Swift Petrol, Maruti Suzuki has announced a lucrative Limited Edition model of Maruti Swift called the Maruti Swift Alpha. Since the petrol prices have risen sharply in past two years, the ratio of demand for diesel vs petrol cars in World has changed too suddenly and most car makers in World are struggling to keep up with the new demand ratios.

The catch here is that Maruti Swift Alpha Limited Edition will be available only in the mid end Maruti Swift VXi petrol variant and it will offer additional features at no extra price. This will help Maruti to attract more customers towards this petrol versions of the Maruti Swift. In recent past, Maruti Suzuki announced increase in the dealer margins by 10% on selling petrol cars to help improve the sales of petrol cars since the demand for diesel cars is much more than petrol.

Maruti Swift Alpha Special Edition VXi Petrol

image – Maruti Swift Alpha Petrol Special Edition

Maruti Swift Alpha Petrol Extra Features

  • Interior Style Kit
  • Bluetooth Capable Music System for mobile phone pairing
  • Speakers System
  • Seat Covers
  • Designer Floor Mats
  • Comfi Range accessories
  • Door Visors
  • Door Sill Guard
  • Mud Flaps
  • Rear Spoiler

All these accessories will be fitted in the Maruti Swift Alpha at no extra cost to the customer. This is expected to attract some of the Swift Diesel as well as competing brand car buyers towards a Maruti Swift Petrol. We will keep an eye on the upcoming sales reports of Maruti Suzuki World to see if the special edition does the magic for Maruti Suzuki World. Do stay tuned for latest updates by liking our official and sign up for our to get latest updates via email.

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