Shirt Designs You Should Know Before Buying

Shirt Designs You Should Know Before Buying

Shirts are a common piece of clothing, especially for men. It's one of those you'll stumble upon in every clothes store or with someone. These shirts come in multiple designs, patterns, or just plain. Designs add an extra touch and attractiveness to the shirt, which can be a great selling point for manufacturers. An example is the grinch shirt which attracts both adults and kids. Additionally, the designs contribute to the shirt's style. Some are for decorative purposes, while others bear a strong meaning. This article highlights the different shirt designs you should know before buying.

Types of designs for your shirts

There are five common shirt designs in the market. This post helps you narrow down your picks as a buyer. They include;

1. Typography shirt designs

The design involves messages, slogans, and phrases printed on the shirt. There are hardly any images, so you focus more on what's written. The beauty of this kind of shirt is the creativity of the designer. How they have developed the phrases and the type of fonts used to display them. The wordings tend to capture the buyer's attention, especially if they are into meaningful words. You can have a manufacturer customize your shirt with a special message or buy one that's already printed. Always ensure the printed phrases resonate or are related to you.

2. Graphic designs

Such designs focus on illustrations and a bit of typography. The images occupy a better part of the shirt but with a message to complete the design. Graphic designs are very captivating and interesting, especially if the picture and typography work well. This design on your shirt can either be simple or complex, depending on your taste. However, despite being beautiful, it lacks uniqueness unless you come up with the design and have it printed for you.

3. Photography shirt designs

This design mainly involves images. However, some have texts or messages that complement the photo. The images are usually hyper-realistic, attracting you to them immediately. It's easy to spot these designs when shopping in stores scrolling down a page than the topography design. The design can be a complex or straightforward picture but still high-quality. Designers print different images on the shirts, so choose what speaks to and works best for you.

4. Abstract designs

The abstract design has no meaning, unlike the topography or photography designs, which consists of shapes, patterns, lines, or all, creating a repeated arrangement. Designers make such shirts for aesthetic purposes only. Such images are usually colorful due to the many colors involved. Therefore this is your ideal design if color attracts you and not wordings or phrases.

5. Branded shirt designs

Such designs represent certain companies or products. Brands mostly give out shirts with these designs to their workers. However, you can buy one from brand websites if you enjoy their products. Note that purchasing such shirts is limited since not everyone is into them.


The design of a shirt helps you decide whether you want it or not. Since they are several, the list above will help you choose the right one. Some designs are more popular and eye-catching than others. Always select stores that sell designs you like. Depending on your preference, you can go for something playful, meaningful, simple, or complex.