Should I Buy Manual Transmission Or Automatic Transmission Car?


Before I compare Manual and Automatic transmission, I should answer the two basic question for those who are not sure of what I am talking about.

What is Manual Transmission ?

Manual transmission cars are the cars that allow the driver to change the gears as per driving needs and there is a manual clutch pedal used while changing gears. The clutch uses solid clutch plate and pressure plate mechanism.

What is Automatic Transmission ?

Automatic transmission on the other hand works automatically depending on the vehicle speed and engine speed. In automatic transmission cars, there is no clutch pedal, and clutch-plate mechanism is replaced with a hydraulic torque convertor.

Automatic transmission gear lever Manual transmission gear lever

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If you are confused about which car to buy, Manual transmission or Automatic Transmission, I will help you take the decision based on the merits and demerits of both of these so that you can take a better decision.

Below is a comparison of various important features like cost , efficiency , maintenance, comfort, convenience, sport thrill and driving skill needs for Manual Transmission vs Automatic Transmission:

Comparison Of Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission
Factors Manual Transmission Automatic Transmission
Initial Cost Initial cost of manual transmission cars is low Initial cost of similar automatic transmission car is higher
Fuel Efficiency Fuel Efficiency of Manual transmission is higher because of low energy loss of a clutch plate based system Fuel Efficiency of Automatic transmission car is lower compared to manual transmission because of energy losses in hydraulic torque convertor are higher
Preventive Maintenance Cost Preventive maintenance  cost for Manual transmission is slightly lower. Preventive maintenance cost for automatic transmission car is slightly higher.
Breakdown Maintenance Cost Breakdown maintenance cost of  manual transmission car due to transmission related failures is lower compared to automatic transmission because of lesser complexity of manual transmission Breakdown maintenance cost of  automatic transmission car due to transmission related failures is higher compared to manual transmission because of more complexity of automatic transmission
Sporty Thrill Manual transmission is usually more sporty compared to automatic transmission because the choice of changing the gears lies with the driver so he/she can  choose whether to drive with more acceleration or more fuel efficiency based on the driving style Automatic transmission decides the gear changing speeds and changes it automatically, so the driver does not have full liberty to choose what gears  he/she wants to drive in, thus it is less sporty as compared to the manual transmission
Comfort and Convenience Manual transmission is less comfortable as the driver has to operate clutch to change gears and it can be lot of inconvenience  in a congested city traffic with stop and go type of situation. Automatic transmission is very comfortable as the driver needs not worry about the clutch and there is no need to manually change the gears with changing speeds. This adds a lots of convenience in city traffic where we have lots of frequent stop and go conditions.
Driving Skill It requires more skills to drive a manual transmission car as there has to be a coordination between speed and gears. Also driver needs to operate clutch whenever moving from a stopped position and while changing gears. It takes more time to be habitual of smoothly driving a manual transmission car It requires lesser skills to drive an automatic transmission car compared to manual transmission car as the gears are changed automatically by the transmission system of the car so the driver needs to operate just the accelerator, brake and steering. The driver need not coordinate for the gears as per speed and does not need to operate the clutch pedal. Thus it takes less time to be habitual to drive an automatic transmission car smoothly compared to manual transmission car.

Why should I buy Automatic Transmission?

If you are in search of driving comfort convenience and luxury, and you do not mind spending some extra money on cost of car and fuel, go for Automatic Transmission and you will be happy with the comfort and convenience of driving an automatic transmission car. Automatic transmission is highly recommended for stop-and-go congested city driving.

Why should I buy Manual Transmission?

If you are very specific about value for your money and you want best possible fuel efficiency from your car, you should buy Manual transmission. Alternatively, if you drive mostly on highways or out of city, where there is no much need to change gears frequently, you can buy Manual transmission car.

If you are a racing enthusiast and want the best possible thrill out of your car, I would recommend you to go for a manual transmission as it gives you freedom to choose your gear ratio at all the times giving you the extra punch when you need it.

Still Confused ?

Just ask your question using comment box below in case I have not covered your concern in this article. I will be happy to have a discussion and answer your queries through comments.

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  1. I have made up my mind to purchase an auto-transmission car for my wife. What are the options today in less than Rs. 5.0 lacs? Very few car makers seem to be offering automatic transmission in World. Please advice.

  2. @Kartik
    There are many options available in the budget of Rs. 5 Lakhs. Most car makers have automatic transmission models of small cars like Maruti Wagon R / Hundai Santro / Hyundai i10 have automatic transmission variants available in World. Although these are not advertised much because the price is Rs. 40000 to Rs. 60000 higher than the manual transmission models. Check the car company websites for details on the variants and models

  3. @admin
    can u please explain the mechanism of automatic transmission and the latest technologies coming like CVT’s, etc…..

  4. @Dinesh
    There are several types of automatic transmission systems, I will not go into details here as I want to keep away from too technical stuff in my articles. here is a reference for you to study further in details –

  5. @Murthy
    its your wish, if you don’t worry much about mileage, go for an automatic, its much more convenient to drive.

  6. idk if i should buy the honda civic si or the automatic cuz i live on a small town and sometimes there is traffic but idk if i would like to drive with the clutch. i never drove manual before but i wanna learn.

  7. I am a bit confused between buying the honda city manual or automatic. Does it really make sense to buy automatic for a car like Honda city where the clutch and gearbox are so smooth. I have been driving a palio s10 for 6.5 yrs and now it feels very heavy and tiring for city driving.

  8. Worldn automobile industry fails to advertize the benefits if automatic transmission. Worldn roads and traffic is just the right combination for an automatic transmission. All those who sit on the fence – go for automatic transmission. Please dont go by the myth that auto transmission is for female drivers. It is for ease and convenience of driving. Yes – the initial cost of the cars is 10% more as well as the running cost is 10% more; but the convenience of driving is 50% more than a car with manual transmission.

  9. I am thinking of buying Hyundai i10 Auto Transmission. Is there any statistics available on the sales of AT cars vs MT in i10 or any model which has both AT and MT. This will help understanding of the service facility availability for AT cars. I think for example if the percentage of sales of Hyundai i10 AT is about 10+ % then it will be bit easy for service, if the sales of AT over MT is 1 or 2% then service is difficult

  10. Hello Im going to buy Ford Endeavour i dont have idea to go with Endeavour 4×2 are Endeavour 4×4 AT …Im from World >> Chennai …As i use mostly for city drive ..also is AT will got broken ?

  11. 4 x2 or 4 x 4 will depend upon where you want to use it. For a mainly city drive buy 4 x 2

    AT is excellent in this model!

  12. i heard that the high end luxury cars are not available in the manual transmission variant in indian markets..what does one have to do if they wish to buy 1 within a specific budget

  13. They are available. Almost all models will have manual transmission. So go ahead and make a choice!

  14. Well, I think it depends on how and where you are going to drive your car. If you are going to have a long drive, I think you should buy the automatic one for a more relax feeling and easy handling. While if it is for short trips, I think manual will be good for it. Anyways, it really depends on your feel.

  15. I can say that there is no problem at all in climbing hills with AT. In case if the auto transmission fails to climb (Which I have not seen), you can effortlessly switch over to “1” and “2” which are provisioned in the car. I state this from my experience of driving Hyundai I10 Sportz Auto which I purchased in April this year.

    The car is a dream to drive in the congested and traffic ridden roads of Mumbai. If you have to drive in the city most of the time, then driving AT is much much easier. Worth the little extra you pay on AT.

    The only place I have seen a drawback of AT is when /if you have to drive on small highways (2-lane), where you require sudden high power for a few minutes to overtake a slower vehicle. On 4-lane highways or expressways there is no such problem and the car can handle the speed and overtaking effortlessly.

  16. I agree with Kartik. No problems in the hills; and saves you applying hand brakes in difficult spots. Absolutely must for World – the automatic transmission!

  17. Thanks, Kartik & Rajeev.Kartik,what you mention of requiring sudden high power for a few minutes to overtake another vehicle, is much more applicable in the hills, because of the curvy roads. What do you say to that. I feel in the hills one will have to be extra careful while over taking.

  18. Not exactly. Because on the hills, you require power at low speed which the AT can easily provide without problems. At a speed of about 20kmph, the car is already in a low gear and it will adapt to the high rpm requirement for climbing automatically. On the highways, you may be driving already at a high speed, say 70+, and then you require additional power to overtake for a few seconds. That can be an issue. Also remember, that on hills you can always go to Gear 1 or 2 in case if you find the car not able to support the high power required for the hills. But on the highway you cannot drop to 1 or 2 at that high speed.
    So in other words, the act of rapidly overtaking a fast vehicle on a two lane highway (where you have only a few seconds to complete the operation before a car in from the opposite direction comes too close for comfort) is analogous to a racing condition which I found the AT not able to handle too well. (It works but it is not the best). Steep hills are no problem at all.

  19. Again spot on Kartik. I drive an i10 auto in World and Ford Falcon overseas and the difference is in the engine power between these two cars. Ford Falcon being 4 liters compensate for the auto sluggishness in overtaking at high speed on the plains. Likewise, the more gears on the auto system, the better it is. In this instance, I10 suffers in comparison. But my experience with i10 auto in Himachal have been superb. I have even taken very steep kutcha roads to reach far flung temples and palaces in the hills around Shimla, Chail and Manali in my i10 sportz auto. No problems, whatsoever! And we do have a choice to manually bring the gear down to two or one to make sure that the car automatically does not move to the high gear. Go for it!

  20. Yes. I now understand that, had I got a more powerful AT car the “overtaking” experience would have been smoother. Does anyone have an experience with the SX4 AT? How is it?

    Having said all this, I am very happy with the i10 auto transmission. I required this car for city driving and after using this, I hate to drive any car with manual transmission. It is TOO easy to drive in traffic and it fit my budget (approx. 5.4 lacs in Mumbai). It is a pity that there are not too many options available at this price in AT.

  21. Very informative – thank you very much. Presently, i wish to replace my wife’s Zen (12 years old) with a car (with Automatic transmission) of equal dimension but definitely not much larger. Could you please assist? fyi, this will be purely for city use in Pune.

  22. I am planning to buy a new car for travelling to office daily. My general route is the highway with not much traffic but I could also use the car for other travels where I might have to go through traffic. Is an automatic car going to be much beneficial than manual for my needs ?

  23. Twisha, automatic transmission for your needs is going to be very convenient and useful. Don’t even think of buying a car with manual transmission!

  24. Hi ,

    Can you guide me whether under automatic transmission in would make sense to buy a Honda City or Vento and whether any other Sedan in that range is worth consideration…

  25. Honda city has a very good automatic transmission system. Vento is also good but before and after sale service is not good. In diesel, Verna is the available option. SX4 is the cheapest option with automatic transmission, but mileage is an issue!

  26. how to drive AT car? Shall we use both legs, right for accelerator and left for brake or only right as in manual transmission?

  27. Hello,
    Thank you for this article. I have a Honda City 1.3 Manual Transmission Car (2003 Model) which gives a mileage of around 15 KMPL on highway an 11 KMPL in City. I am thinking of buying an old Honda City 1.5 Automatic Transmission Car (2000 model) which I may get at a very low price. Kindly guide me on approximately what mileage I will get in the 1.5 Automatic compared to my 1.3 Manual Car in City and Highway compared to the mileage figures of my Manual car mentioned above. Thank you

  28. Kindly guide me on what is the approximate difference between mileage of Manual and Automatic Transmission Cars? For Eg.if a manual car gives a mileage of 12 what is the Automatic version roughly expected to give? Thank you.

  29. @Niraj Vashi
    It will depend largely on the condition of the car and partly on your driving style. You can expect close to 8 to 10 in city and 11 to 13 on highway.

  30. Automatic transmissions are generally less fuel frugal. The difference could be ranging from 1-2 km per liter. However the type of auto transmission and how the car is driven will also matter.

  31. @Shimona
    There are special gear settings on the gear lever which are like “2” or “1”. Instead of normal city driving where you put it in “D”, put it in 1, or 2, which will restrict the maximum gear to the 1 or 2 which is suitable for slopes.

  32. […] and an amazing 90 BHP with its diesel engine. The current Fiesta doesn’t have the option of Automatic Transmission (AT), but the new Fiesta may have an AT in its high end […]

  33. Sir, I am left leg above knee amputee. I am looking for AT cars. Would u suggest which Brand is best in terms of fuel consumption,, efficiency and low cost maintenance. Ur suggestion will be fruitful to all like me.

  34. Hi @sivacoumarane
    I would suggest you to try Maruti A-Star Automatic or Hyundai i10 Automatic. Both are low cost and low maintenance automatic transmission cars.

  35. Thanks,
    I test drived Hyundai I10 AT and I am comfortable. I didn’t tried Maruti A-Star AT. Here, in Pondicherry only Hyundai I10 AT is available. Maruthi Dealer said that on booking only he can arrange for Maruthi A star AT. So, it is not possible for me to compare with Maruthi A-Star AT without test drive. Maruthi A-STar AT is not available here at present.
    Please let me know the standard petrol consumption of I10 AT both in city drive and long drive. Dealer says the petrol consumption is 13 and 17 KM/lt respectively. Is it true. Here, the cost of I10 AT is Rs.5,43,000 (Metalic). I am working in the Govt Department and belong to the middle class family. Is it worth to invest in I10 AT?. I am in very confusing state of Mind. Whether to go for AT version for personal drive or to go for Manual version by using the services of Driver whenever the necessity arise? But definitly I am looking for a car. I am looking some one like u who can guide me. Please suggest.

  36. @sivacoumarane
    I would suggest you to go for Hyundai i10 AT. The mileage in city will depend on your driving style. I expect the mileage to be between 11 and 13 in city and between 15 and 18 on highway.

  37. Looking to buy A star automatic. The concern is on hill driving. Any one has tested A star automatic on the hills?

    Please suggest


  38. Hi, I am opting for A-Star Auto..could anyone pls let me know wats the mileage expected in city.And is it of high maintenance car?Regular Servicing cost in comparison to Manual one?

  39. i am going to buy new verna 1.6 sx ‘o’ diesel pls suggest me should i buy At or manual my monthly running is around 3500km (on highway is 3000km and on city is 500km) and what will be the milage diffrance in city and highway in both At / manual in percantage eg if on highway in manual is 20km what will be in At?. who is the quality of At in hyundai verna is, it is poor – avrage or good ? if you have any more guideline pls explane me.

  40. Hi,
    I want to buy a new car within 15lacs and car type should be SUV or Sedan.
    Mostly i will drive in the city road.I want such type of car where new technologies,comfort is available.
    Could you please suggest some?


  42. confused between honda city ivtec 2011 automatic and manual
    how is new verna petrol compared to honda city..

  43. i m plannin to buy scoda laura.i was confused between the manual and auto transmission.i dont spending more at the time of purchasing the car but dont expect low mileage.i have also heard that auto transmission gives more mileage than manual if properly it true?

  44. All,

    “A car is for comfort and luxury”

    Buying an AT always provides you with “extra” confort & luxury. I have been driving AT for over 20 years now. Everyone asks for the mileage return on a car (unless it is a truck). People who can afford to buy a car need to spend on the gas (like buying an elephant and feeding it).

    Lets do a simple math (all asumptions except the gas price):
    1. Mileage: Manual 15kms/liter; Automatic 10kms/liter
    2. Kilometers clocked everyday 50
    3. Mileage return in Rs: Manual Rs 4.6/km; Automatic Rs 7/km; (petrol at Rs.70/liter)
    4. Difference Rs.2.50/km
    5. (50 kms/day * difference Rs 2.50/km) = You pay Rs.75/day extra on Automatic
    6. Per month = Rs.2100; Per year Rs.25,000 extra + 10% extra on maintenance;
    7. Grand total extra every year on Auto is @Rs.30,000
    8. Average you buy another car in 5 years = Rs. 1.25 lakhs
    9. ROI = To earn the 1.25 lakhs it normally takes a one month pay check
    10. This is the premium you pay for comfort & luxury.

    I rest my case 🙂


  45. I am Punjabi living in Australia. I am surprised at the comments. People in World seem to have lack of knowledge and phobia about automatic transmissions. I drive an 3.6L Holden Commodore Automatic transmission sedan. Now its done 120,000 kms without any problems. I can go uphill as fast as I want. I can accelerate far more quickly than Hyundais, Suzukis and Great Walls. I have no problem in overtaking cars or changing lanes on highways. Its not expensive to maintain an automatic transmission. All I do is drain ATF and put new ATF and transmission filter every 50,000 kms. Automatic transmission tend to have a bit of sluggish performance and less mileage per litre as compared to their manual counterparts but not as much as stated above in comments. The difference is more noticeable in cars with smaller engines. Anyways the comfort and ease of driving outweighs any disadvantages. Just a little fact for Worldn brothers, amongst all cars sold in developed countries 80-90% are automatic. From little hatchbacks like Hyundai i30 to 342 HP Holden V8 all are sold with automatic transmission and they are the preferred choice over manual transmissions. What we need in World is cars with powerful engines and automatic transmissions which are not diesel. Diesel is for tractors on farm not for city driving. I hope it clears some misconceptions about automatic transmissions.

  46. Hello Rohit,
    Thanks for a great comparison between manual & automatic transmission.
    Do we have a statistics on performance of Automatic transmission cars in World-‘On Worldn conditions’? Does Worldn roads/Traffic/Pollution has impact on performance of Automatic Transmission?
    If you have any ideas or more information on this topic,could you please advice?
    Also if anyone else has more information on performance of Automatic Transmission in Worldn condition,please do share?
    Manoj Pillai

  47. Hello Rohit,
    Thanks for an interesting comparison on Manual V/s Automatic Transmission cars in World.
    Moving forward do we have statistics on performance of Automatic transmission on Worldn conditions.(Worldn road/Climate/Traffic/Pollution)
    In Worldn condition do Automatic Transmission break down often.What is the life of Automatic transmission?
    Any information on this would be greatly helpful.
    Also if anyone reading the comment could guide on some points,then it would be very helpful.
    Manoj Pillai

  48. @Manoj Pillai
    There is no problem regarding the maintenance in Worldn conditions as the AT does not break down because of dust or bad roads. The only problem in World is that traffic is very congested and insane usually, so the mileage is not that great, otherwise it makes perfect sense in bumper to bumper traffic.

  49. Thanks Rohit for the advice.But based on Worldn conditions do we have any details on the life span of Automatic Transmission (AT) with respect to maintenance cost as compared to Manual Transmission (MT).What factors would prolong the life of AT?
    I am planning to purchase either Hyundai Fluidic AT Diesel or Volkswagen Vento Diesel MT as no AT is avaliable in this varient,but unable to make a decison on preferences for AT rather than MT.
    Hence requesting details on life of AT compared to MT under Worldn Conditions.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Manoj Pillai

  50. Hi Rohit, am a handicap with left leg. Initially, I tried to learn driving car but came to know that I cant press clutch properly. Will AT be the best option for me?

  51. Hello Mr. Rohit,
    I am from Hyderabad and I would like to purchase a Petrol Car with Automatic Transmission Car with a Budget of around 5 Lacs. I found that Maruti A-Star AT and Hyundai i-10 AT are the only options I could find. Please suggest me which one I should consider among the above two cars? I found that Maruti A-Star A.T is around Rs 60,000/- cheaper than the Hyundai i-10 A.T.
    Please also suggest me whether is it advisable to purchase an Auto Transmission Car in World? Because all my friends are opposing to my idea of A.T Car. My usage is around 15 to 20 Km/ Day. Mostly in moderate traffic but some times in the Heavy city traffic. Please help me in taking the decision. Thanks.

  52. @Murli
    If you want a small car for 4 or less A-Star is a good choice. If you want to seat 5 adults in the car, i10 would be better as its spacious

  53. Hai Mr. Rohit,
    Thank You very much for your suggestion. Actually we are 3 adults (Myself with 5 ft 7 in height, my wife and my mother) and one kid (< 2 years old) only travel in the car for most of the time. If relatives come, I would prefer to book a Cab for them to go anywhere in the city rather than trying to push them in my car. So, I think I can go for A-Star A.T.
    Is it advisable to buy an automatic car in World? Please suggest me. Thanks.

  54. If World has diesel hatchback with AT ( Auto Transmission /gears) then in non-planned congested metro cities and other cities, it will be biggest boon!!! But it seems the car makers and politicians seem to be hands-in-glove as a diesel AT hatchback will kill the petrol market fully!!!!!!! and that’s where the money is for car makers and govt!!! Or is Govt being fooled by foreign car makers by making only petrol hatch backs with AT????? so that World’s trade deficit keeps growing and we remain a “developing nation” for times to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. instead dual fuel hatchback with AT would be best answer…as if citizens start having diesel hatchbacks with AT, govt will have to remove subsidy on diesel and raise diesel prices as well!!!!!!

  56. Dear Sir

    I want to know whether the auto transmission car goes back on slope if we are still at a place whereas we do half clutch in manual gear transmission to avoid the same. Also guide , whether LPG or CNG fuel with auto transmission is feasible to go for ?


  57. Hi Prasad Pote

    The automatic transmission cars do not roll backwards on slope, reason for the same is that when you release the brake, it gradually starts to move forward, so if you stop completely on upward slope and want to remain where you are, you can keep the brake pressed and car in D mode. When you release the brake, the car will gradually start moving ahead without even pressing the accelerator (something like a half-clutch function) and when you have road clear ahead of you, you can press the accelerator (like you take off your feet in manual and accelerate). In fact its more convenient than manual transmission.

  58. I m looking for a used car, mostly Sedan and i my favorite is OLD HONDA CITY. I got to see two Honda city, 2000 Automatic and 2003 manual. Price is the for both. But 2000 AT has done 85k km and the later has done 120k km, both looks beauty, don’t about the maintenance, service and parts availability .
    I need not take for daily ride to office. but have plans to take in the city and on Highways.
    can any one suggest me which is right.

  59. […] Maruti Suzuki displayed three small 660 CC Kei cars from Suzuki Japan at their pavilion at the Auto Expo 2012. The small cars included – Suzuki Solio, the Suzuki MR Wagon and the Suzuki Palette SW variant. All these cars are sold in Japan as per their small car regulations and are highly fuel efficient and space saving cars. All these three cars are compact on outside (less length and width) but spacious on inside (small engine compartment and high and large passenger cabin). These cars are powered by a small K series 660 CC MPFI Petrol engine coupled with a CVT automatic transmission. […]

  60. i am looking for the one which has automatic tramnsmission….with full option…..i would like to purchase it in World ,properly said,kerala.would u pls send the collective details incl(price,delivery timing,booking tym….so on)to my web adress….thankyou..

  61. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know of automatic transmission cars for price somewhere between 6.5 to 7.25 Lacs. Does new etios liva or swift comes with automatic transmission?

    Thanks in advance.

  62. Between Maruti Alto K10 and A Star Automatic:
    Is it wise to spend Rs 1.20 Lacs in A Stat Automatic?
    Or Should I go with Alto K10.

  63. […] The name CLA is in connection with CLS and therefore the car’s styling is expected to be influenced by the latter. Coming to the engines now, Mercedes will offer CLA with a range of petrol and diesel engines that will offer power outputs in the range of 110 BHP to 150 BHP. Beside these conventional versions, a Hybrid and a 300 BHP Mercedes AMG version will also be available later. The engines will be offered with a choice of two transmissions: a 7 speed dual-clutch and a 6 speed manual transmission. […]

  64. I do not see why Worldn car manufacturers do not move towards mass automatic gear car production which would bring down the prices. Automatic gear systems are very advanced now and also have triptronic manual override functions for sporty drives. They are now a norm the world over so all that warming and frequent gear change due to traffic is obsolete. Good automatics with CVT are very good in optimum gear slection while driving and enhance the engine life by keeping the transmission in the right gear vis a vis the speed.

  65. Manual are fun and sportier to Drive but given the traffic conditions specially during peak hours and half clutch driving can burn your knees. Until my City it was manual and I now enjoy my Civic Automatic. It is as easy as driving a Kinetic Honda or CVT scooters. I do not mind 25% drop in mileage and a lakh more cos a knee surgery can cost upto 5 + laks and a couple of months of hospital and recovery your precious body hets knived.

  66. Hi,

    I am from Bangalore.

    I am close to making a decision on buying a car and have narrowed downed to a Hyundai i10. But I am yet undecided on whether to go for the Automatic or the Manual variant. I read your post and I understand that Manual has several benefits. However, I am more inclined to go for the Auto variant, though the cost is more.

    Regarding the maintenance cost, how often does the auto variant undergo a break down and what would be the normal maintenance cost?


  67. I read you article where you mentioned that manual gives more of a sporty feel compared to the automatic, now the Honda civc Automatic also comes with paddle shift will that give the leverage of power driving when required. Kindly advise ? I am confused between a Honda civic Auto and Manual. Since I drive in Mumbai you now how it work.


  68. Dear Rohit

    1) How about Honda brio automatic when compared to hyundai i10

    2) What will happen in battery down in automatic car can it be started like mannual by pushing the car

    3) for chennai traffic is Automatic required

    4) please need ur input

  69. 1. Brio automatic is a better performer because of its engine.
    2. You can not push start an automatic car, it does not have a clutch which you can control manually.
    3. If there is too many stop and go, its more comfortable to get an automatic.


  70. Hi…I’m planning an 2009 used Honda Civic..I have two options of going for AT or MT. I have gone through your review and found it very helpful…I’m still left with few query’s:

    1. If the AT system fails what will be the expense cost…how much more than MT failure
    2. What is the difference in mileage between AT & MT

    I’m actually more concerned on the frequency of AT transmission failure and repair cost.

    Awaiting your response.


  71. […] SUV market is the emerging and the largest market in World from last two years. Consumers any where across the globe would be requiring the cheapest vehicle with all new stuffing. The Mahindra Scorpio remains the cheapest SUV stuffed with all new smoking exteriors and heated interiors provided with the Bosch instrumentation of six speed automatic transmission. […]

  72. Thanks for helping me confirm the auto over manual! Now, whats the best automatic transmission car today for a lady driver – senior citizen, driving mainly alone, wants a small, safe, easy to park and service car, within 8 lakhs? Not status concious at all, so if the best is for 4 lakhs, that will be fine too! Please suggest 3 options, with what is best/ not so great in all 3 options. Would like to buy in March itself after reading about the pros of buying now. So would really appreciate an ASAP reply. Thanks a lot!

  73. Hello
    I am planning to by an SUV with automatic transmission , is any SUV available i have listed few
    XUV500, DUSTER,Tata Aria , any of them have automatic transmission .
    If you can suggest any other car that will be helpful .
    Waiting for repl

  74. i want to buy honda accord 95 with automatic gears. but i dont know the difference of cost of repair of automatic gear and manual gear. if it is not significant, i shall go for automatic. what do u suggest.

  75. sir i want to know which car has high speed gear dox and its animation videos
    sir and i request you to give me automobiles gk question

  76. Hi Rohit, Need help i have a budget of 12-13 Lac and confused b/w Top end Verna Diesel mannual or Automatic. With automatic my only concern is that Verna has 4 speed automatic gear. Please help what’s your take on Verna Automatic system.

  77. Hello,
    I am confused between Maruti A Star and Hyundai i10 automatic. I will be driving around 80kms daily and it will be a max of 4 adults. Can you please comment on engine, mileage, and maintenance?


  79. Hello would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.
    P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  80. Hello,

    We’re using the WordPress blog platform for our website.

    Please do send us a mail to [email protected] the next time you have a query.

    Associate Editor

  81. Hi,
    I would like choose ecosprts AT for family use bcoz more driving confirt and good safety features. If any -ve on AT please share with us your feedback

  82. I am buying my first car and wants to be a good driver. Which of the two transmissions would you recommend, taking in account that I will be using it with my wife who is beginner?

  83. Hi this is Das from Andhrapradesh,
    I have a problem on right leg little bit, Since Frm 10years having car with driver but now I need to buy i10 At car, is there any difficult onself driving? right now I am riding all model bykes..thank you.

  84. Hi!
    I am from mumbai and on the verge of buying a toyota camry 2008 model (Automatic) or Corola Altis Automatic 2008/2009 model. Is it advisable to install a Sequential CNG kit in the car?

    Please advice.

  85. how to drive AT car? My right leg is little weak so can I operate accelerator and break with left leg only.

    And I have budget of upto 9 lacs and will prefer to go for small Car so can you just suggest the best car as per my requirement.


  86. i want to buy a skoda octavia AT but i ll confused after read the difference between AT & MT please give me some adviced which one is best ?

  87. Hello Mithun,

    Could you please tell us what exactly it is that you are confused about?

    Associate Editor | ContentWorld

  88. Hello,

    I am a physically handicapped person and cannot use my left hand. I would like to buy an automatic transmission equipped car. I think I can drive myself, I want your suggestions whether I will be able to drive one.

  89. hello sir!






  90. Can u tell me that tata nano car having auto transmission technology. I want to buy a tata nano basic according to the budget, but if auto transmission is present i will go for that.

  91. Hello Magesh,

    The first thing that you’ve to get is a license, if the authorities at the local Transport Office give you the clearance, you are legally allowed to drive. We would not recommend you driving a car, even if it an automatic transmission equipped one, if you are not able to use all your limbs.

    Hope that helped.

    Associate Editor | ContentWorld

  92. I am planning to buy Xcent Auto transmission SX model for a medium size town in North World. Will it be a wise decision . Any issues with car.

  93. I am handicapped and my right leg is not working. Can I drive autotranmission Scorpio with left leg?

  94. i am thinking about to exchange my 2009 hatchback to 2008~2010 model automatic sedan ( Honda city). also i would like to fit CNG in that later. I just came to know that after 50k ~ 60k km auto transmission starts to have frequent trouble with gear box and need huge time and money to get it repaired. manual transmission is giving leg pain due to daily drive of 100 km in city. wants to know the difference in mileage and if any trouble with cng. my ritz is giving +20 km / kg of cng.

  95. I have made up my mind to purchase an auto-transmission car for my wife. What are the options today in less than Rs. 5.0 lacs? Very few car makers seem to be offering automatic transmission in World. Please advice.

  96. Hi,
    I have a phobia of driving on roads and often took driving classes also but couldn’t drive with this phobia of hitting somebody. Also often get panic with manual gear changing. But now i have to face my fear and get driving.
    I need help which small car should i go Maruti Alto K10 automatic transmission or gear taking consideration my fear.
    Now it has become necessary for me to drive but confused should i go for manual or automatic.

    Once comfortable to drive on roads, in-case in future need to drive manual gear car how easy/difficult will it be to switch from automatic to manual?


  97. Hello, Myself keen to learn car driving – automatic transmission type. Which models are easiest and also approx cost. Which driving classes in Navi Mumbai teach automatic cars with least manual handling. Myself at young age had serious fracture while learning cycle – hence avoided learning cycle and bike altogether. Will I be able to learn car driving without knowing cycle or bike? Kindly easiest automatic types.

  98. Hi, i Am looking to buy a used car and have three option.

    1. 2010 Hundayi I20
    2. 2010 Honda City, ivtech
    3. 2008 Honda City , i vtech , S, Automatic , CNG fitted.

    not sure which one to buy

  99. No it’s not company fitted CNG. like i am confused as to should i go for 7 year old Honda City (slightly bigger Car & AMT costing 4.75) or 4 year old I20 (Slightly newer & Costing 3.5) & this would be my first car.

  100. I have a honda city gxi 2004 model.I want to buy a new swift car.Can i give my honda city into maruti company and buy a new swift.
    Its urgent

  101. Is auto cars having less mailage? And the maintenance cost is more or not nd will it create problems freaauently or not .
    Pls reply

  102. Hi…My query is , In a automatic transmission vehicle, I need to take a U-trun in next 50m where as myvehicle speed is very high, will the gear automatically fall down and cum down to the correct speed to tale a U turn ?


  103. I am from Darjeeling i want to buy Automatic cars but every one told me not to go for automatic please suggest

  104. Sir..i recently purchased a hundsi i10 automatic sportz car..kindly advise should i always drive on D mode…then why there is a L and 2 ?when one shall drive on L and 2

  105. Hi
    I would like to buy AT SUV. Can you guide me which one is better in the range of Rs.8-11 lakhs.

  106. Please someone inform me about the life of an AT Gear Box. Can it be repaired or needs to be changed completely on failure? I am planning to buy Vento Highline AT. Kindly suggest if its worth, if not any other sedan…


  107. i have just started my own business now the problem is the place where i have to go for my factory is almost 20 km so 20 km up and 20 km down which is 40 km ,on the entire journey there are certain places where i face traffic and i have to go through the tiring process of changing gears manually but the rest of it is on highway also i want to feel the comfort of an AT car with low cost and maintenance kindly suggest me which car i should go for , a diesel automatic car or a cng fitted car .

  108. Hello,
    i am going to buy a used jetta.The car is 5 year old and has automatic transmission.Also i do have an option with manual option prices is little less.Whichone i should buy? In my view A/T would be better since driver does not need to use clutch so the gear box will be in good condition.So the car would be good.Am i right? please help me to understand this…

  109. some of mine colleague told me that, it will very difficult to drive Manual car after driving AT car. it is true ? if yes than what is solution for that.

  110. No. That’s not really true. Automatics always demand higher maintenance in the long term and with these German sedans, can turn out to be an expensive proposition. Have a good look at the manual variant too, before deciding which one to buy.


  111. Hello Rohit, I have gone through all the above threads. Presently there are AMT and DSG cars available in the market. Both the technologies presents features of automatic tranasmission with manual gear box advantages. Also the fuel efficiency is as good as a MT car. Pl. comment. I am shorltly turning 60 years and thinking of DSG cars. Average per day travel is 60 km and 50 % urban and 50% on highway at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I came to know that cars with CVT are with less mileage. In case of AMT or DSG, which cars/sedans/crossovers can be considered for around 10L budget.

  112. I am little confused for what best suit for me automatic or manual as I am 45 year old with no driving skill. Please suggest..

  113. Hi, I am planning to buy a fuel efficient sedan, where my average driving is 650kms/month. in city traffic. Long drives are for 2-3 times a year with a driver. Please suggest an easy to maintain car in the range of 5-7 lacs.

  114. which option is best to purchase mannual transmission or automatic transmission in wagonr….top model VXI ……?

  115. I wanted to buy new automatic transmission gear.
    Kindly advice me whether to go for i10 or wagon R vx model for city drive

  116. I’m planning to buy Wagron R. Can you please suggest which would be good option AMT or Manual? I’m counting more on mileage and maintenance. What will be the true mileage and avgerage maintenance of Wagron R Amt?

  117. Sir actually i want to knw how much it cost to repair civic automatic transmission.. and how much it cost to repair manual transmission… if someone in this blog knw pls answer

  118. hello all.. please really need a sincere advice.. I am planning to buy a small car later this year . probably alto 800 or the Renault kwid.I live in Darjeeling and want to buy it with auto gear. but is auto gear suitable for darjeeling roads?. because we have very few straight mostly up and down hill..?

  119. There is no problem buying the automatic variant for use in Darjeeling. However, please not that Auto Gear Shift is not available on the Alto 800 and can be bought only on the K10 variants. Also, the Kwid is yet to get an Auto Gear Shift variant.


  120. I wud like to know the difference with regard to an AT vehicle will be better with petrol or diesel as the fuel type, i.e. driving comfort, long-term maintenance, mileage/fuel efficiency.

  121. Hai. It’s heard that Automatic transmission will make issues if we are usually travelling in hilly areas. please let me know the fact.


  122. Hi All, I am planning to buy a AT car and my budget is 8 to 9L .Is Maruti Baleno Delta AT a good option?Kindly advice me. and AT cars will have much problems after 50,000 kms?

  123. Hi I want to buy my first car. I will learn driving and buy. Which will b better..Suzuki celerio AGS or manual

  124. Should I got for Celerio top variant AMT or wait for Tiago amt?
    Pls advise. And, I have just got the DL and have to drive in Bangalore traffic daily.
    AMT or manual?

  125. All these have been very grt feedbacks. I am not able to decide with the maintainence or repairs !! R they heavy on pocket or disturbing .. I am buying used 2010 Skoda superb AT .. It looks well maintained .. Pl suggest

  126. Hii All,

    i am looking for a car in Tricity ( Chandigarh-Mohali_Panchkula) seeking advise on Honda city SV-CTV Vs SV-MT, please advise me on performance, mileage and durability of AT vs MT.

  127. Very good performance of the Manual, the automatic transmission could have been better though. Even mileage is pretty good, but cars like the Ciaz offer better mileage and are cheaper to buy and maintain too. Still, between AT and MT, if you look at it from performance, mileage and durability perspective, the MT makes much more sense.


  128. I am confused between maruti s cross and vitara brezza. Which car is best to drive in village area.

  129. I am not aquented with shifting the manual gears using clutch & because of this, sometimes the vehicle stops & I am unable to move the vehicle in traffic. This is because, I can ride only automatic two wheelers & not the geared bike. So, is it advisable to buy a automatic car which will help in solving my problem. Please advise.

  130. Hi, I am confused between the Duster AMT and Scorpio AMT. What worries me is the ac of Duster, I don’t think it is very effective since we have one manual in the family. Scorpio AMT is not available in Senegal because of the above 2K cc issue and has to be sourced from a different city. Just read about the Creta E+ petrol since the other diesel versions seem over priced.

    Pls suggest asap. Would be great if you can write to me separately so that I don’t miss your response.

  131. Hi i love drive fast and i want comfort too i am confused buy between mahindra xuv500 w10 automatic and manual

  132. Hi, I’m planning to buy a Honda Amaze petrol – manual variant. Kindly advice whether the same will suit hill driving…

  133. How will AMT behave in a long term usage when compared to manual car. What will the maintenance difference. I heard that the AMT engine gets heated soon and leaves us on road. How will it run uphill & downhill.
    How abt K10 & Celerio AMT cars

  134. Hi, I am planning to buy a new car for my wife who is currently in the process of learning driving. What do you suggest – should i go for an automatic (AMT) car or manual car? I am worried that if she starts with an automatic car, will she ever be able to drive a manual one?

  135. Yes, switching from an auto to manual might not be the most convenient for her. Maybe you should get a manual for your wife. May we recommend you start with a small car like the Tata Tiago, which is high on features, but has compact dimensions and light controls.


  136. Hi,

    I’m planning to buy between the New Toyota Platinum Etios and Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2016 model.
    Etios comes only with Manual Gear whereas Dzire (new) comes Auto gear too.

    I need to learn to drive (my father knows to drive)

    My biggest worry is that suppose i learn to drive a car with manual gear and buy auto gear car, will i lose touch the learning curve to drive a manual gear car when i use my friends car.


  137. i am confused bw creta auto and manual. ;my interest lies buying auto creta but i am confused in can creta automatic can climb steeper hill or any mountain. does it face any problem as compared to manual..

  138. Hi team,

    As per my budget I have arrived at 2 options on automatic cars. Kwid AMT and wagon r Automatic. Kindly let me know which would be better option and reason also.

  139. Sir, Please advice to buy automatic transmission car. Is it right to buy automatic transmission car. If yes which is best to buy from Maruti baleno deta automatic or hundai elite 20 Magna. It is my first car abd use within city only.

  140. Hi Guys,

    Please advice if Kwid AMT is good for hilly areas. My place have very steep hill roads. Kindly advice.


  141. Guys,

    Please advice if Kwid AMT is good for hilly areas. My place have very steep hill roads. Kindly advice ASAP as I would like to finalize my decision before 2016 year as there will be a piece hike next year.


  142. Hi
    I am buy 2nd hand Swift Dzire Automatic 2012 model
    And i am confused in should I am shift gear D to N in traffic signals

    Somewhere i read Putting In N is harm the Transmission its true

    Please help me out for this

    Deepak mistry

  143. Putting the car in ‘N’ doesn’t necessarily do any harm to the transmission. However, it does not have any advantages either. It does not affect fuel economy or wear and tear.

  144. Hi
    I just completed my driving classes and I am pretty comfortable with driving now. I am thinking of buying a car. I am confused whether to go for manual or automatic transmission cars. If I buy an Automatic transmission cars, will it be an issue to drive a manual car later? I have heard that in city traffic automatic cars are more convenient.
    Would like to hear a good suggestion.

  145. Yes, automatics are more convenient. However, if you can’t drive a manual right now, switching from automatic to manual might be an issue at a later stage. However, if you’ve learnt driving on a manual, and are well acquainted with operations of clutch, you might buy an automatic now and maybe switch to a manual if it’s ever required.


  146. Yes Yatharth I am driving Swift Automatic last 2 months. Automatic car is more comfortable then manual.
    Before swift I am driving santro manual transmission.


  147. I am planning to buy Automatic transmission car for my dad. Since you mentioned ‘breakdown’ and maintenance cost is higher, what do you exactly mean? Does it get into trouble more often than Manual transmission cars?

  148. Not necessarily. But there are certain automatic cars, like DSG automatics from Volkswagen Group, which require a higher maintenance. What car are you thinking of purchasing?


  149. Alto K10….How AMT version will perform in steep hilly areas? Will it be normal like an manual car to drive it in manual mode in steep up hills? Is there any difference in average in manual n automatic car in hilly areas?

  150. Hi,
    I am still confused about Manual to Auto? wanna ask here that, Auto car provides better control for braking compared to manual? like in emergency, which cars will get controlled fast & easily?
    Another one – While overtaking, sometimes we need extra power, which is not available from upper gear, for which we use to lower down the gear and get that extra power by accelerating. What makes it differ in Auto with this? I f some one is crazy for cut outs through gaps & overtaking, which one is best?

  151. Is there any difference in driving a manual car and automatic car on a hilly road? Does automatic car give equal thrust/torque that of a manual geared car? In other words,is driving an automatic car on a steep road is safe and equally possible as compare to a munaul geared car?

    Please guidel

  152. I have heared that the automatic cars are very discomfort while overtaking.. is there anything true in it. ?

  153. There are basically three types of Automatic transmission available in World which are CVT,DSG and AMT. The AMT is the most cost effective and fuel efficient and most of the car in World provide AMT. So please update your knowledge and then update your blog.

  154. I want to buy skoda rapid diesel but i’m confuse between manual transmission and automatic transmission.
    Please give me your personal suggestion. Which one you buy…?

  155. Why all taxi drivers, middle class car buyers prefer manual gear system over AMT?

    New Dzire has waiting period of 3 months in Haryana.

    While New Dzire AMT has no waiting , available on the spot

    I want to buy New Dzire in this week, if you can suggest me please

    Should I wait for 3 months to get New Dzire Vxi Manual?

    Or I should buy New Dzire AMT which is available without waiting.?

  156. Hi,

    I am thinking about Maruti Suzuki Dezire New VXI AMT model. – petrol model

    But, i am confused a little about
    1. Is the mileage difference more between VXI manual and VXI Automatic ?
    2. Is it more preferable to buy AMT model or manual Model of VXI series… for Roads in Bangalore Traffic
    3. Is the choice of Dezire New VXI AMT good one or do you suggest any other brand and model

  157. Helo, I want to buy baleno delta model, I want to knw whether I ll go for automatic or manual,, is CVT Fxn is gud in automatic cars, hw much the difference in maintainance ,, in net it shws average shouldn’t wry in this model is it right.
    Plz clear my doubts

  158. In case of Volkswagen Vento 2016/2017 model, which option is better; Manual transmission or Automatic DSG 7speed gear transmission?

  159. HI, I wish to buy Innova Crysta : Petrol Automtic/ diesel auto would be better in performance, comfort, my Avg. monthly driving is 800 kms. Petrol auto GX / Diesel Auto GX ……

  160. Thanks Yatharth…. for your valuable suggestion. Is there any new changes in Crysta model in coming 2-3 months….

  161. I am planning to buy Ford Figo 1.5 AT , give some suggestion and what’s the mileage and how about the maintenance cost. Is there any frequent complaint coming to the auto transmissions? pls let me know

  162. Is it not reccomended to buy an automatic car for a hilly place? I am confused whether to buy ciaz automatic or not as we live in dehradun.
    Please reply.

  163. Hi Rinki,
    A modern automatic doesn’t face any trouble on hilly terrain. Also, Dehradun is in a valley and unless you go to really challenging conditions in the upper region of Garhwal hills, I don’t think you’ll ever face any kind of problem with an automatic. Hence, you can go for the Ciaz auto with eyes closed.


  164. Hi,
    I am planning to buy a car. mostly i will drive in city and any rarely i will go for long drive (once in 2 months).
    I have a family of 4 members. I am new to driving. one year back only i learned driving and got driving license. please give me a suggestion to select a car. I need a car with ABS & Airbag (petrol car). my preference is maruti suzuki wagon R. I need less maintenance cost & more millage. which is best manual transmission or automatic.


  165. Im planning to buy innova crysta. But confused to select which one between the automatic and manual. Im very much convinced with the automatic variant but i cannot make a choice precisely because the automatic variant in innova is the new variant, im afraid that i dont know how the automatic gear box performs and its life and most commonly occurning problems in the automatic variant. I want to know what will be the maintanance cost if anything goes wrong with the automatic gear box.

  166. I am planning to buy new dezire but confused whether to buy manual or automatic gearbox. I am using wagon r manual since last more than 5 years or so. Is there any mileage issue in automatic gearbox? My daily driving is app 40km.
    Pl advise.

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