Sponsored- Toyota Dominoes Videos: Making Impossible Possible

Toyota has created an amazing video titled Toyota Dominoes which represents exactly what it is meant to- “Making (seemingly) Impossible Possible”. This video showcases a series of Dominoes rising rather than falling in a mesmerising sequence. It has been beautifully produced and creates a magical looking experience. It goes against the conventional Dominoes falling sequence, which precisely represents Toyota’s message- Sustainable Mobility. There is a conventional opinion that cars pollute air and emission spoils the environment, but not anymore. With Toyota’s FCV or Fuel Cell Vehicle, this changes the game. The Fuel cell works on very simple yet revolutionary scientific principle in which Hydrogen Gas combines with Oxygen from air and give electricity which runs the car. And while creating electricity to run the car, the only emission from a fuel cell car is water! Can you believe it? It is true. No more CO2 emissions to hurt the environment and cause global warming. Just have a look at the video below:

Toyota has been around in the automobile manufacturing since 1937 and has more than 7 decades of legacy. It has rich heritage of technology, research and innovations in car manufacturing and automobile technology which has enabled Toyota to develop this seemingly impossible technology. It is no coincidence that Toyota is the first brand in the world to mass produce a Hybrid car (Prius) back in 1997. They have developed many eco-friendly car technologies including the plug-in hybrids, fuel cell hybrids and pure fuel cell vehicles. These new technologies have helped a lot to bring down the fuel consumption which is not only pocket-friendly but also reduces the dependence on fossil fuel like gasoline and diesel which are getting more and more expensive every few months.

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all thoughts are our own.