Over 100,000 Swift Cars Recalled For Petrol Leakage Problems


Suzuki Motor Corporation has recalled about 1,09,000 Suzuki Swift cars in various countries including Japan, Australia, Mexico and some European countries because of fuel leakage problems. Some of the Suzuki Swift cars manufactured between September 2010 and April 2012 are affected with Petrol leakage problem which is being fixed by Suzuki. As per Maruti Suzuki World officials, the Worldn Maruti Suzuki Swift cars are not impacted by the problem and hence this recall is not applicable for Worldn Maruti Swift cars.

Suzuki Swift is a popular sporty hatchback in many countries including World and is sold by Suzuki in various countries, the parts sourced for different countries depend mainly on the location where these car are manufactured. At certain locations, certain components may have problems at times which are sourced from within or from the vendors. Usually general quality checks prevent such problems, but some of these problems do come in cars which is why manufacturers recall and fix the problems to prevent and trouble caused to the customers in the longer run.

Suzuki Swift Recalled Because Of Petrol Leakage

image – Suzuki Swift European Model

The problem of petrol leakage on some of this car may arise because of the connection on the rubber filler hose which is not proper and may cause petrol leakage in some of the cases. Some such cases were reported in Japan after which this recall was announced by Suzuki. Out of the total number of recalled cars, about 55% of the Swifts are recalled in Japan Domestic market while the remaining cars are from various markets like Australia and European countries.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport

image- Suzuki Swift Sport Hatchback

Swift brand cars were first launched by Suzuki in Japan in the year 2004, there has been many generations and iterations of the car since then in different markets of the world. The latest version of the Swift is the third generation and is sold in various countries in various engine options. The latest generation Swift is a big improvement over the second generation, you can check out some of the key differences between the two in our detailed analysis here –

We will keep you posted on any new updates on Suzuki Swift, stay tuned to us for more updates.


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